Shur-Flex Driveable Delineators

Model# Shur-Flex Driveable Delineators

Driveable delineators are installed into the ground for simple, flexible traffic control.
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Shur-Flex Driveable Delineators


How much abuse can a traffic delineator handle? Shur-Flex Driveable delineators outperform them all with a patented joint component that enables posts to pop right back up after being run over. Use Shur-Flex posts as object markers, delineators, guide markers, or emergency crossover markers.




Superior Flexibility & Resilience


Requires one pin and
one minute to install



360-degree reflectivity




Choice of eight
fade-resistant colors



Non-metallic joint
design won’t corrode


No special tools required
to install or replace



Flattened portion of
post accommodates
reflective sheeting



MUTCD compliant




MASH approved





Patented Technology: Shur-Flex® System 3 Component Design

  • The flexible square to round joint is a simple one piece, non-metallic molded design that withstands multiple impacts assuring long-life in corrosive environments.

  • Posts are manufactured with no less than 70% recycled materials with a heavier wall thickness to provide structural integrity.

  • Perforated steel tubing anchors are used to accommodate multiple soil conditions.











Durability and Easy Installation

One pin - one minute! We’ve made it quick and easy to install or replace a post. Shur-Flex utilizes perforated tubing for easy installation directly into the ground.

The exposed joint and post are designed to sustain years of hits with less maintenance and fewer replacements.






All post colors or styles are interchangeable with any product making the Shur-Flex® system the most versatile on the market today!







Traffic Safety Compliance Saves Lives. SONCO Can Help.

According to the National Safety Council (NSC), 2020 marked a 16-year high in work-zone crashes. The year saw 102,000 accidents, which claimed the lives of 857 people and injured an additional 44,240.


What Is a Delineator, And How to Make It More Effective

Delineator posts are a quick, easy, and affordable form of temporary traffic safety. From parking lots to work zones, these high-visibility, highly-effective pieces of equipment are the best practice choice for a range of applications.




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