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Since 1976, U.S. industry leader SONCO Worldwide has provided businesses with quality service and steel-strength job site, crowd control and traffic control solutions. We offer construction barriers, fence screen, OSHA signs, traffic barricades, and more, as well as custom-printed products. Shop now or learn more about SONCO.

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Low Profile Stands

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Panel Stand

30in x 18in standrad 16ga galvanized fence base compatible with 1⅜in fence post

sku #SSTPS


/ ea


1 Year Warranty


Temporary Fence Panel Brace

1-3/8" Pipe 7'L with (2) bends to add extra support to chain-link panels - 61 Units m ...

sku #AB138


/ ea

As low as $30.00

1 Year Warranty


Hi-Viz Orange OxStand - Base for Fence Post

12 in x 36in Anti-trip fence stand made to easily stack & carry multiple at a time to ...

sku #OSOR-K


/ ea


1 Year Warranty

Heavy Duty

High Visiblity

A SONCO Fence Post Base Keeps Fencing Secure in Heavy Winds – And Lasts For Years

When compared to sandbags and cement blocks, it’s not even close. No matter which you choose, a SONCO Fence Post Base lasts for years longer. You don’t have to clean up after torn sandbags and replace them with more of the same. Gone are the days of managing cumbersome cement blocks that show wear and tear at the first sign of rain. A Fence Post Base is the ultimate replacement for outdated products – and ours outperform all competing products in longevity, effectiveness, and safety features.

Innovative Stands That Make a Real Difference

As a construction or event coordinator, your job is to boost productivity without making a massive investment. In fact, the sooner a purchase pays for itself, the faster you can grow your company and achieve the next goal. And few products deliver on that like a Fence Post Base from SONCO.

When you don’t have to constantly buy more sandbags or cement blocks, you’re saving money. When your fencing is weighed down by blocks with high-visibility colors, you reduce your liability, which can save you an incredible amount. And the price-match guarantee at SONCO ensures you’re paying the least amount for a product that’s shown to save you money in the long-run.

Best practice means anticipating potential issues and solving them before they occur. We believe that every fence post base achieves that in several ways, but we also offer more than one fence post base. For friendly, no-obligation expert advice on the best option for your construction site or event venue, give our team a call at (866) 202-6753 or reach out online today.

Save Big on Bundle Deals

Chances are, you’re looking to innovate your entire line of perimeter security fencing. That means one portable fence post base isn’t going to cut it. But you’re at the SONCO store, which means you’re buying directly from the manufacturer. That’s how we can always deliver on our price-match guarantee, and how we’re also able to offer these unique benefits for bulk buys:

  • HUGE DISCOUNTS. Whether the 100-piece bundle deal that on the Hi-Vis Oxstand or the 72-piece bulk buy on the BigFoot Ballast Weights, prepare for significant savings that no other company can compete with.
  • FREE SHIPPING. Our strategically-located distribution centers mean you’ll save money on shipping either way. But if you buy a pallet bundle, we’ll deliver it to you free of charge.
  • CUSTOMIZED WITH YOUR COLORS & LOGO. When you take advantage of a pallet deal, you’re getting made-to-order products, which means you can have a fence post base collection wholly unique to your brand, from the colors to your logo.
  • BUY NOW, PAY LATER. Apply for the SONCO Apruve line of credit to receive up to $100,000 toward all products, and Net 30 terms on all purchases. Don’t let a great deal pass you by!
  • CUSTOM BUNDLE DEALS. We formulate packages specific to your needs. You might require temp fence panels on top of bases. You may need triple the number of weights offered in our standard bulk deals. Whatever the circumstance, reach out today – we’ll put something together that’s exclusive to you.

The Advantages of a Fence Post Base from SONCO

Aside from big savings, you’re investing in the future of your company with industry-leading products trusted by some of the most well-known crowd management and perimeter security organizations on the planet, including the NYPD and Secret Service. Here are some of the ways we stand out from the other options.

  • EXTREMELY DURABLE. Crafted to perfection and thoroughly inspected means you’re getting the highest-quality fence post base, one that lasts longer and stands up to the elements better than any other option out there. We know because we made sure of it.
  • STACKABLE & TRANSPORTABLE. From the carry handles to the stackability, our bases are designed to increase productivity in the most intuitive ways possible.
  • MADE OF RECYCLED MATERIAL. Some of our bases, like the OxBlock, is made of recycled material, and it’s completely recyclable. Looking for new ways to go green? On top of saving the landfills from emptied sandbags and broken cement blocks, you’re using eco-friendly bases.
  • MADE IN AMERICA. We don’t outsource any of our production. When you buy from SONCO, you’re getting an exceptional product made right here in the USA, ensuring total consistency and unending oversight.
  • SAFETY-BOOSTING COLORS. The high-visibility, anti-trip colors help both workers and pedestrians spot our fence post base. Sandbags and cement blocks, on the other hand, are all but guaranteed to make folks trip.

How SONCO Helped Whiting-Turner Create Safer Construction Sites

<Photo of Whiting-Turner Fencing w/ OxStand>

Our in-house design and printing teams deliver custom OSHA fence screens that take the place of outdated, separate tin warnings and present all the info on one, clean, personalized sign. This helps increase job site safety, as does the hi-vis OxStand, also shown in the picture above. The combination of the two helps Whiting-Turner reduce the chances for accidents across their 50+ US locations, as well as keeps things secure during heavy winds and inclement weather.


Glowing Testimonials from SONCO Partners

We knew our fence post base and weight selection would make a huge difference in construction sites and event venues. But it’s not until we hear it directly from the folks in the field that we truly know our products make the kind of impact that matters. So, don’t take our word for it, here’s what industry insiders are saying:

<Testimonial Slider>

Setting the Standard Since 1976

Innovative stands for temporary fencing is another example of how SONCO creates the equipment that people on the ground wish existed. We always ask how we can solve age-old problems – then deliver a product that doesn’t just get that done, but exceeds expectations. That commitment also extends to our customer service and ongoing, mutually-beneficial partnerships with all of our clients.

Get in touch today by calling (888) 766-2615 or send us an online message by filling out this form. We look forward to serving you!

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