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Since 1976, U.S. industry leader SONCO Worldwide has provided businesses with quality service and steel-strength job site, crowd control and traffic control solutions. We offer construction barriers, fence screen, OSHA signs, traffic barricades, and more, as well as custom-printed products. Shop now or learn more about SONCO.


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Prioritize Safety While Skyrocketing Visitor Engagement

Sonco brings crowd management to new heights by offering custom barricade covers. Utilize the in-house design team and printing department to raise brand awareness, announce new projects, or tease upcoming events. Another popular option is selling your barrier ad space to third-parties and creating an additional revenue stream.

While barricades protect assets and keep employees and visitors safe, barrier covers deliver the all-encompassing atmosphere. Best of all, you can bundle your Sonco purchase for extra savings – and deals on bulk orders are unmatched in the industry.

Steel Barricades So Effective, They’re Trusted By Government Agencies

From Presidential Inaugurations to small public amphitheaters, Sonco steel barricades are proven effective – no matter the crowd size or shape of the venue. The interconnecting barricades make it easy to create uninterrupted walls, and the variety of heights and other specs give you total customization.

For added convenience, consider bundling your Sonco purchase with barrier carts for easier transport and storage, as well as a significant order discount. But make no mistake, these extremely durable barriers can last for years under constant exposure to the elements. For industry-leading safety, Sonco has you covered.

A Custom Fence Screen Combines Privacy with Brand Awareness

The all-weather, high-quality material of Sonco fence screens ensure they outlast the alternatives. But the total customization ensures your job site has a look all its own.

When your goal is to maintain a consistent aesthetic while keeping staff and visitors safe, partner with Sonco. You can review the fence screen concepts beforehand, free of charge. You’ll have your choice of a range of screen transparencies and material types. And upon your approval, the Sonco printing department makes sure you’re getting exactly what you’re expecting. Guaranteed.

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Barricades examples
Barricades examples
Barricades examples

Tough, tried & True barricades

Safety is the number one priority on construction sites. Sonco partners with general contractors, building companies, and highway roadwork teams to make job site security a reality. Construction barricades divert vehicular and pedestrian traffic around worksites. Temporary fence controls site access. High-quality and durable equipment will give you the tools you need to maintain safe conditions. We are proud to be a leading manufacturer and distributor of site control and perimeter solutions for all the building trades.

Sonco’s experts can help you choose from our wide range of products to tailor orders to your needs and budget.Steel construction fence and heavy-duty steel barricades are popular on job sites. We also have modular construction barricades, plastic fencing, channelizer drums, and water base plastic barricades. Job sites need optimum impact, maximum visibility, and easily transported traffic safety barriers. Our complete line of traffic management equipment is crafted from durable materials to withstand harsh weather and hold up through years of heavy use. We carry OSHA and traffic signs, and we can custom print construction fence screens, barricade covers, and safety signs for your specific needs. Our comprehensive stock also includes accessories like base options, lights, and road covers. Installation and removal are quick and simple. Many of our products also allow for compact storage when not in use.Sonco’s wide range of products for construction sites is of the highest quality.

We are meticulous in our design and field-testing to make sure that you will have the most durable and affordable solutions for your perimeter management. Construction fence is only the beginning of site security. We have expertise on all the products you will need, from construction barricades to traffic cones, making us the right choice for job site safety barriers.
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