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Customer - Harley Davidson

The Harley-Davidson Museum opened to the public in 2008 on a 20-acre (81,000 m2) site built in a historically industrial area of Milwaukee. With over 300,000 visitors a year, crowd control became one of the main priorities for the management team.

Every year, the Harley-Davidson Museum welcomes more than 300,000 people across a massive amount of space. So, when they needed to safety manage both foot and vehicle traffic, they turned to an industry leader: Sonco.

The Harley-Davidson Museum was looking-beyond crowd control-to an innovative way to enhance the overall visitor experience. Safety was a key factor, but creating an immersive experience was also top of mind.

With Sonco's custom-colored and designed barricades, the Harley-Davidson Museum created a safe and pleasant environment for their visitors, exciting both newcomers and brand fanatics alike. Whether waiting in line or navigating the expansive grounds, it's now impossible to forget you're experiencing 110 years of American motorcycle history.

The branded barricade covers delivered by Sonco create a clean, uncluttered, beautiful environment that complements the museum in every way - at the most cost-effective rates. Visitors are guided safely and feel more engaged, while the museum can invest the money saved on other guest experiences.

Today, the Harley-Davidson Museum works directly with Sonco's in-house design and printing teams to promote upcoming events, keep a consistent brand aesthetic, and maintain the utmost in safety for both staff and guests.

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