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Since 1976, U.S. industry leader SONCO Worldwide has provided businesses with quality service and steel-strength job site, crowd control and traffic control solutions. We offer construction barriers, fence screen, OSHA signs, traffic barricades, and more, as well as custom-printed products. Shop now or learn more about SONCO.

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Jersey Barriers

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Safeguard 36 Barrier | Truckload Bundle

our most popular NCHRP crash tested jersey barrier bundled to save you a bunch

sku #SGBTL36


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Rotomolded Heavy Duty

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Safeguard 42

42in H x 72in L Hi-viz Jersey Style Barriers | 100 lb each and 1654 lbs filled with w ...

sku #WFTB42723


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High Level Perimeter Security

Rotomolded Heavy Duty

Boost Productivity, Minimize Injury, and Save Money with a Jersey Barrier from SONCO

There’s a good chance that many of your construction projects don’t require concrete barriers. The right solution isn’t to use the concrete anyway, that’s poor practice and can cause more problems than it solves. Instead, upgrade to a jersey barrier from SONCO, the ideal alternative to concrete barricades.

With a jersey barrier, you can increase productivity with faster transportation. The ability to fill and empty on site decreases the chance for injury and other accidents. And the affordability goes beyond the pricetag, as SONCO’s plastic jersey barriers are guaranteed to last a minimum of 8 years.

For personalised advice from an industry expert on whether or not a concrete barrier is necessary for your site, call (888) 766-2616 or reach out online today.

Does Your Construction Site Need Concrete Barriers?

The Federal Highway Administration (FHA) Roadside Design Guide only requires concrete barriers to be used under specific circumstances. Mainly, when vehicles are safer hitting the concrete barrier rather than the construction site, or when workers are at risk of high-speed vehicles.

Basically, if your construction site is along a highway, you likely need concrete Jersey Barriers. But if you’re channelizing or delineating traffic, a concrete barrier is impractical, cumbersome, and dangerous in and of itself.

The Advantages of SONCO Plastic Jersey Barriers

The perfect alternative to concrete barriers are plastic jersey barriers. These can be weighted with sand or water to create an effective, extremely sturdy barrier between construction sites and vehicle or pedestrian traffic. Rather than lug around and maintain concrete barriers, you can keep those in storage and use the jersey barrier made for quick and easy deployment.

  • MINIMIZE LIABILITY. The heavier something is, the more dangerous it is to deploy, reposition, and put into storage. When you use a concrete barrier for applications that don’t need it, you’re subjecting yourself to unnecessary liability.
  • EASILY TRANSPORT AND STORE. You can fill and empty SONCO water-filled jersey barriers on-site so they can be light and empty when in the truck or storage. And, if nothing else, lighter trucks save you big bucks on gas.
  • INTERLOCKING MECHANISM. Our jersey barricades are either interlocking, which allows for up to 15 degrees of rotation, or feature a swivel pin that allows for 90-degree location. Whichever option you choose, you can create strong, uninterrupted barrier lines.
  • HIGH-IMPACT SAFETY. A plastic barrier made for lighter duty crowd control can get knocked over by wind or vehicles. Water-filled jersey barriers can take a beating, staying sturdy even when tested to the fullest.
  • HIGH-VISIBILITY COLORS. Whether bright orange, white, or a mix of the two, plastic jersey barriers are far more eye-catching than the dull gray of concrete, which improves safety and adds aesthetic appeal.

Why Choose SONCO Plastic Jersey Barriers?

When you partner with an industry leader of over four decades, you know you’re getting tried-and-true products that experts rely on. From barricades used by top law enforcement agencies to plastic jersey barriers used on construction sites across the country, we’re the leading brand for our quality, affordability, and customer care.

Here are some reasons key why you should partner with us too:

  • UNBEATABLE PRICES. At SONCO, we offer the lowest prices by keeping our rates hyper-competitive. But we also offer a price-match guarantee, and we’ll do everything we can to beat any competing prices.
  • LONGEST-LASTING PRODUCTS. Our Jersey Barriers are rotationally molded to ensure durability and longevity. And the High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is guaranteed to last a minimum of 8 years of constant use in any weather condition.
  • RIGOROUSLY TESTED, FIELD PROVEN. There’s no jersey barrier for sale at SONCO that hasn’t been tested rigorously to certify the highest level of longevity and reliability. Further, feedback from experts in the field consistently proves that SONCO crowd control products are the true best of the best.
  • FREE EXPERT ADVICE. Our team of friendly experts offer no-obligation insights specific to your needs. We can help you determine the most effective crowd control and perimeter security option specific to your needs, existing equipment, and budget.
  • EXCLUSIVELY MADE IN AMERICA. From our custom signage to every crowd control and perimeter security product, we don’t outsource any of our manufacturing. That way, we can guarantee consistent quality control up to our incredibly high standards.
  • HUGE BUNDLE & BULK SAVINGS. When you combine your order with compatible accessories or a large number of plastic Jersey barriers, you’ll receive a significant discount per item.
  • SONCO APRUVE CREDIT PROGRAM. Get some breathing room with a credit program exclusive to our clients. You can receive up to $100k for jersey barricades and any of our products with Net 30 Terms. Learn more here.
  • HIGH-QUALITY FENCE TOPPER. Increase security and privacy with a compatible fence topper for your Jersey barrier. These are made up to the same standards as our standard temp fencing, which follows guidelines set by the American Welding Society.
  • CUSTOM SIGNAGE & PRIVACY SCREENS. We offer a wide range of standard fence screens in a variety of colors and materials. Our in-house design team can also create custom signage for your fence topper to advertise your brand – or generate sponsorship revenue. Shipping is free, and we’ll also send you two free proofs before purchase. Learn more here.

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