Block 94 Custom Fence Screen

Model# Block 94 Custom Fence Screen

Custom fence banners are made from high-quality polyester, ensuring a durable and long-lasting display that provides 94% blockage.
Weight5 lbs.
Print TypeFull Digital Print
FinishH&G every 12 in.
Fabric Type250 gsm Polyester
Screen PackagingBagged Rolls
Limited Stock
$999 00/ ea
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Block 94 Custom Fence Screen – Get the Most Out of Your Screen

SONCO’s custom solid polyester fence screens, featuring a fully custom Screen, are not only visually appealing but also incredibly durable yet lightweight. These fence banners can be used both indoors and outdoors, allowing for 6% airflow and light filtration. For outdoor applications, it is recommended to install them only in low to moderate windy areas for optimal performance.

They are the ideal solution for any organization seeking a hassle-free and professional display that can withstand the elements while also showcasing their design in large format.




The Benefits of Poly Custom Screen



Full digital print for vibrant



Fade and wrinkle-resistant
for lasting quality.



Great durability with finish
with reinforced hems and
grommets every 12”



Matte finish that resists glare.




Discover the Superiority of The Polyester Custom Fence Screen

When it comes to outdoor applications, vinyl is a common choice, but polyester may offer superior benefits in some cases. Polyester is a surprising contender that can provide a visually appealing and durable outdoor solution that can withstand the elements. The polyester fabric also has a matte finish and stretching elements that simplify installation.











Match Your Custom Fence Screen with a Barricade Cover

Check out our barricade cover selection, you can combine your fence screen cover with eye-catching custom barrier jackets. So many options to meet any event requirement!

Installation Has Never Been Easier


This item comes ready to hang with high-quality finishings. For best results, do not install during high winds and never skip grommets.


Connect the corner of the screen with the fence corner and secure them with cables or zip ties.


Use cable ties or zip ties to attach the screen to the fence, starting at the top and working your way down.


Lastly connect the grommets along the screen making sure the fabric is taut




Understand the Estimated Timeframe for Fence Screens Installation








Our expert graphic design team is available to help you adjust your images, or even create a banner to your specifications from scratch. Here’s what we offer:




Special Projects



Banner Design



Logo Retouching
or Converting



Logo Creation





Vector art with .eps or ai extensions are preferred. Raster or flattened art (jpg, .tif or bmp) may be acceptable IF they are provided at a minimum of 200 dpi at final print size.



Artwork should be created in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or InDesign. All print files should be provided in their native format.



Set up file size or artboard to 1/2 actual print size. Anything over 200” should be 1/10 scale. Bitmapped images must be 200 dpi minimum and 800 dpi maximum at final print size.



All text should be converted to outlines or provide font files.




Fence Screens Double as Safety & Branding Tools | SONCO

When jobsite or event safety feels elusive, and your perimeter is vulnerable, there’s an easy and economical solution!


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As a fence rental provider in today’s market, you’re under daily pressure from tight cash flow, shrinking equipment budgets and perpetual fence-panel replacement.




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