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Since 1976, U.S. industry leader SONCO Worldwide has provided businesses with quality service and steel-strength job site, crowd control and traffic control solutions. We offer construction barriers, fence screen, OSHA signs, traffic barricades, and more, as well as custom-printed products. Shop now or learn more about SONCO.


Police Barricade

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  1. 6' x 7.5' Fencecade Interlocking  Temp Fence | 20pc Pack

    6' x 7.5' Fencecade Interlocking Temp Fence | 20pc Pack

    $2,000.00 / PACK

    1 Year Warranty

    Heavy Duty

    Offer Ends Soon

  2. 8ft Linemaster Crowd Control Barrier | Truckload Bundle

    8ft Linemaster Crowd Control Barrier | Truckload Bundle

    $69.00 / ea

    1 Year Warranty

    Heavy-Duty Steel

    Free Shipping

  3. 8 ft Linemaster Crowd Control Barrier  | 30-Rack Bundle

    8 ft Linemaster Crowd Control Barrier | 30-Rack Bundle

    $2,650.00 / RACK

    1 Year Warranty

    Heavy-Duty Steel

    Free Shipping

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The Most Trusted Police Barricade on the Market

The police barricades for sale at SONCO are used by the New York Police Department (NYPD) for their crowd control needs. This includes the New Years Eve Ball Drop in Times Square, among many other events. It’s because SONCO builds each police barricade up to unmatched standards.

During the 2016 Presidential Inauguration, the police barricades for sale at SONCO were trusted by the Secret Service to help maintain optimal perimeter security. We’re the leading choice among law enforcement because we combine our quality with effective, intuitive features, like interlocking design and easy transport and storage.

When you’re looking for the most reliable barricades, fencecades, and other perimeter security and crowd control products on the market, follow the lead of NYC’s finest. Trust the organization that protects the most high-security individuals. Partner with SONCO.

For complimentary expert advice and limited-time specials, give us a call at (888) 766-2616 or reach out online today.

Enjoy the Best Prices

We ensure that we’re an industry leader by manufacturing each police barricade in SONCO American factories. We don’t outsource a single aspect of production so we can guarantee consistent quality. We also have strategically situated distribution centers to become the suppliers as well, saving our clients money on delivery – and getting you the products fast.

It may seem like receiving the number one police barricade would be an expensive endeavor. But our price-match guarantee makes sure we can always meet or beat any competing prices. Our bundle deals make it easy to get everything you need for a huge discount, including all your police barricades and the transport cart. And the truckload bulk purchases is where you can save the most per product, a law enforcement department favorite for getting the most for your money.

Police Barricades for Sale at SONCO Go Beyond Great Rates

The advantages of a SONCO police barricade might start at excitingly low prices, but that’ just the beginning. We wouldn’t be a crowd control and perimeter security leader in the law enforcement industry if we were simply affordable. Here are some more benefits of partnering with SONCO for your every police barricade need:

  • NO TOOLS OR SETUP REQUIRED. You can use your police barricade the second you take it out of the box.
  • HEAVY-DUTY STEEL. Enjoy 25% more steel than the leading competitors for extra safety and security at your events.
  • PREMIUM MATERIALS. Whether a police barricade or a SONCO barricade cover from our sister printing company, you can be sure that your products are crafted using only the finest, most closely inspected materials available on the market.
  • LONGEST-LASTING ON THE MARKET. All police barricades for sale at SONCO are built to outlast any competing brand, with unmatched durability thanks to following the welding standard set by the American Welding Society.
  • EASY STORAGE AND TRANSPORT. With a transport cart and the compact design, you can get these from A to B fast – and easily fit it all in storage.
  • INTERLOCKING TECHNOLOGY. Create uninterrupted barricade lines with the interlocking police barricades for sale at SONCO, designed to stay together – but still easy to break down at the end of the event.
  • BUNDLE DEALS. Save with the cartload, pallet, or truckload bulk buys available exclusively at SONCO.
  • IDEAL FOR A VARIETY OF APPLICATIONS. From community events to musical festivals to protests and beyond, SONCO products are trusted by crowd control experts across the United States.

Monetize Your Crowd Control with Barricade Covers

Partner with our in-house design team to create impactful graphics and messaging. Or, you can send over your existing files using our helpful and simple templates to create designs to your heart’s content. Whatever path you want to take, we take pride in offering the same level of quality and affordability we deliver in our products. We opened a custom signage and design service for the convenience of our clients, and we’re the only crowd control and perimeter security company to offer this additional service.

Here are some common ways you can substantially benefit from barricade covers:

  • RAISE BRAND AWARENESS. The most common use of our custom barricade covers, you can brand your barricades with your logo or other messaging to enhance brand awareness for all who pass by – on both sides of your police barricades.
  • TEASE UPCOMING EVENTS. Museums, casinos, sports arenas, and beyond often look to SONCO for custom barricade covers to promote an upcoming event.
  • GENERATE SPONSORSHIP REVENUE. Festivals, fairgrounds, and beyond can treat each police barricade like an empty billboard – and sell that space to third-parties looking for new ways to advertise their products and services.
  • SELL EXISTING PROPERTIES. Real estate companies will often be developing a property that’s blocked off by barricades and fencing. That means cars and pedestrians are passing by, giving you a great opportunity to showcase an existing property that’s ready for move-in.

Trusted by the Managers of World Famous Events

When you want everything to go smoothly, you choose SONCO. Here are the police barricades for sale here being used at NYC’s Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball Drop as well as the 2016 Presidential Inauguration:

Testimonials from Folks in the Field

We’d love you to take our word for it, but we also want you to take the word of industry insiders and field experts who use our products regularly. After all, we listen to them for their feedback to continuously develop the best possible products:

Partner with the Best, Since 1976

When you partner with SONCO, we work right away on developing the most mutually beneficial relationship possible. That begins by offering the best products for the best prices, but also onboarding you to our proprietary client platform to streamline ordering, communication, and

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