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Luna Park Coney Island

SONCO STORE got you covered, literally! We offer an online design tool that allows you to customize your barricade covers and signage to bring your advertising ideas to life with the inclusion of company logos and graphics as well as contact information to help bring your branding or sponsors to new audiences at every event or venue.

Only Sonco can give you the power of monetize and advertise by turning your barricades into a personalized billboard. What was an expense before now is a potential stream of revenue on your projects or simply shield with style while directing crowds more effectively.

The banners themselves are beautiful and have held up nicely during everyday use. They are expertly crafted and the vibrant prints have added a colorful dimension to our park and are a welcome aspect that our guests really enjoy.

Luna Park

In just 3 easy steps you can customize the product to your needs.
Barricade Covers
Step 1: Select the type of product you would like to customize
Step 2: Select color and fabric type
Step 3: Upload your logo or graphic into the product
Steel Barricades Cover
vinyl cover
Fitted Cover
advertising banner on cover
Universal Cover
banner on barrier cover
Twin Cover
barrier banner
Curved Banner
barricade sinage
Square Banner
barricade vinyl cover
Duracade Banner & Sign
Banners on Plastic barricades
Fence Screen
Fence Screen

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