Versa Chain-Link Panels for Temp Fence Projects

Andrew Hession

Andrew Hession, June 3, 2022

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Versa Chain-Link Panels for Temp Fence Projects

Versa Panels Deliver Twice the Function & Value

Meet SONCO’s tallest and most rugged chain-link panels — popular for construction sites, major event venues, building projects and dozens of other applications. With maximized use of Versa panels, SONCO customers report boosted savings and flexible configuration with fence blocks or regular stands.

Supercharged Versa temp fence panels are built for your industry’s toughest applications! Secure your workplace, safeguard employees and guests, and protect valuable assets with our high-performance temporary fence lineup.


Rethinking Chain-Link Temporary Fencing

After putting Versa chain-link temporary fence systems through rigorous quality and field testing, SONCO engineered chain-link panels that go the extra mile. We start by building each Versa chain-link panel with quality materials and solid construction methods — just like our other fencing. Check out the benefits:

  • 12.5ga, 2-⅜” wire mesh chain-link fabric
  • 16ga, 1-⅜” welded steel-pipe frame
  • Hot-dip galvanized zinc finish
  • Wire-mesh laced on all four sides
  • Welded joints that meet American Welding Society standards

With a solid foundation in place, SONCO began tackling common temporary fence problems like these:

  • Fence panel instability
  • Unlevel ground
  • Tripping hazards
  • Transport & storage challenges
  • Deployment issues
  • High wind conditions
  • Vehicle & worker entry

Today, Versa temporary fence panel systems are one of our most popular products, and SONCO clients continue to find new uses for these adaptable crowd- and perimeter-control products.


Next-Level Functionality From SONCO’s Versa Panel

Six Extra Inches for Spanning Unlevel Ground

Ordinary fence panels rest on the ground. When construction yards or hillside concert venues sit on uneven terrain, panels can overlap or leave gaps. SONCO Versa panels feature vertical posts with six inches of added height.

Span unlevel ground by turning temp fence panels upside down. Pair them with OxBlocks or OxStands, and alternate panels to build a sloping wall. No other panels on the market give you this flexibility!

Standard Sizes for Savings & Versatility

SONCO standardizes fence sizes to give you the height and width you need most. Our safety specialists maximize your savings with Versa panels of varying sizes. Provide your project requirements and we’ll recommend standard panel sizes that reduce your units purchased while saving you money!


Cross Bracing for Strength & Longevity

Event venues and construction crews install and remove chain-link panels again and again, so every temp fence panel takes a beating! To reinforce your Versa panel system, SONCO includes welded cross braces. These steel stabilizers effortlessly withstand the rigors of moving, stacking and reconfiguration.

SONCO Sollage racks are another customer favorite! Use a small forklift to transport and store up to 30 Versa panels! The Sollage rack’s cutting-edge design ensures your Versa panels won’t slip, bend or incur damage during repeated deployments.

New-Age Versa Panel Accessories

To elevate your Versa panel’s sturdiness and agility, SONCO offers essential accessories stands and gates. Panel weights solve the most common fence challenges by eliminating the hassle of sandbags and concrete blocks. These weighted accessories also stabilize Versa panels, so you can say goodbye to collapsed or damaged fencing. Ask the SONCO support team about these add-on products and more:

  • Robust OxBlock weighted bases
  • Anti-trip, hi-viz OxStand 36” bases
  • Ballasted BigFoot panel weights
  • Temp fence panel braces

It’s a pain to constantly move chain-link panels when vehicles and pedestrians need access. Fortunately, Versa chain-link panels pair perfectly with Versa hinged pedestrian gates and gate panels. For trucks and auto traffic, request a SONCO vehicle gate kit and transform your temp fence panel into a rolling gate!


Brand Versa Panels With Custom Graphics

Thanks to SONCO’s in-house design team, you can adorn Versa panels with custom-printed screens. Our unique fence screen designs turn barricades into billboards while adding privacy and earning power. Use SONCO privacy screens to promote upcoming events, build your brand, promote sponsor products and sell ad space. You’ll save time and money on custom printing — and there’s no need to manage multiple vendors. Order your custom printed fence screen today!

Love our Versa panels? SONCO takes bulk savings to a new level with unbeatable bundle deals! Request your bid for a bundle of Versa chain-link panels, Oxblock fence stands, panel extenders and custom-printed fence screens.

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