Practical Tips on How to Grow Your Fencing Business

Boost your fencing business with our practical tips to expand your customer base, increase profits, and enhance your company's success. 

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Sonco Perimeter Security, July 1, 2024

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Practical Tips on How to Grow Your Fencing Business

It takes more than hard work and dedication to make your fencing business a success. Using smart strategies can help you expand your customer base and increase profits, building your business for the long run.

In this article, we'll talk about how you can grow your fencing business by monitoring the competition, becoming relevant in your local community, investing in fence company marketing, and expanding your customer base. Following these tips, you can enhance and grow your fencing business to make it more profitable and successful.

Make a Business Plan

Your business plan is your road map to success. Create a business plan that documents the current status of your business and steps to grow your business in the future. Business plans typically follow a standard format including parts such as:

  • Executive Summary. This is a general description of the overall plan, including business mission statement. Write this section last, once you know the content of your business plan overall and can summarize it easily.
  • Company Description. This is a comprehensive description of your business, including its services, customers, goals, and history.
  • Market Analysis. This includes a description of your target audience, how your services can meet their needs, and what the demand is for those services in your area.
  • Financial Projections. As you grow your business, these financial projections will help you decide where and how much to invest.

Use the planning process to set the direction for your company and, if needed, find investors. If you need a loan for building your business, your business plan will be an essential document to show potential investors that you're serious about your company.

Invest in Your Employees

Good employees are the backbone of a successful business. Investing in your employees to ensure they're well-trained and properly qualified can help ensure success, no matter how big or small the job is. Some tips:

  • Compensate fairly. Low pay can only attract underqualified workers. Ensure your employees are well rewarded for a job well done. Stay competitive with other fencing companies in your area to ensure you can hire the best of the best.
  • Train well. Engage in regular training to ensure that your employees know how to stay safe and perform the job that they've been hired to do.
  • Hire well. Write good job descriptions, ask smart questions when interviewing, and always check references when hiring construction workers. 
fence contractor wearing EPIfence contractor wearing EPI

Monitor the Competing Fence Businesses in Your Region

Who are your competitors? What services do they offer? Which of their services are in highest demand? Why and how are they successful? What do customers say about them?

Monitoring competing fence businesses in your area and identifying their strengths and weaknesses can help you make decisions for your own business.

Identify successful competitor campaigns. Mimic those campaigns or offer a better service to put your business at the front of the line when customers are choosing a fencing contractor.

Become Relevant in Your Local Community

Become relevant in your local community to make your business a household name among potential customers. There are many things you can do to make this happen, including:

Promote events and fairs

Contact local organizations that hold events and need sponsorship. Home shows and trade fairs are good events that your business can sponsor.

Offer a class on how to maintain different types of fences

Offer a class aimed at homeowners or even tradesmen on how to maintain various fences in your community. Advertise these classes at local community colleges, the local rec center, and at other places where the public gather.

This is just a suggestion, but you can come up with ideas based on your own expertise that you can teach to your community. By doing so, you become more relevant and stay top of mind when they need to hire someone for a fence job. 

fence contractor repairing fencefence contractor repairing fence

Sponsor local sports teams, school events, or charity fundraisers

Sports teams are always looking for local sponsors. As a sponsor, you'll enjoy greater visibility and will become known as a business that supports your local community.

This does more than increase visibility: it also makes your business seem trustworthy and reputable.

Set up tables at local fairs and trade shows

Participate in events that attract consumers and other contractors. Bring branded swag, brochures, and lots of business cards.

The more involved you are in your community, the more customers will gravitate toward your business over your competitors. Look for opportunities that are unique to your community to show that you're deeply involved in day-to-day life where your business operates.

Invest in Marketing

Fence company marketing makes a difference. Market across many platforms and social media channels. Create a complete Google My Business profile and keep it up to date. Monitor reviews on Google and respond to reviews when you're able.

Create a professional business website that includes information about your company, services, company mission, and logo.

Engage with potential customers over social media by posting information about your business. Include tips and advice on fencing maintenance and selection to educate customers and establish your business as a thought leader in your area.

Advertise in local newspapers and on local stations (radio and television) to make your name ubiquitous and recognizable.

Improve Your Customer's Experience

Customers give referrals to friends and neighbors when they have good experiences with contractors. Prioritize your customers to ensure that they have positive things to say about your business when the time comes. Some tips:

  • Respond promptly to inquiries and feedback. Monitor your phones and respond to voice mail inquiries quickly. Answer questions with accuracy and in a timely manner.
  • Personalize interactions with customers. Take notes when talking to customers so you can refer back to previous conversations when speaking. Take time to use customer's names when corresponding over email.
  • Provide exclusive deals or discounts for referrals or recurring customers. When customers come back to you for additional services, give them discounts to reward their loyalty.

Improve Communication

Communication is key to avoiding disputes and having successful interactions with customers. It's important to have strong communication practices throughout your organization as well as with customers. Some communication tips:

  • Hold regular team meetings to keep all team members up to date on organizational issues, policy changes, challenges, and general business activities.
  • Use professionalism when communicating with customers. Keep communications formal and thorough to set customer expectations.
  • Use contracts to keep everyone on the same page. Write strong, thorough contracts to ensure that customers know what to expect and when.

Expand Your Customer Base

Fence installation and sales aren't the only avenue that you can use to make profits as a fencing contractor. Expand to temporary fence rental to create recurring revenue from big construction projects and local special events.

Renting temporary fencing can generate recurring revenue, even when permanent fencing is in low demand. Local fence rental companies can often offer faster service than larger companies, so your small business may be the perfect solution for companies like construction outfits and special events businesses in need of fast, personalized service.

fence contractor renting temporary fencesfence contractor renting temporary fences


Start-up costs for a fence rental business are low if you can take advantage of your existing equipment. If possible, use existing employees to get your rental service up and running. You can hire dedicated employees for your rental division after it's successful.

When launching your fence rental business, it's important to understand how quickly you'll recoup your investment. Factors like initial cost, market conditions, and customer demand all play a role in determining your return on investment (ROI).

Consider this example:

  • Chain-link Fence Panel Starter Kit costs $129.
  • Average rental revenue ranges from $3 to $5 per linear foot, or $30 to $50 per panel.

Typically, renting out the panels 3 to 4 times will cover your initial purchase cost, which means that temporary fencing is a wise and quick-return investment.

Take Action to Make Your Fence Installation Company A Success

Fence sales and installation is an industry that has its ups and downs. The more you can prepare for the future, strengthen your company, and diversify your services, the easier it will be to make your fencing company last.

Do you need to know more about temporary fence installation and how it differs from permanent fencing installation? Download SONCO's free guide, where you can learn more about installing temporary fences.  

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