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Since 1976, U.S. industry leader SONCO Worldwide has provided businesses with quality service and steel-strength job site, crowd control and traffic control solutions. We offer construction barriers, fence screen, OSHA signs, traffic barricades, and more, as well as custom-printed products. Shop now or learn more about SONCO.


Construction Fence Screen

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  1. 6ft x 10ft COVID 19 Fence Signs | Construction Series

    6ft x 10ft COVID 19 Fence Signs | Construction Series

    As low as $89.00 / ea

    Free Shipping

    Offer Ends Soon

    In Stock

  2. 50 FT Roll Privacy Screen

    50 FT Roll Privacy Screen

    As low as $74.90 / rolls

    85% Privacy

  3. Osha Safety Signs | Custom Options

    Osha Safety Signs | Custom Options

    $69.99 / ea

    80% Privacy

    Free Shipping


  4. 4ft x 50ft Fence Screen Rolls | 36 Pc Pack-Green

    4ft x 50ft Fence Screen Rolls | 36 Pc Pack-Green

    $1,100.00 / PACK

    85% Privacy

    Offer Ends Soon

    Free Shipping

  5. 6ft x 50ft Windscreen Rolls - 25Pack

    6ft x 50ft Windscreen Rolls - 25Pack

    As low as $900.00 / PACK

    85% Privacy

    Offer Ends Soon

    Free Shipping

  6. 8 ft x 50ft Privacy Screen | 25pc Pack

    8 ft x 50ft Privacy Screen | 25pc Pack

    As low as $1,250.00 / PACK

    85% Privacy

    Offer Ends Soon

    Free Shipping

  7. 150 FT Roll Privacy Screen

    150 FT Roll Privacy Screen

    As low as $150.00 / rolls

    85% Privacy

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Rolls of Construction Fence Screen from SONCO Are a Cut Above the Rest

A SONCO construction fence screen is the standard choice for one simple reason: the quality is unmatched. From the durability to the features to the customer service, you’ll enjoy a level of excellence developed from over four decades of industry leadership. 

We strive to set the bar for others to follow, delivering construction mesh that lasts longer, improves privacy, and arrives exactly how you expect it to. In fact, our team’s goal is to meet or exceed your expectations – no matter what product you select.

For custom orders, expert advice, and to discover any specials on construction fence screen rolls going on now.

The Ultimate Construction Fence Screen Solution

SONCO’s breathable construction fence screens are ideal for any type of construction site—including all regions and weather conditions—that requires debris blockage.

Every screen is made with an 85 percent, closed knitted polyethylene that’s crafted to last, resisting tears and fading better than any other choice on the market. We know because we rigorously test every product before it becomes available in the SONCO store, ensuring we’re providing contractors with both an immediate and long-term solution for their construction site.

Request an online quote today, or reach out to our experts for special requests or any clarifications.

The Most Reliable Construction Fence Mesh on the Market

At first glance, it’s reasonable to think that different brands of construction mesh are the same. But when you’re the one paying to replace it, you know better. 

Rather than constantly placing a new order project after project, you can rely on a SONCO construction fence screen to stand up to the elements, debris, dust, and other factors that lead the alternatives to fail time and time again. Our steadfast promise to deliver only the most reliable products means you’ll save money, boost productivity, and have more time to focus on your success. 

That’s the benefit of partnering with SONCO, and other advantages include:

  • Competitive Pricing. We want to match or beat any competing offer for construction mesh. That way, you can receive the best of the best while still looking out for your bottom line.

  • Shipped In a Range Of Rolls. From 6-foot rolls to the most popular 50-foot rolls to 150-foot rolls, you can find a selection of options from SONCO that gets you as much as you need in one purchase.

  • Cut For Any Height. Construction site fencing tends to be standardized, but we can hem and reinforce your screen to accommodate a fence of any shape and size. Often, contractors will have fence toppers on their roadside barriers while 6- to 8-foot fencing surrounds the rest of the site. At SONCO, you’ll get exactly what you need.

  • Add Air Vents & Zip Ties. Prevent wind damage with optional half-moon or boxed air vents as well as standard or heavy-duty zip ties. SONCO is where you can find it all, all in one place.

  • Standard & Customized Colors. The most common colors are green and black for their ability to mask dust and dirt. But we can print your construction fence screens in practically any color, including royal blue, red, yellow, brown, and gray.

  • Choose Raw or Hemmed Screens. The 50ft construction windscreen roll comes reinforced with hems on all sides and with grommets placed every 24 inches. The 150ft construction windscreen roll comes in raw format (no hems or grommets).

  • Superior Tear Resistance. Our construction fence mesh is rated 300 x 300 N/5cm of tear strength, and tensile strength of 300 x 205 N/5cm.

  • Non-fade Fabric. The knitted high-density polyethylene (HDPE) resists UV rays without using lead or additional fillers, making for safe handling despite how vibrant the color remains for a year or more.

  • Lasts Up to 3 Years. We estimate that our construction fence screens will last at least a year in even the most brutal weather, but up to three years or more in milder conditions.

Monetize Your Fencing with a Custom Printed Fence Screen

Our in-house design team can optimize your existing files or concept from scratch to create photo-quality fence wraps that invite you to increase brand awareness or generate ad revenue. We’ll send you TWO FREE PROOFS before we print so you know exactly how your fence wrap will look.

Get in touch today for pricing and other information, and learn more about SONCO design services here.

The Most Trusted Brand Among Contractors Since 1976

For more than 40 years, our team has stayed on the cutting-edge of the industry, optimizing our products to include the features that contractors and event managers look for. This commitment spans every crowd control, perimeter security, and signage product for sale at SONCO, where you can also expect:

  • Lucrative Credit Program. Get up to $100,000 and Net 30 on all payments. Buy now, pay later with no hidden fees at SONCO. Apply for Apruve Credit today.

  • Price-match Guarantee. If you find a better price on a construction fence screen, we’ll match or beat it, guaranteed.

  • Everything Made in America. Our factories are exclusively located in the United States to ensure the highest level of standards, oversight, and transparency.

  • Expert Advice. Our highly experienced team is available to provide industry insights specific to your needs and goals. There’s no obligation, we’re happy to help whether you’re an existing client or someone considering SONCO for the first time.

  • Proprietary Client Platform. As a SONCO partner, you’ll have access to a client portal that streamlines all communications and negotiations, billing, reordering, order tracking, and more. Learn more about our proprietary tech here.

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