KASK Zenith Air Hi-Viz

Model# KASK Zenith Air Hi-Viz

The Zenith Air Hi-Viz safety helmet by Kask offers increased coverage and fluorescent safety colors, now with eight air intakes for breathability.

• 1 Year manufacturer warranty.
• Ships via Flatbed Truck 5-7 business days from order to delivery.
• Give us a call for faster delivery or pick-up options.

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Breathable, High Visibility Safety Helmets

The Kask Zenith Air Hi-Viz safety helmet includes the best range of features for crew members working in less-than-comfortable low-light environments. This Type 1 helmet features HD crown protection, ventilation channels, and moisture-wicking technology
in high-visibility fluorescent colors. Learn more about the latest in head protection from SONCO.

Lightweight, Adjustable, ANSI Certified

Weighing approximately one pound, the Zenith Air Hi-Viz is certified by the American National Standard Institute (ANSI).
The Zenith Air’s high-visibility options take safety up an extra notch for utility operations, nighttime settings, and other areas
of increased risk. Specifications: Specifications:

Type 1 Class C

External shell: HD Polypropylene

Headband: Soft PA Nylon

One size fits most

ANSI Z89.1 Type 1 Class C EN 12492
- Protection against side, front, and rear impacts
- Shock energy absorption capacity (Clauses
front, - lateral, – rear)
- Penetration (clause 4.2.2)
- Retention system strength (Clause 4.2.3)
- Retention system effectiveness (Clause 4.2.4)

Three-year guarantee

10-year shelf life


Internal shell: HD polystyrene expanded


Eco-leather chinstrap


One size: adjusts
from 51 cm to 62 cm




Features You Won’t Get from a Hard Hat

Kask’s double-shell climbing helmets have a decade-long shelf life, ensuring more use and protection than the average hard hat. You also get the benefit of Kask technology, including adaptability in fit and accommodating additional PPE.

More Details:

• UP & DOWN Technology for a secure fit
• 2DRY moisture-wicking technology
• 10 air intakes
• Intakes fitted with Air Grid anti-intrusion grille
• Visor attachment
• Integrated slots for earmuffs
• Loop on chin strap attaches to harnesses
• External lamp carrying clips compatible with all elastic band headlamps

Three Reasons to Switch to Safety Helmets

Everyone knows there’s an enhanced risk of injury in occupations that require crew to work in low light, climb trees or scale scaffolding, work on utility projects, and more. If impact is a job concern, invest in better head protection. Invest in industrial safety helmets.

• Safety helmets fit more securely to the head and are less likely to slip off in the event of fall or impact
• Kask helmets have a longer shelf life than the average hard hat so they may not require replacement as frequently
• Safety helmets cover a larger area of the head to deflect or absorb the shock of falling objects

Shop the Full Line of Kask Safety Helmets from SONCO

SONCO is an industry leader in top-quality equipment for event and site safety. Check out the full selection of Kask helmets and
other products manufactured and curated to meet the job’s toughest demands. Contact us today for a free quote.

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