JerseyBlok: The Reliable Water Filled Barrier


The JerseyBlok light-duty increases access to site safety with barriers that are less costly and labor-intensive than traditional concrete. Delineate perimeters, dining areas, parking lots and more with 100% rotomolded HDPE.




Water Filled Barriers Features


One-year warranty against
manufacturer defects

Tongue and groove end features for
seamless custom barrier setup


Threaded top-fill port with
bottom drain for easy drainage

No heavy machinery
required for setup



Save Time & Resources with Light-Duty Water Barriers

The primary advantage of water barriers is ease of use. They require no heavy machinery for transport and setup and resist denting, cracking, and UV exposure. Their cost-effective, convenient option does not mean they are taking a step down in safety and security.



Fill, Empty, Ship, Store & Start Again

Let plastic jersey barricades become a company asset. Load empty JerseyBloks onto regular work trucks, unload at the site, and position them as desired. Use the top port to fill with water and get on with the job.

When ready to move, drain the water from the bottom port, load them back up, and move on. There’s no special equipment or considerations to schedule into an already-busy day




Dull concrete never stands out the way JerseyBlok can. Choose high-visibility colors for highway projects or ensure spectators at crowded events know where the line is drawn.




Get the most for your buck with the light-duty barrier, fitting up to 243 units in a standard 53’ truckload.




Need a special color? With an extra delivery time, you can customize your barrier to any color imaginable! Talk to one of our consultants here and order yours today.




Top 5 Features of SONCO Water-Filled Barriers

Update Your Worksite With Water-Filled Barriers. 5 Key Features of Plastic Jersey Barricades.

SONCO Printable Water Barrier Guide for Events & Construction

Successful road projects and public events require meticulous separation and coordination of moving vehicles, crowds and foot traffic.


Can I pick up my order?

Most items are available for pick up trough appointment widows.

What is the delivery lead time?
Delivery times are included in the product page. Times are estimated for deliveries to commercial addresses and subject to change if any delays during transit with freight carriers outside of our control. If you need guaranteed freight for s specific date and time, please contact us. Deliveries made via Flat Bed shipping requires forklift to unload from the sides. LTL shipment requires a loading dock and forklift to unload.
Do you offer discounts for Distributors?

We do offer reseller discounts based on volume, please contact us at sales@soncostore.com for more information.

Is there an expedited shipping?

We can run multiple shipping options for you to compare price and delivery date. If you need your order by or on a specific date just let us know.

Do I have to pay sales tax?

We collect sales tax in the following states: CA, TX, WS, MO, TX, FL, PA, OH, MD, DC, MA, NY, NJ, IN. If have a tax exempt or have a valid tax exempt or reseller certificate we will refund the tax charges, if you buy online, or you can request a quote already without tax included.

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