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Since 1976, U.S. industry leader SONCO Worldwide has provided businesses with quality service and steel-strength job site, crowd control and traffic control solutions. We offer construction barriers, fence screen, OSHA signs, traffic barricades, and more, as well as custom-printed products. Shop now or learn more about SONCO.


Plastic Barricades

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  1. Orange Avalon Plastic Barricade With Red and White Diagonal Warning Stripes

    Avalon Plastic Barricade

    As low as $85.00 / ea

    Easy Stack & Storage

  2. Poly Barrier

    Poly Barrier

    As low as $137.00 / ea
  3. Xpandit


    $193.00 / ea

    Quick Ship

  4. Minit Barricade

    Minit Barricade

    As low as $99.00 / ea
  5. Xtendit Barricade

    Xtendit Barricade

    As low as $79.00 / ea

    Quick Ship

  6. Movit Barricade

    Movit Barricade

    As low as $165.00 / ea
  7. Safeguard 36 Barrier Truckload Bundle

    Safeguard 36 Barrier Truckload Bundle

    $24,900.00 / TRUCK

    Rotomolded Heavy Duty

    Offer Ends Soon

    Flat Shipping

  8. Safeguard 42 Barrier Truckload Bundle

    Safeguard 42 Barrier Truckload Bundle

    $22,400.00 / TRUCK

    Rotomolded Heavy Duty

    Offer Ends Soon

    Flat Shipping

  9. SafeGuard 36 - Water Filled Barrier

    SafeGuard 36 - Water Filled Barrier

    As low as $265.00 / ea

    Rotomolded Heavy Duty

  10. Safeguard 42 - Jersey Style Barriers

    Safeguard 42 - Jersey Style Barriers

    As low as $0.00 / ea

    High Level Perimeter Security

    Rotomolded Heavy Duty

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The Best Plastic Barricade Selection on the Market

The plastic barricades for sale at Sonco are simply unrivaled in quality, price, and versatility. The premium-grade material used for every plastic barricade guarantees they’ll last in any weather for at least eight years. The custom options allow total freedom for project managers in the construction and event industries. And Sonco’s expert advice is always a phone call away, no purchase required.

Our goal is the same as yours: to create the most cost-effective and long-lasting plastic barricade system. Event after event, job site after jobs site, you can rely on Sonco barricades to stand up to the toughest requirements – while delivering the features you look for in crowd control products. With Sonco, you’ll boost productivity, optimize storage space, keep staff and pedestrians safe, and enjoy the market’s most competitive prices.

Construction Safety Barriers and Event Fencing for Endless Applications

Sonco plastic barricades are presented in two distinct categories: job site safety, or crowd control for events. But the possible applications are infinite.

While you’ll see often see a Sonco plastic traffic barricade in bright orange helping pedestrians avoid hazardous entrances or walkways, the subtle gray color keeps their bodies safe while their eyes stay on the event.

In the same vein, Sonco plastic barricade fencing is ideal for both beautifying and denoting designated areas. The versatile look blends well with every environment, whether outdoor grassy areas, sidewalk parade routes, or indoor linoleum spaces.

For expert advice on the most cost-efficient and effective crowd control using plastic barricades, give Sonco a call today. Our team of industry insiders are ready to formulate the crowd control system that makes the most sense for your space, budget, and goals.

Interlocking System Makes Setup Fast and Easy

One person can quickly and easily set up your Sonco plastic barricade system due to the lightweight build and intuitive design. Whether plastic barricade fencing or construction barriers, each end has either a hook or loop for fast and easy deployment.

Sonco’s interlocking system featured in all the plastic barricades for sale are made to last. On top of the bar and loop have zero risk of rust or sharp edges, they don’t wear down from repeated usage until years and years after they arrive.

T-Feet Bases Create Stable Barricades Anywhere

The Avalon Plastic Barricade features T-feet that allow for total adaptability. They’ll stabilize every barricade on pretty much any uneven surface – even a flight of stairs.

The freestanding Vinyl Event Fence includes T-feet of its own that keep it steady on flat surfaces, and swivel for storage. However, two stake holes give you the option to secure the fence to the ground.

Sick of wobbling barricades? We were too. On top of developing product-specific T-feet, Sonco plastic barricades feature a streamlined, wind-resistant design. As industry insiders, we listen to folks on the ground—and pull from decades of experience installing crowd control systems—to produce the most productive possible plastic barricades.

Lightweight But Extremely Durable and Long-Lasting

When compared to a steel barricade (or even heavy-duty water filled barriers), a plastic barricade is ridiculously lightweight. But that doesn’t mean it’s light on anything else. Made in America, Sonco only uses premium plastic, and nothing leaves the factory floor unless it’s perfect.

In fact, we guarantee every plastic barricade for a minimum of eight years. We’re that confident that, no matter the environment, you won’t have to worry about replacing them for the better part of a decade.

Custom Colors Unique to Your Needs

The Avalon Plastic Barricade for sale at Sonco come in three distinct colors: yellow, orange, and gray. Each have a distinct usage dependent on your needs. Whether to fit with the existing aesthetics of your property or creating a distraction-free barrier, you can find what you’re looking for at Sonco.

The prices remain the same no matter which color you choose, and you can mix and match for the same discount rates on bulk orders. Just give us a call to let us know. We’ll be happy to customize your purchase accordingly – and make you aware of any special deals going on now.

Plastic Barricade Fencing or a Wood Fence: Which Is Better?

A plastic barricade fence offers huge benefits, especially when compared to wooden fencing. When you’re looking to create a lovely parade barrier, create a VIP area, or section off an exhibit, you can pull your Sonco barricade fencing out of storage, set it up in minutes, and have a wooden fence appeal.

All the while, you’ll avoid an excessive investment, unnecessary commitment, and ongoing maintenance. Barricade fencing also ships in a box rather than delivered and installed, saving you even more money.

Plastic Barricade Fencing Is Wildly More Affordable

To buy a wooden fence, you need to pay for the lumber and materials. It requires professional laborers to build the thing. And that’s not to mention the paint and painting.

For a tiny fraction of that cost, plastic barricade fencing delivers the same impressive look for both indoor and outdoor use. For event managers looking to create a high-end environment with some flexibility, look no further.

Portability Adds Incredible Versatility

Different events require different setups. With optimized storage, an intuitive interlocking design, and a universally appealing look, you can easily change up your venue on the fly. From weddings to business conferences, Sonco’s Vinyl Event Fence fits in flawlessly.

Even the requirement to pound stakes into the grass is a commitment – not to mention time consuming. The freestanding design of plastic barricade fencing means you can set it where it needs to go quickly, increasing productivity while still adding a charming accent to the setting.

Sonco Plastic Barricades Look Like New After Years of Outdoor Use

Try and say the same for any wood fencing. No need to repaint, fix a broken board, or feel concerned about damage when hanging a sponsorship banner. Plastic barricade fencing is built to last through snow and ice, beating sun, win and rain.

Of course, indoor usage will mean additional longevity. But when we guarantee it in any condition for eight years, you can rest assured you’re making a quality, long-term investment.

When Plastic Road Barricades Beat Steel Barriers

Many Sonco clients rely on our industry expertise to formulate the most effective crowd control barrier system specific to their goals. And our approach is always to create the highest level of safety and security for the lowest prices.

For pedestrian foot traffic around construction sites, a plastic barricade is often the best choice. They’re also a great option for a wide variety of events. In fact, the look of the Avalon Plastic Barricade fits the overall aesthetic for some of our clients better than the plastic fencing.

A Plastic Barricade Offers High Visibility

For extra safety without the need for vehicle-impact security, the vivid yellow and orange colors are unmissable – and deliver the unspoken message of caution. Pedestrians can safely and confidently move within the safe zones without feeling completely blocked out of the site.

Visibility is further boosted by reflective plastic barricade tape, an optional add-on that can go a long way. The built-in sign mounts also mean you can easily add a construction safety board – or even an advertising message.

The Affordability of Plastic Barricades Is Simply Unbeatable

At least in the crowd control industry, plastic is less expensive than steel. On top of reduced shipping costs, cheaper ongoing transportation costs, and better storage capabilities, the upfront costs are lower.

At the end of the day, steel barricades are the heavier, more security-focused choice that’s often needed. But for effective crowd control for less, you can’t go wrong with a Sonco plastic barricade, with a durability that’s unmatched in the industry.

Stackable Plastic Barricades are Absurdly Convenient

At Sonco, buying 25 steel barricades means receiving a free barricade cart that can transport 30 at once. But due to the heavier build, the barricades are stored side by side. Sonco plastic barricades, on the other hand, stack on top of each other.

Stackable plastic barricades mean storage isn’t limited by square footage. Take advantage of that ceiling height – and enjoy more storage space. For bundle deals related to a plastic barricade (versus steel), give Sonco a call today. When you combine your purchase with any of the below, exciting discounts are extremely likely.

Exclusive Sonco Add-Ons Maximize Your Plastic Barricade

The Avalon Plastic Barricade features built in mounts, inviting you to post ads, notices, or other information. And draping banners across your plastic barricade fencing is an effective marketing strategy.

Below are just some of the examples of bundle orders at Sonco. Give our team a call for personalized service in-line with your goals. Expert guidance is our specialty.

Barricade with Plastic Sheeting for Top-Tier Visibility

Your plastic traffic barricade can include custom high-intensity grade or engineer grade sheeting. You have the option between one or both sides of the barricade, and you can always order more later if you change your mind. The design can be standard construction style, your logo, and any custom style.

Application is as simple as pasting the strips to the recessed sides of the barricade. The plastic sheeting is extremely durable and adheres with superior strength to withstand the elements. This makes it a long-lasting, affordable way to heighten visibility for vehicles and improve pedestrian and worker safety.

Raise Brand Awareness and Create Sponsorship Revenue

Event and project managers can utilize Sonco’s in-house design and printing departments to pair their plastic barricades with custom signage. We’ll mock up what your customized barriers will look like on photos of your site so you can see exactly what you’re going to get. And that’s before you even make your purchase.

We’re proud to say we’re the only company that offers the complete crowd control service without outsourcing a single aspect. This streamlines the ordering process and eliminates the chance of error or miscommunication.

Sonco Offers the Highest Quality at the Best Prices

A plastic barricade from Sonco goes beyond durability, effectiveness, and trend-setting design. You’ll form a partnership with a team of committed industry professionals that make your success a top priority.

Whether a bundle deal that includes a free transport cart, bulk purchases that bring the price of some items down to wholesale value, or our popular CashBack Program, we work overtime to earn your loyalty. The goal: a mutually-beneficial, long-term partnership.

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