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Since 1976, U.S. industry leader SONCO Worldwide has provided businesses with quality service and steel-strength job site, crowd control and traffic control solutions. We offer construction barriers, fence screen, OSHA signs, traffic barricades, and more, as well as custom-printed products. Shop now or learn more about SONCO.


Traffic Barricade

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  1. Safeguard 36 + Topper |Truckload Bundle

    Safeguard 36 + Topper |Truckload Bundle

    $22,500.00 / TRUCK

    Heavy Duty

    Offer Ends Soon

    Flat Shipping

  2. Safeguard 36 |Truckload Bundle

    Safeguard 36 |Truckload Bundle

    $24,900.00 / TRUCK

    Rotomolded Heavy Duty

    Offer Ends Soon

    Flat Shipping

  3. Safeguard 42 |Truckload Bundle

    Safeguard 42 |Truckload Bundle

    $22,400.00 / TRUCK

    Rotomolded Heavy Duty

    Offer Ends Soon

    Flat Shipping

  4. JerseyBlok 225

    JerseyBlok 225

    $656.99 / ea
    42"H x 96"L Heavy Duty Water Filled Barrier | 225 lb each and capacity to hold up to 130 gallons of water
  5. SafeGuard 36 - Water Filled Barrier

    SafeGuard 36 - Water Filled Barrier

    As low as $265.00 / ea

    Rotomolded Heavy Duty

  6. Safeguard 42 - Jersey Style Barriers

    Safeguard 42 - Jersey Style Barriers

    As low as $295.00 / ea

    High Level Perimeter Security

    Rotomolded Heavy Duty

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Traffic Barricades That Boost Productivity, Save Money, and Make Crews Safer

Whenever we’re developing a new product at SONCO, our goal is to tick every box on your checklist. And whether you’re a construction contractor, real estate developer, event manager, or festival coordinator, we believe we did exactly that with our traffic barricades. From easier storage and transport to unrivaled quality and unbeatable prices, you’ll love the amount of time, money, and worry this product saves you – guaranteed.

The traffic barricades for sale at SONCO are feature-rich, including light mounts, slots for forklift transport, and fill and empty ports that make it easy to do both on-site. The high-visibility colors boost safety, and the compatibility with fence toppers invite you to increase privacy while monetizing your perimeter security with custom signage.

But most importantly, we use rotationally molded High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) to offer the longest-lasting, most durable traffic barricades on the market. That means you’re making a long-term investment, all without breaking the bank.

For expert, proven advice from industry insiders, give us a call today at (888) 766-2616. We offer no-obligation insight specific to your site or venue to help you identify the best products for you. You can also reach out online anytime.

SONCO Leads the Industry in Quality and Consistency

At SONCO, we don’t outsource a single aspect of our production. That means you’re buying traffic barricades directly from a manufacturer that produces everything in American factories. Nothing leaves the factory floor without a thorough inspection, and each product on offer is rigorously tested to make sure we outperform any alternative.

You also have the advantage of a price-match guarantee, which makes our prices truly unbeatable. If you find a comparable product for a competing rate, we’ll go above and beyond to try and beat it, not just match it. That way, you know you’re getting exactly what you ordered without having to choose between saving money and enjoying peace of mind.

You also don’t have to use a handful of different companies for your needs. SONCO’s in-house design services and sister printing company streamlines everything, from custom OSHA signage to branded fence screens.

Whatever you need to be more successful, we strive to offer it all under one roof. Request a free quote online or give our team a call today at (888) 766-2615. In fact, there’s a good chance we have seasonal deals going on right now that you can take advantage of for a limited time.

The Benefits of Traffic Barricades from SONCO

We’re not the only option, but we are the best of the best. We’ve done the research and development, exceeding all alternative products at every level, from quality and features to pricing and customer service. Here’s a look at some additional benefits of partnering with the industry leader in crowd control and perimeter security:

  • UNBELIEVABLE LONGEVITY. The less you have to replace or repair or worry about your equipment, the better. That’s why our traffic barricades are rotomolded HDPE to last a minimum of eight years of constant outdoor use.
  • WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS. Our traffic barricades are used by experts for roadside construction, crowd control, perimeter security, and beyond.
  • UNMATCHED DURABILITY. Resistance to impacts, all weather, and corrosion means your traffic barricades stay looking brand new for years. Whether icy conditions or the desert sun and everything between, you can rely on SONCO products to stand up to it all.
  • DESIGNED TO PERFECTION. The swivel pins allow for uninterrupted road barricades while facilitating up to 90 degrees of rotation. The forklift slots make transporting second nature. Experts rely on SONCO products for anticipating their needs as well as implementing their feedback.
  • FILL AND EMPTY ON-SITE. This is what makes SONCO traffic barricades such great alternatives to cement Jersey barriers. Whether sand or water, you can quickly and easily fill the barricades when they’re in position, and empty them before you load them up on the trucks.
  • BUNDLE SAVINGS. Whether a truckload of traffic barricades or the fence topper bundle deal, you can find cost-effective deals at SONCO that save you big per item. For custom bundle packages, request a free online quote.
  • GET UP TO $100,000. With the SONCO Apruve Credit Program, our customers have exclusive access to up to $100k and Net 30 terms applicable to all products. To learn more and apply today, click here.
  • SAVE BIG ON DELIVERY. Our strategically placed distribution centers are located across the country to save our clients money and to get them their products quickly.

More About SONCO Fence Toppers

Bundle and save by adding the four-foot temp fence panels to your order of traffic barricades. With galvanized 16-gauge steel tubes and 11.5-gauge, 2¼-inch mesh with tension bars, the durability and longevity is another example of industry-leading quality.

You can also add custom fence screens for a wide variety of purposes. This can include a custom OSHA safety sign that allows you to replace all the outdated tin ads that plague your existing sites. You can also feature a collage of your logo or more direct messaging to monetize your fencing. In fact, some clients even sell their fence topper space to third-party advertisers to generate sponsorship revenue.

Learn more about SONCO’s in-house design and printing services by clicking here.

An Industry Leader Since 1976

Our commitment to state-of-the-art products, stellar customer service, expert advice, and implementing industry feedback has kept us at the cutting-edge for over four decades. From the moment you call or reach out online, we get right to work to exceed your expectations. That’s always our goal, fostering long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships that take your success to new heights.

To learn more about how SONCO is a game-changer, visit this page. And please don’t hesitate to give our friendly experts a call anytime at (888) 766-2616.

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