JBC Retractable Cone Bars - 6' to 10.5

Model# JBC Retractable Cone Bars - 6' to 10.5

Build a fast, lightweight barrier with cone bars. Expands from six feet to a full 10.5 feet. Works with cones and delineators - all available.

• 1 Year manufacturer warranty.
• Ships via Flatbed Truck 5-7 business days from order to delivery.
• Give us a call for faster delivery or pick-up options.

Weight1 lbs.
Limited stock & Ships in 3 business days
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$999 00/ ea
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10.5’ JBC Retractable Cone Bars


Enhance the value of safety cones and delineator posts with cone bars. Cone bars work on top of posts and cones to mark off danger and restricted areas. A reliable alternative to warning tape, they resist damage, even when hit at 60 mph. Use them at event venues, parking areas, airports, construction sites, offices, warehouses, and more.




The most efficient warning barriers available



Loop ends fit easily onto
SONCO cones and delineators


Extends to a full 10.5' in seconds
for greater coverage


The cost-effective way to
upgrade cones into barriers!


The most efficient warning barriers available


Pick up, extend, and drop. That’s all it takes to prevent accidents, direct the flow of traffic, reserve parking, and so much more.


Made of commercial-grade ABS plastic for durability and strength.


Includes engineer-grade reflective sheeting for night time visibility.


Expands to create custom perimeters


Available in Orange/White or Yellow/Black.



The Best Alternative to Warning Tape


Running warning tape between cones works in a pinch, but it’s not the most reliable solution. A few advantages of cone bars:


Reusable. Skip Single-use tape in favor of impact-resistant bars.


Easy setup. Cone bars install just as quickly as tape and are still very light.


Effective. While light-duty, ABS polymer is a stronger, more unyielding barrier


Less messy. Tape blows around in the wind and often ends up as litter.





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