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Since 1976, U.S. industry leader SONCO Worldwide has provided businesses with quality service and steel-strength job site, crowd control and traffic control solutions. We offer construction barriers, fence screen, OSHA signs, traffic barricades, and more, as well as custom-printed products. Shop now or learn more about SONCO.


Water Filled Barriers

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  1. Safeguard 36 + Topper |Truckload Bundle

    Safeguard 36 + Topper |Truckload Bundle

    $22,500.00 / TRUCK

    Heavy Duty

    Offer Ends Soon

    Flat Shipping

  2. Safeguard 42 |Truckload Bundle

    Safeguard 42 |Truckload Bundle

    $22,400.00 / TRUCK

    Rotomolded Heavy Duty

    Offer Ends Soon

    Flat Shipping

  3. Safeguard 36 |Truckload Bundle

    Safeguard 36 |Truckload Bundle

    $24,900.00 / TRUCK

    Rotomolded Heavy Duty

    Offer Ends Soon

    Flat Shipping

  4. SafeGuard 36 - Water Filled Barrier

    SafeGuard 36 - Water Filled Barrier

    As low as $265.00 / ea

    Rotomolded Heavy Duty

  5. Safeguard 36 + Topper

    Safeguard 36 + Topper

    1 Year Warranty

    Heavy Duty

    Bundle Option

  6. JerseyBlok 100

    JerseyBlok 100

    $288.00 / ea

    Rotomolded Heavy Duty

  7. JerseyBlok 130

    JerseyBlok 130

    $373.99 / ea

    Rotomolded Heavy Duty

  8. JerseyBlok 170

    JerseyBlok 170

    $476.99 / ea

    Rotomolded Heavy Duty

  9. JerseyBlok 150

    JerseyBlok 150

    $399.99 / ea

    Rotomolded Heavy Duty

  10. JerseyBlok 175

    JerseyBlok 175

    $481.75 / ea

    Rotomolded Heavy Duty

  11. JerseyBlok 200

    JerseyBlok 200

    $539.99 / ea

    Rotomolded Heavy Duty

  12. JerseyBlok 225

    JerseyBlok 225

    $656.99 / ea
    42"H x 96"L Heavy Duty Water Filled Barrier | 225 lb each and capacity to hold up to 130 gallons of water
  13. Safeguard 42

    Safeguard 42

    As low as $295.00 / ea

    High Level Perimeter Security

    Rotomolded Heavy Duty

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Water Filled Barriers That Boost Safety while Reducing Cost

All Sonco water filled barriers are manufactured with rotationally molded polyethylene. The result is unrivaled longevity and durability under every type of weather condition, from harsh UV rays to high-speed winds and beyond. Combined with the features you look for, like unlimited versatility and on-site filling and draining, you’ll be excited to have these water filled plastic traffic barriers on hand.

Best of all? We guarantee the industry’s most competitive pricing.

Extremely Durable and Long-Lasting

The UV-resistant High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) means the water barricades for sale at Sonco last a minimum of eight years. Further, the HDPE resists dents and cracks, a welcome change from the concrete barrier alternatives.

When filled with sand or water, these barricades keep crews safe – and when it’s time to move sites, the empty barriers are easy to move, ship, and store.

Ideal for a Variety of Applications

At Sonco, you can create water filled barrier systems for a wide range of locations. While they’re most commonly used for construction sites and highway traffic safety, water filled barriers are also fantastic for parade routes, races, bike paths, or any application that requires extra-sturdy perimeter security.

Further, the connecting units can form straight lines or angles down to 15 degrees. This means total flexibility for areas of any shape.

Sonco’s Water Barrier Selection Invites Total Customization

Direct vehicles and foot traffic around or through construction zones, event spaces, festivals, job sites, parking lots, and beyond – in any way you can imagine. The plastic water barriers for sale at Sonco are customizable and ideal for bundle orders. Reach out to our expert customer service team today for advice, insights, and special deals specific to your project.

Choose from Light, Standard, or Heavy Weight

Every job site is different. That’s why every Sonco water barricade can feature a lighter or heavier build than the standard. However, each one features an energy-absorbing design that can withstand high impacts – and all the elements. Let us know the environment, and we’ll help you choose the most cost-effective option that still delivers total peace of mind.

Range of Safety-Inspired Colors

Are you searching for orange plastic jersey barriers? How about red and white water filled barriers? Or maybe you’re hoping for something even more personalized, or looking to do alternating colors. Every available option features the highest-visibility dyes that are more eye-catching than concrete or wood, another example of increased safety Sonco water filled barriers provide.

Plastic Barriers That Can Withstand Car Crashes

Sonco heavy duty water filled barriers are built with high-density plastic that complies with federal safety standards. Once filled, they can withstand impact from vehicles just like a concrete barrier. Except with less damage – and, if necessary, far more affordable replacement.

All Sonco Plastic Water Barriers are Certified by the US Department of Transportation

All water filled road barriers for sale at Sonco are built to the standards set by the Federal Highway Administration, ensuring the most up-to-date level of safety and security. This is further guaranteed by the rigorous testing performed on every Sonco product without exception. Nothing short of perfect leaves the factory floor.

Quickly Create a Sand or Water Filled Barrier Wall

When filled with water or sand, each plastic barrier creates a heavy-duty wall that doesn’t tip or fall, even in extremely windy conditions. Particularly ideal when your changing job sites require dynamic barriers, the ease of deployment—no matter how complex your water filled barrier systems—is second to none.

Sonco Water Filled Barriers are Filled and Emptied On-Site

When empty, plastic jersey walls can be transported and set up fast due to their lightweight build. No need to weigh down the trucks, simply set the barrier where you’d like it to be and fill it up right there using the threaded top fill-port. This also allows you to top it off in case of any evaporation.

Then, when the job’s complete, simply remove the bottom drain plugs before reloading the barricades into the truck.

Ultimate Alternative to Concrete Barriers

Sonco water and sand filled barriers were specifically designed as hyper-effective alternatives to concrete-based products. Plastic barricades are more economical in both upfront investment and ongoing maintenance and transportation costs. They’re also far easier to move around a construction site. (Not to mention delivering a comparable level of safety and security.)

The Features Contractors and Workers Look For

Just because it’s easy doesn’t mean you sacrifice an ounce of safety. Each Sonco water filled barrier has tongue and groove end features that allow you to quickly make seamless walls of any shape. And the immensely strong swivel pins actually improve stability by allowing 90-degree rotation.

World-Class Fence Toppers

Sonco water filled barriers are for sale alongside compatible fence toppers that further improve job site security. A combination of the two means bundle savings that help your bottom line. Sonco fence toppers are lightweight so they’re easy for one person to set up, but durable so they hold their own in any environment from day one.

Custom Fence Screens to Raise Brand Awareness or Boost Revenue

Take your additional security up a notch with customized screens to go with your fence toppers. Sonco offers in-house design and printing services that include free proofs before you make a purchase. Whatever branding you need, be it your logo, advertisement, or coming soon message, Sonco has you covered.

Custom OSHA Safety Signs

The only way to make Sonco water filled barriers with fence toppers safer is with a single, crystal-clear safety sign that’s OSHA compliant. That means eliminating the clutter (and totally ineffective and outdated) individual signs, both boosting safety and minimizing maintenance and setup.

Bundle Your Order for Additional Savings

We’re more than happy to accommodate single purchases, but we take special pride in delivering complete water filled barrier systems at their most cost-effective. We’ll also deliver it all for free. The possible combinations are truly endless to accommodate any type of job site, jurisdiction, time of year, and time of day.

Water Filled Barrier Systems

Our expert team can work with you to formulate what makes the most sense for your business. Sonco’s decades of industry experience and unrivaled insider insight guarantees the best experience in perimeter security shopping. We’re the all-in-one service, offering the industry’s best barriers as well as the accessories, bundle deals, custom signage, and transparent guidance that make a huge difference.

Plastic Water Barricades with Fence Topper Included

We sell products separately. We also anticipate client needs by bundling plastic jersey barriers with fence toppers included. Similar to our 25 steel barricades and transport cart combo for event management, we understand what construction sites often need and sell them as one, discounted package.

LED Lights and Other Accessories

All SONCO water barricades can be outfitted with LED lights to increase visibility. And if you already have the lights covered, the top pockets are molded to accept the standard sizes. Other accessories are also available depending on the product.

Sonco, an Industry Leader Since 1976

Sonco is committed to setting the bar by developing state-of-the-art products, and this commitment extends across our entire store. Our water and sand filled barriers are no exception, produced with expertise pulled from four decades of research, testing, and industry experience. The relationships we’ve developed along the way also mean we can offer our clients the most competitive prices on the market.

Made in the USA, Up to the Highest Standards

Sonco water filled barriers don’t leave the local factory floor unless they’re perfect. We don’t outsource our products, we’re dedicated to hands-on quality assurance so we can confidently guarantee every barrier, barricade, fence, and sign made by Sonco. If it’s not the best option in the industry, we don’t sell it. It’s that simple.

Expert Advice on Your Water Filled Barrier Systems

As a Sonco customer, you have complimentary access to some of the industry’s most knowledgeable experts with proven track records. Whether you’re hoping to optimize an existing system or starting from scratch, reliable advice is always an email or phone call away.

Further, Sonco’s proprietary client platform expedites ordering and keeps all communications in one place for added convenience and order transparency.

Competitive Rates and a Price-Match Guarantee

If you’ve already been shopping around, you’ll notice how the water barricades for sale at Sonco are some of the best online. But if you do find better, we’ll match it. That way, you get all the benefits highlighted above and below—including the longest lasting plastic jersey barriers on the market—without your wallet taking a hit.

Buy Water Filled Barriers Today – And Pay 30 Days Later

Buy now, pay later with Sonco’s credit program. Apply today for flexible terms that give you the freedom to get what you need more quickly. Get more done, more quickly, with no hidden fees or drawn-out processing. Everything is expedited and straightforward, just the way it should be.

Sonco’s Superior Customer Service

For us, offering the industry’s finest, heavy-duty water filled jersey barriers isn’t going far enough. Neither is offering competitive prices, in-house design and printing, or exclusive client benefits. Our goal is to exceed your expectations from the first moment you give us a call, hiring the best, brightest, and friendliest to help you succeed. Give us a call today for the chance to prove it to you.

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