JerseyBlok 130 2

Model# JerseyBlok 130-1

JerseyBlok water-filled jersey barriers are more suitable for temporary use than concrete. Explore the full range of JerseyBlok barriers from SONCO.

• 1 Year manufacturer warranty.
• Ships via Flatbed Truck 5-7 business days from order to delivery.
• Give us a call for faster delivery or pick-up options.

Weight100 lbs.
Width24 in
Height42 in
Length72 in
ApplicationChannelizing Devices
MaterialRotomolded Plastic
Filled Weight964 lbs
Fill Capacity130 Gallons
CertifiedMASH LCD Test Level 2
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Water Filled Barricades Perfect for Traffic Safety

JerseyBlok by SONCO is ideal for any environment where traffic barriers are a necessity. Water barriers channelize pedestrian and vehicle traffic and don’t require heavy machinery or special tools to install. Reduce labor and equipment costs associated with concrete barriers while getting the benefit of impact-absorbing water encased in heavy-duty HDPE.


Plastic Jersey Barricades for Short and Long-Term Use

Small or short-term projects should never cut corners on traffic safety. Even the smallest crews can transport empty JerseyBlok 130 water barriers to the site, filling them on the spot to create rugged 964-lb., shock-absorbing barriers. Longer projects will see the benefit of JerseyBlok’s UV and weather-resistant materials.



• Available in nine colors
• Weights 130 lbs. empty; up to 964 when filled with water
• One-year warranty against manufacturer defects




72 in long x 42 in tall




rotomolded HDPE




Holds 130 gallons of water



Water Barriers: A Sturdy Safety Solution

 As the premiere alternative to concrete, there’s no crumbling, cracking, or denting with water filled construction barriers.
Rotomolded high-density polyethylene (HDPE) water barriers can be filled, dumped, and repositioned on site, consistently
meeting a project’s changing needs.


Key Benefits and Features:

  • Forklift holes for easy transport
  • Threaded top-fill port with bottom drain
  • Tongue and groove end features for seamless barrier configurations
  • Complies with federal safety standards
  • Comes in safety colors for maximum visibility

Quickly Create an Energy-Absorbing Barrier

Preventing collisions is always a top priority on any site near traffic, but they do happen. By choosing heavy duty water filled barriers, you gain two critical benefits:

• Water barriers absorb some of the shock of the collision, and;
• Replacement is affordable should the accident damage the barrier

Ultimately, plastic water barricades win because they are at least as effective as concrete (if not more) with far more convenient setup and transport.

• Configure temporary parking lots at job sites, festivals, and more
• Block off restricted parking areas at arenas and other venues
• Protect workers near busy highways
• Control crowds at parades and sporting events



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