Benefits of a Custom-Printed Fence Screen | SONCO

Chris Keith

Chris Keith, December 9, 2021

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Benefits of a Custom-Printed Fence Screen | SONCO

Turn Temporary Fences Into Billboards

Construction site setup requires safety equipment like temporary fences, steel barriers, water barriers and more, but why not use those fences and barricades for a dual purpose? With a SONCO custom-printed fence screen, your perimeter draws interest and looks professional at the same time. Turn valuable vertical ad space into a marketing campaign, sponsorship, safety message or art installation!

Some construction zones are community eyesores filled with stacks of messy materials, rusty equipment and trash or debris that accumulates along fence lines. SONCO custom-printed fence screens upgrade the visual appeal of any project site while optimizing brand visibility or monetizing your work zone.


Why Do Custom-Printed Fence Screens Matter?

When construction sites and commercial projects are in the setup phase, onlookers and community members get curious (and sometimes frustrated). After all, we’ve all seen our share of dirty, disorganized job sites clogging up neighborhood roadways and detracting from the aesthetics of urban developments, attractive landscaping and pedestrian walking routes. Start with transparency to develop a positive relationship with those impacted by your project. Take advantage of town meetings or city council settings to inform the community about your project. Let them know what they can expect and how they can get in touch with your company when concerns arise.

As you’re setting up equipment, materials and temporary fencing, it’s essential to screen your fence with a mesh, poly or vinyl fence cover. A SONCO chain link fence screen is an attractive addition to lackluster chain-link fencing, and it is the ideal way to wall-off construction zones and safeguard employees from blowing dust and debris.

SONCO fence covers are fabricated to your design and dimension requirements. Popular customer uses for fence privacy screens include:

  • Job site/facility privacy & security
  • Visual safety barriers that protect pedestrians
  • Boosted brand awareness with logos & taglines
  • Profitable advertising & sponsorship opportunities
  • Individual safety signs combined into one tidy fence screen
  • Aging fence upgrades for a fresher look
  • Shade & wind protection for crews and pedestrians
  • Artwork depicting your finished product & its completion date


Why Invest in a SONCO Construction Fence Screen?

Installing a fence privacy screen is an effortless and affordable way to get recognized. Whether your construction company has been around for decades or you’re a startup in need of promotion, industry saturation can be a barricade to success. Custom-printed wind- and privacy screens help you gain visibility, assert professionalism and secure potential new leads.

According to a recent press release from the Out of Home Advertising Association of America, “Increased appetites for outdoor and shared experiences are leading consumers to ‘hit the highways and seek out of home activities, notice their surroundings with fresh eyes, take comfort in public safety messaging and embrace new contactless technology.’ At the same time, digital device burnout is rising — with 75 percent of respondents stating that excessive time on digital devices is causing them to tune out digital device ads.” Take advantage of these statistics by ordering print ads and fence screen marketing devices!

With the increased desire to connect with the community and draw the attention of nearby traffic, companies are using chain-link fence privacy screen systems to post eye-catching ads or branding. In collaboration with SONCO’s in-house creative team, you can screen fences with high-impact marketing, safety and advertising messages while protecting employees, safeguarding work zone assets and creating a clean, professional project site.


Practical Benefits of Windscreens & Fence Privacy Screens

Aside from aesthetic value and marketing potential, wind and privacy screens provide practical advantages most construction companies can’t be without.

  • Wind & debris barrier. Your SONCO mesh, vinyl or poly custom-printed fence screen helps block high winds and protect employees from eye injuries and other damage caused by flying debris or dust storms. Your windscreen comes in a variety of materials, with varying degrees of breathability, wind blockage and transparency.
  • UV protection. Your SONCO privacy screen also protects crews by blocking UV rays. The UV blockage level depends on the type of fabric you select, and our knowledgeable staff can help you choose the best fence covers for your worksite’s location and terrain challenges.
  • Privacy & security. Whether you are concealing equipment and construction assets or trying to keep a project under wraps until the big reveal, opaque privacy screens minimize prying eyes and reduce the risk of work zone vandalism and theft. And with SONCO’s FREE custom printing services, you can display brand messaging, monetize your site or create a community mural that gives a positive impression of your company and its commitment to the neighborhood.

Custom-Printed Fence Screen From SONCO

Send high-resolution logo images and other graphics to our team when you are ready to order a construction fence screen for chain-link and temporary fencing. We’ll place them into our cutting-edge layouts and provide you with a FREE fence screen proof for your review. Consider these content options for wind and privacy screens that will be the talk of the neighborhood:

  • Safety signage. Condense multiple, scattered safety signs into one easy-to-read, OSHA-compliant fence screen. This is one of our most popular options!
  • Branded signage. Introduce your company to the community. Branding options include logos, taglines, project messaging and more.
  • Informational signage. Show the world how your completed project will look or share other essential information, from regional COVID-19 guidelines to compelling client testimonials.
  • Sponsor advertisements. Monetize your worksite or project zone with sponsor messaging and local business advertisements.

Your SONCO custom fence screen purchase includes:

  • Weather- & wrinkle-resistant sign finishes
  • Striking photo-quality images & messaging
  • Vibrant, no-fade graphics
  • Extensive variety of fabric colors
  • Your choice of mesh, poly & vinyl material blends

Partner With SONCO Today!

SONCO fence screens and privacy covers are a proven, attractive way to get your name out while enhancing brand visibility and professionalism. Transform your construction site! Add a logo and tagline to your temporary fence system. Call our team or request a fence screen estimate online to get started!

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