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Since 1976, U.S. industry leader SONCO Worldwide has provided businesses with quality service and steel-strength job site, crowd control and traffic control solutions. We offer construction barriers, fence screen, OSHA signs, traffic barricades, and more, as well as custom-printed products. Shop now or learn more about SONCO.


Traffic Safety

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  1. Safeguard 36 + Topper |Truckload Bundle

    Safeguard 36 + Topper |Truckload Bundle

    $22,500.00 / TRUCK

    Heavy Duty

    Offer Ends Soon

    Flat Shipping

  2. JerseyBlok 225

    JerseyBlok 225

    $656.99 / ea
    42"H x 96"L Heavy Duty Water Filled Barrier | 225 lb each and capacity to hold up to 130 gallons of water
  3. Safeguard 42 - Jersey Style Barriers

    Safeguard 42 - Jersey Style Barriers

    As low as $295.00 / ea

    High Level Perimeter Security

    Rotomolded Heavy Duty

  4. Permanent Mount Delineator Bundle (200 Units)

    Permanent Mount Delineator Bundle (200 Units)

    As low as $28.99 / ea
  5. SafeGuard 36 - Water Filled Barrier

    SafeGuard 36 - Water Filled Barrier

    As low as $265.00 / ea

    Rotomolded Heavy Duty

  6. Vertical Panel w/ Weighted Base (150 units)

    Vertical Panel w/ Weighted Base (150 units)

    As low as $29.17 / ea
  7. Channelizer Cone with Weighted Base - Full Pallet Bundle  (168 Units)

    Channelizer Cone with Weighted Base - Full Pallet Bundle (168 Units)

    As low as $26.99 / ea
  8. LDPE Channelizer Drum with Weighted Base Truck Load (840 Units)

    LDPE Channelizer Drum with Weighted Base Truck Load (840 Units)

    As low as $36.99 / ea
  9. HDPE Channelizer Drum with Weighted Base Truck Load (840 Units)

    HDPE Channelizer Drum with Weighted Base Truck Load (840 Units)

    As low as $34.99 / ea

    Free Shipping

  10. ConePro 600 - (EXTRA LENGTH) Retractable Belt

    ConePro 600 - (EXTRA LENGTH) Retractable Belt

    As low as $62.00 / ea

    Free Shipping

  11. ConePro 500  - Retractable Belt for Construction Cones

    ConePro 500 - Retractable Belt for Construction Cones

    As low as $39.00 / ea

    Free Shipping

  12. Portable Delineator Kit Bundle (150 Units)

    Portable Delineator Kit Bundle (150 Units)

    As low as $32.99 / ea
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Sonco Crowd Control offers a wide variety of traffic safety equipment and traffic accessories. On a construction site, large or small, managing safe flow of movement should be the first concern. The use of power tools and other construction equipment for repairs, building and demolition greatly increases the risk of unfortunate accidents. It’s important to take steps to increase the level of safety of surrounding work areas for patrons and workers alike. We have a specialized line of products designed for maximum visibility with bold displays that are effective and easy to comprehend. Our cones, barricades, channelizers and signs are crafted from durable, weather-resistant materials that can stand up to years of use.

Whiting-Turner puts
safety at the heart of its
business to reduce the
chance of accidents in
their job sites

For more than 100 years, Environmental, Health
and Safety (EH&S) has been at the forefront of
Whiting-Turner's culture, a dedicated moral
commitment to providing a safe and secure
setting across all levels of WT's operations.

Barricades examples
Barricades examples
Barricades examples
Barricades examples
Barricades examples

How Sonco's safety signs increase
job site safety while meeting osha
compliance at whiting-turner job

Unrivaled Traffic Control. At the Best Prices. For Over 40 Years.

As established industry experts and insiders, SONCO Perimeter Security has our finger on the pulse of the traffic control industry. The result: a wide range of products to cover your every need. These are the highest quality pieces of traffic safety equipment available on the market today. And because you’re buying directly from the manufacturer, you’ll enjoy the most competitive rates, including a price-match guarantee and custom bundle deals.

Beyond the hyper-effective traffic control features and unbeatable prices, you have access to other benefits that include custom signage from scratch, flexible payments, and more. You’re also a phone call away from personalized advice from traffic safety experts ready to make your job easier.

Give us a call today, and discover the special deals going on now specific to traffic safety products.

SONCO Water Barriers: The Difference Is in the Quality

Every SONCO traffic barricade is crafted to the highest, industry-leading standards of quality. The product variety ensures your every need is covered, from Type 1 through Type 3 barricade pallet bundles to high-impact Jersey-style barriers. Add-ons include flashing lights, fence toppers, and total customization. And bundle deals guarantee you get the most out of your traffic safety investment.

There’s a reason SONCO products are trusted by the largest construction companies and the most advanced law enforcement agencies, including the Secret Service. It all comes down to quality of craftsmanship engineered by industry experts. Experience the SONCO difference, including unmatched longevity, proven effectiveness, and exceptional prices.

The Benefits You Look for in Traffic Control

We listen to folks on the ground to find out what they want most out of their traffic safety products. This includes design features as well as added benefits to make their jobs easier. Here are just some of the ways we set ourselves apart:

  • FEATURES YOU WANT. Fill and empty your water-filled barrier on-site. Enjoy strategically placed handles and light mounts. Make your job and your crew’s jobs easier.
  • IDEAL ALTERNATIVE TO CONCRETE BARRIERS. Water-filled barriers are high-impact, hyper-safe alternatives to concrete Jersey style barriers. This makes them a long-lasting and cost-effective solution, where you’ll save money both in terms of the base price and transportation costs.
  • EXTREMELY DURABLE. Our water-filled barriers feature a rotationally-molded polyethylene that resists the harshest weather conditions as well as dings and scrapes.
  • COMPLETE TRAFFIC SAFETY SOLUTION. Our goal is to figure out how our customers can make one purchase that covers all the bases – and lasts longer than anything else on the market. Our dynamic selection makes that possible.

Channelizer Drums Made to Last Longer

The only thing better than the SONCO selection of drums, weighted bases, and lights for traffic control is the bundle deals. It’s not often that someone needs just one channelizer drum. And for those looking for the most cost-effective solution for a complete traffic safety setup, you’ve come to the right place.

We offer both low- and high-density polyethylene options depending on your needs. Two light mounts on the drums invite you to maximize safety with 13 different light options. And the rounded top sheds water and debris for easier maintenance.

SONCO is the easy choice. But selecting which products are right for your project might prove more complicated. Give us a call today for complimentary expert advice at (888) 766-2615.

Channelizer Drums That Beat the Alternatives

We did our research. We tested, optimized, and worked closely with people in the field – and we’ve been doing it for close to half a century. With all that expertise and knowledge come traffic control products that include exclusive benefits you can’t find elsewhere.

  • VALUABLE ADD-ONS. On top of LDPE or HDPE, you can select from 13 different mounted lights and four bases.
  • INCREASED SAFETY. Anti-rotational stability. Five-tier body for enhanced visibility. Designed to prevent rolling after impact to reduce liability. This is the industry’s top echelon of all-around safety.
  • HUGE DISCOUNTS ON BULK ORDERS. Get a truckload of channelizer drums for an unbelievable price – and FREE SHIPPING.
  • EXTREME DURABILITY. Even with the price-match guarantee, you’re still making an investment. That’s why we make sure every SONCO traffic safety product withstands all types of weather – and lasts longer than any other brand in the industry.

You’re Safer with SONCO Road Construction Signs

We only offer the most durable and highly-visible road construction signs. This includes premium reflective sheeting and heavy-duty backup material that looks great in all lighting – and for years to come. Every road sign for construction is also crafted up to the industry’s highest regulatory standards.

As a result, your crew is safer – and your equipment is more secure.

SONCO is where you can deliver unmissable messaging that’s customizable to your heart’s content. Our in-house design team ensures the most impactful final roduct, so you can enjoy total peace of mind.

Road Construction Signs with Your Success in Mind

Working with SONCO means you have access to exclusive benefits our competitors simply can’t compete with.

  • VARIETY OF ROLL-UP SIGNS. From diamond-grade reflective sheeting to non-reflective mesh signs, you’ll find it all right here, at the highest quality, and for the best prices. You also have your choice of sizes.
  • MADE TO LAST. We pride ourselves on offering affordable long-term investments. Despite the excellent prices, our construction signs are made to stand up to all weather for years of regular use.
  • GAME-CHANGING ADD-ONS: Emergency construction signs are easier to store, transport, and deploy with bags and stands.
  • BUNDLE AND SAVE. Whether bulk orders or bundle packages that include your choice of rubber bases, the bigger the purchase, the bigger the savings.
  • INDUSTRY-LEADING FEATURES. Increase productivity and minimize liability with easy and intuitive construction signs, which include built-in handles, straightforward mechanics, and beyond.

Traffic Cones and Delineators That Stand Out and Outlast

Ineffective traffic cones and delineators are extremely dangerous, which is why we’ve stayed at the cutting edge of visibility technology for over four decades. With SONCO traffic cones, you’re ensuring your construction site is protected by the most up-to-date materials. That way and for the foreseeable future, your projects stay safer with state-of-the-art products that outshine the alternatives.

Amazingly, second-rate products can cost as much as SONCO traffic cones and delineators – despite being both less effective and shorter-lived. The best investment is one where you can save in both the short- and long-term. Give us a call today, and let’s get you the most for your money.

Traffic Delineators from a True Collaborator

We’re not a store, we’re a partner. And within our partnership, you’ll receive benefits constructed—like the products themselves—to help you succeed.

  • HIGHLY ENGINEERED. There’s a difference between “designed” and “highly engineered.” The latter is backed by endless calculations, testing, and, well, engineering. The former is what the other guys do. Our highly engineered pressure sensitive tape maximizes visibility for years.
  • IMPACT RESISTANT. Did someone run over your SONCO reboundable tubular marker? No worries, it bounced right back up as if nothing happened.
  • PERMANENT & TEMPORARY OPTIONS. Choose from a wide variety of bases, or find products built to stay put. Whatever your needs, we’ll meet them – while exceeding your expectations.
  • CUSTOMIZE WITHOUT LIMITS. Several color options. Retractable belts and quick-deploy signage. The possibilities are truly endless at SONCO.

Why SONCO Makes the Most Sense for Your Company

We work with you to come up with the best solution, not sell you on the most expensive option. Every goal is different, and we work to make sure you’re getting exactly what you need, no more and no less. It’s the perfect balance between the utmost in safety and the highest level of cost-efficiency.

On-Call Experts Work as an Extension of Your Team

Call today for personalized, expert advice specific to your site, goals, and budget. Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to come up with the options that make the most sense. The ordering process is seamless, and there’s no combination too “out there” for us to consider. Get in touch today by calling (888) 766-2615 or contacting us online.

Glowing Testimonials from a Variety of Clients

SONCO is the industry’s most trusted brand since 1976. The reasons are undying reliability, a deep commitment to ongoing partnerships, and matchless transparency.

Exclusive Benefits of a SONCO Partnership

We’re the only brand in the industry to offer one year of unlimited warranty against defects, and that extends to every product. We take equal pride in our manufacturing consistency and customer care, delivering an all-around purchasing experience that’s frankly unsurpassable.

  • CUSTOM DISCOUNTS: Whether our standard bundle and bulk orders or something off the beaten path, we’ll make sure you get the most out of every cent.
  • PRICE-MATCH GUARANTEE: That way, we really can guarantee unbeatable prices.
  • CREDIT PROGRAM: Enjoy Net 30 on all purchases.
  • EASY ORDERING: As a customer, you have access to our proprietary platform that makes ordering, purchasing, and communication easy and seamless.
  • SAFE SHOPPING: No financial information is kept on record.
  • EXPERT ADVICE: We can’t stress this enough – our team is ready to wow you.
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