Retractable Cone Bars – 3.3’ to 6’

Model# Retractable Cone Bars – 3.3’ to 6’

Build a high-visibility barrier with cone bars from SONCO. Cone bars slip effortlessly onto cones to restrict access and warn of hazards.

• 1 Year manufacturer warranty.
• Ships via Flatbed Truck 5-7 business days from order to delivery.
• Give us a call for faster delivery or pick-up options.

Weight1 lbs.
LengthExpandable from 3.3 ft. to 6 ft.
Limited stock & Ships in 2 business days
Limited Stock
$999 00/ ea
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6’ JBC Retractable Cone Bars

Linking cones with warning tape may be inexpensive, but it has nothing on cone bars. Using cone bars to create a barrier is more cost-effective, giving you years of use per bar. It’s also more effective in practice, providing a more stable, visible barrier between traffic and restricted areas.

Cone Bars Create Lightweight, Durable, Hi-Viz Barriers 

Pick up, extend, and drop. That's all it takes to prevent accidents, direct the flow of traffic, reserve parking, and so much more.


Made of commercial-grade ABS plastic for durability and strength.


Includes engineer-grade reflective sheeting for night time visibility.


Expands to create custom perimeters 3.3' to a full 6'



Available in Orange/White or Yellow/Black.





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