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Since 1976, U.S. industry leader SONCO Worldwide has provided businesses with quality service and steel-strength job site, crowd control and traffic control solutions. We offer construction barriers, fence screen, OSHA signs, traffic barricades, and more, as well as custom-printed products. Shop now or learn more about SONCO.

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Custom Canopy Tents

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Aluminum Event Tent - Custom Print

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Inflatable Dome Tent

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Classic Steel Event Tent - Custom Print



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Move Product Faster with Custom Tents from SONCO

When you’re setting up custom tents, you have one key goal: increased customer engagement. Team up with SONCO for all your signage and event equipment needs to accomplish exactly that.

Our in-house design team is ready to create concepts from scratch and send you two free proofs before you pay a dime. Our printing company will use a Premium Heat Transfer Dye-Sublimation technique for your custom canopy, meaning the photo-quality graphics are imprinted into the material rather than printed on the surface. That way, your imagery doesn’t fade away from repeat usage or inclement weather conditions.

In fact, you can rely on custom tents from SONCO to last for years without tearing, fading, or stretching out. Further, we manufacture both our aluminum and steel frames—and all of our products—in American factories to ensure the highest level of quality and unfaltering consistency.

When you’re looking for the most reliable, customizable, and cost-effective custom tents made for indoor and outdoor usage, give SONCO a call. We make it easy to create the most impactful signage, the kind that turns every passerby into a potential customer.

Custom Pop Up Tents That Turn Heads

You want a custom canopy that encapsulates your offerings. You need a steel or aluminum frame that’s extremely durable and stays secure – no matter how windy it gets. But you don’t want to spend too much time setting everything up, or trying to figure out where to put the thing when you need it out of the way.

At SONCO, we combine cutting-edge features with intuitive assembly to make setting up and breaking down easy. All the while, you’re under cover of the highest quality, longest lasting custom tents on the market. We can guarantee it because we didn’t just rigorously test our own, we push the competition’s products to the limits to make sure we offer the best of the best – and for unbeatable prices.

Call our team of friendly experts today at (888) 766-2615 for free advice and to find out any special deals on custom tents going on right now.

How SONCO Custom Tents Stand Out

If you’re setting up a custom canopy tent, you’re likely one of several companies vying for the attention of attendees. That’s why it’s important to go with a brand that’s made it their mission to outperform the competition. We have a team of marketing experts and designers ready to help you wow, and our printing company makes sure your photo-quality imagery stays vivid.

  • UNRIVALED LONGEVITY. If you hate wasting money on replacing your canopies and tent frames, you’ve come to the right place. SONCO is where you can buy directly from the leading manufacturer of the industry’s most durable crowd control products.
  • FREE EXPERT ADVICE. Our team can help you find the most effective custom tent solution specific to your goals, venue, and budget. Reach out today for personalized, complimentary insight from industry insiders.
  • 3 DIFFERENT SIZES. Your custom canopy can be 10 feet, 15 feet, or 20 feet depending on your requirements. Both the aluminum and steel frames are the standard 10 feet tall.
  • INFLATABLE TENT AVAILABLE. The most fun and unique custom tents are the self-inflating blowup tents, which include the electric blower as well as the ropes and stakes.
  • 5 STANDARD KITS. You can order just the custom canopy and frame. You can receive custom event tents with all four walls and a rollup door. And these are just the standard options.
  • PERSONALIZED KITS. Since we’re the manufacturer and printer, we can create a completely custom pop up tent kit. Whatever system you’re imagining, we can get it done for the best price, guaranteed. Contact us today to learn more!
  • PRICE-MATCH GUARANTEE. If you find a better price, we’ll match or beat it.
  • BUNDLE SAVINGS. When you need multiple custom tents, you’ll save money. If you need other crowd control products, you’ll save money. At SONCO, the more you buy, the more you save, it’s that simple.

Accessories to Create the Complete Custom Pop Up Tent

<Grid of images of tent accessories (some listed in the spec sheet)>

A custom canopy with a frame that’s built to last is one thing. But our accessories take everything to the next level. Whether anticipating the unexpected or making your brand unmissable, you can find everything you’re looking for at SONCO, including:

  • Flag Holders. Wave customers toward your stand from afar by lining your canopy with custom teardrop or feather flags.
  • Rain Awnings. When you’re setting up where weather is unpredictable, add a stylish and effective rain awning to your order for extra coverage for your products, staff, and customers.
  • Plastic Water Bases. Make sure your stand stays put with a water base that can be easily filled and emptied on-site.
  • Heavy-Duty Tent Cases. For long-distance transportation and constant storage/deployment needs, a heavy-duty tent case can add the extra protection that goes a long way.
  • LED Tent Lights. When you’re using your custom tents at night, you need to see to make a sale. Add LED tent lights to your order to keep your inventory illuminated.

Custom Tents Set Up for Success

You can test your product forever, but you never quite know how well it’s going to perform until you see it in action. Because custom event tents aren’t just about standing up to the elements year after year, they’re about garnering interest and selling inventory. Here are some images of SONCO custom tents set up in front of real crowds – and bringing in real business.

<Photos of SONCO custom tents>

Success Stories from a SONCO Custom Canopy Tent

We want your custom tents to bring in immediate business and quickly pay for themselves. We manufacture all of our products up to the highest standards and only use premium-grade materials, so you rarely need to replace or repair a thing. When you partner with SONCO, you’re receiving the best service, industry-leading products, and expert advice.

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The Ultimate Partner Since 1976

We’ve remained industry leaders for more than four decades through an undying commitment to our products and services. We continuously optimize by utilizing state-of-the-art technology and constant research. We work directly with folks in the field to develop the most effective, feature-rich equipment on the market. And we house our design, printing, and manufacturing under one roof to guarantee seamlessness and consistency.

Get in touch today, and we’ll get right to work on custom tents that get you closer to your goals.

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