KASK Zenith X Fire Retardant

Model# KASK Zenith X Fire Retardant

The Zenith X Fire Retardant safety helmet features fire-resistant inner padding, HD crown protection, and chinstrap. Shop the full Kask line at SONCO.

• 1 Year manufacturer warranty.
• Ships via Flatbed Truck 5-7 business days from order to delivery.
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Safety Helmets That Won’t Weigh You Down

Address the risk of multiple on-the-job hazards with the Zenith X Air Fire Retardant safety helmet by Kask. Get superior impact protection versus a regular hard hat plus fire-resistant inner padding and Class E electrical protection.

Lightweight, Durable, & ANSI Certified

The outer shell of the Superplasma HD safety helmet is constructed of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, or ABS. ABS is prized for its
high-impact resistance and strength and is known to tolerate tough conditions without scratching, cracking, or melting. This is just one reason why the ANSI-certified Superplasma has a full decade of shelf life. Specifications:

eType 1 Class E

One size fits most

Headband: Soft PA Nylon

ANSI Z89.1 Type 1 Class E EN 12492

- Protection against side, front, and rear impacts  

- Shock energy absorption capacity (Clauses - front, - lateral, - rear) 

- Penetration (clause 4.2.2) 

- Retention system strength (Clause 4.2.3)  

- Retention system effectiveness (Clause 4.2.4)   

Three-year guarantee

10-year shelf life


Inner shell material: HD polystyrene


Fire-resistant chinstrap with
lateral adjustment divider


One size: adjusts
from 51 cm to 62 cm




Multifactor Fire-Resistant Head Protection

The Zenith X Fire Retardant safety helmet takes heat seriously with a multitude of fire-resisting features. It starts with fire-resistant inner padding that will not melt or drip and is self-extinguishing. Fire-retardant HD Crown Protection technology conforms to EN 13501-1 Class E standards while Kask’s standard eco-leather chin strap is swapped out for a Nomex non-melting strap.

Key Details:

• UP & DOWN Technology for a secure fit
• 2DRY moisture-wicking technology
• 10 air intakes
• Intakes fitted with Air Grid anti-intrusion grille
• Visor attachment
• Integrated slots for earmuffs
• Loop on chin strap attaches to harnesses
• External lamp carrying clips compatible with all elastic band headlamps

Upgrade from Hard Hats to Safety Helmets

Crew members may be accustomed to harsh conditions, but the threat of shock, impact, falls, and fire demand more than the usual hard hat can provide. Industrial safety helmets with fire-resistant details hold many advantages over your current headgear. Here are three:

• The hypoallergenic chin strap and adaptive fit technology make it less likely that head protection gets knocked askew
• Air intakes and moisture-wicking technology manage sweat, keeping the eyes clear
• Kask safety work helmets are built to integrate additional equipment easily - from earmuffs and headlamps to visors
and harnesses, it operates as an advanced foundation of allover protection


The Perfect Pair: Kask Technology with SONCO Service

Kask’s innovation and excellence in design align with SONCO’s commitment to providing cutting-edge safety equipment at competitive
prices. Explore the full range of Kask helmets at SONCO, request your free quote on bulk orders, and ask our experts any additional
questions you may have today.

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