How to Choose Metal Barricades? Which One Is Best?

Andrew Hession

Andrew Hession, September 8, 2022

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How to Choose Metal Barricades? Which One Is Best?

Metal barricades, or steel barricades, are a security staple for festivals, marathons, concerts, parades, and government ceremonies. Event producers and facility managers rely on these barriers for crowd control and a secure perimeter — but safety hinges on choosing the right product.

When money is tight, cheap metal barricades may sound appealing. However, choosing the wrong barrier doesn’t just put employees, vendors and the public at risk. Incorrect barrier choices or sub-standard products leave your facility vulnerable, increasing the risk of project downtime, costly lawsuits, and reputation damage.

From barrier weight and material to finishes, features and feet, SONCO helps you ask the right questions before choosing the best metal barricade.

First, what is a metal barricade? There are tons of perimeter options, but metal barriers are the gold standard for events and construction. Interlocking metal barricades are also called bike rack barricades since they have vertical openings resembling bike wheel slots between barrier posts.

Why should I choose metal bike rack barricades? High-quality metal barriers are inherently sturdy since they’re made to resist pushy crowds, adverse weather, and daily abuse. Their strength and durability make them ideal for directing foot traffic, containing crowds, preventing stage surges, safeguarding building materials, averting trespassers, and developing event perimeters.

But metal barriers aren’t just a physical deterrent. They also create psychological boundaries that remind event attendees of conduct expectations. When correctly used, barriers discourage disruption by establishing a visual sense of order.

Get Answers to Your Metal Barricade Questions

This SONCO guide answers common questions about bike rack barriers and their features, benefits and uses. Print a copy for quick reference, and call our safety specialists for application-specific recommendations.

Why Choose Metal Barricades for Crowd Control & Pedestrian Use?

Known for their professional appearance and high-performance construction, hot-dipped galvanized metal barricades stand out among crowd control solutions.

  • Each barrier is built from high-quality 16- or 18-gauge steel and immersed in a hot zinc bath for a lasting finish. The zinc improves durability and aesthetics, so barricades retain their robust functionality and polished finish after years of use.
  • Event producers, facility managers and construction teams choose metal bike rack barriers for high-impact situations and harsh jobsite conditions. Because they hold up for decades, these metal barricades are a dependable long-term solution with high ROI. Minimize your need for frequent equipment replacement by investing in premium barriers from the start.
  • Heavy-duty metal barriers are versatile for a variety of settings. Adaptable to any perimeter configuration, the barricades are quickly installed and removed via hook-and-loop connectors. Each barrier has a male adaptor (metal hook) on one end and female adapter (metal loop) on the other. Interlock the two to create custom enclosures, pedestrian paths, or cordoned-off areas.
  • When it comes to safety, metal barricades shine. Stable on varied terrain and tough against crowds and weather, these barriers also include low-profile, anti-trip feet to reduce accident risk.

How do I store & move steel barricades?

If you’ve rented barricades in the past, storage and transport hassles may be part of the reason. But thanks to next-generation barricade carts, you can buy barricades instead.

These high-performance rolling devices ease barrier transport and enable compact storage in limited space. You’ll simplify barricade deployment and expedite event prep with premium-grade, galvanized steel carts.

Next-generation barrier carts are hot-dipped in three layers of zinc for maximum rust and corrosion resistance.
Most other carts require the removal of barrier feet, increasing setup time and teardown hassle. Our heavy-duty, wheeled carts accommodate up to 30 barricades at once — without removing the feet.

Small crews of one or two people can deploy and store barriers with minimal effort. Next-gen carts come with robust, redesigned handlebars and large, 360°-swivel wheels, guaranteeing a smooth, maneuverable ride.


Where should I use bike rack barriers?

Choose bike rack barricades for applications like these and more:

  • Events, concerts & festivals
  • Performances & theater productions
  • Construction & traffic repairs
  • Building projects
  • Hospitality venues
  • Airports & transportation hubs
  • Parking lots & garages
  • Medical facilities & hospitals
  • Colleges & schools


What if warehouse storage is not an option?

If square footage is tight or you’re transitioning between projects, outdoor storage yards may be the next-best option.

HDG galvanized steel barricades can be stored outdoors without rusting or corroding, even in rain or snow. If long-term indoor storage is unavailable, partner with a vetted barricade rental affiliate.


What Are the Different Types of Barricades?

Barricades come in various weights, foot styles, and finishes to match your budget and usage needs. Below, you’ll find a barrier guide to our top indoor and outdoor boundary options.


LightGuard Metal Barricades

LightGuard barricades are one of the industry’s most reliable, economical barrier styles. Weighing less than 40 pounds each, these barriers deploy quickly during emergencies and last-minute events or sales.

Trusted by schools, museums, libraries, retail stores, municipalities and indoor event venues, LightGuard HDG metal  barricades come in galvanized silver. Weighing just 38 pounds, they are easy to move or relocate during your event.

Products include:

  • LightGuard S-800 — 6.5 ft long. Flat feet included.
  • LightGuard S-700 — 7.5 ft long. Flat feet included.

DO use LightGuard barriers for affordable event perimeters, light-duty crowd control, efficient sales queues, and extended boundaries.

DO NOT use LightGuard barricades for heavy-duty crowd control, rowdy concert venues, or construction sites with hazardous equipment.

LightGuard Barricade Features

  • 18-galvanized steel construction for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Strong, lightweight design for easy setup and removal.
  • Hot-dipped, zinc-galvanized silver finish with all-weather corrosion resistance.
  • HDG finish that retains its attractive spangle for decades.
  • Interlocking connectors to prevent broken perimeters.
  • One-year manufacturer warranty for peace of mind.

PRO TIP: Building your crowd control inventory? Ask about LightGuard bundle deals, which include 25 HDG, lightweight metal barricades, plus a rolling cart that accommodates up to 30 barriers. Prevent crew injuries, expedite event deployment, and store equipment compactly with these quick-transport racks.


LineGuard Metal Barricades

For barricade authority without too much heft, LineGuard metal barricades can’t be beat. Secure your event and team, guide foot traffic, block off hazards, set off VIP zones, or form event boundaries.

LineGuard barricades are a robust, professional-looking choice available in traditional silver and powder-coated colors. Boost event security and command pedestrian attention with instantly recognizable safety-orange barricades. Need a more understated, sophisticated vibe? Our black VIP powder-coating classes up the red carpet.

Use high-performance LineGuard barriers for most events and public-sector projects while enjoying ease of transport and fast deployment with less labor. These barricades also come in generous lengths to restrict access along long perimeter stretches.

Products include:

  • LineGuard S-400 — 8 ft long. Choice of removable feet. Galvanized silver.
  • LineGuard S-500 — 8 ft long. Choice of removable feet. Safety-orange powder coating.
  • LineMaster S-600 — 8 ft long. Choice of removable feet. VIP-black powder coating.

DO use LineGuard barricades for most events, stadiums, arenas, hospitality venues, pedestrian crosswalks, maintenance areas, busy retail queues, and school safety environments. Equipment rental companies love our LineGuard lineup, too!

DO NOT use LineGuard barriers for high-traffic construction zones, mega-concerts or high-security dignitary details. DuraGuard barricades are well-suited to these environments and come in extra-tall sizes for enhanced safety.


LineGuard Barricade Features

  • Heavy-duty, 16-galvanized steel construction for crowd control & perimeter security.
  • Galvanized silver, orange powder-coated & black powder-coated finishes for optimal versatility.
  • Hot-zinc-dipped, galvanized finish that resists rust & retains its spangle.
  • Powder-coated finishes for versatility & durability.
  • Interlocking connectors that prevent broken perimeters.
  • One-year manufacturer warranty for peace of mind.

PRO TIP: Streamline events with our 8-foot steel barrier bundles. Aside from being a great deal, it includes 30 LineGuard S-400 barriers built from heavy-duty, interlocking steel. All bundles come with a convenient, 360°-wheeled rack for easy organization, storage and transport, too. Mobilize LineGuard barriers with less effort during events or emergencies!


DURAGUARD Metal Barricades for Super-Heavy-Duty Jobs

Engineered for max strength and durability, the DuraGuard lineup is trusted by the U.S. Secret Service. These barriers are perfect for high-security environments and potentially violent crowd settings. Get uncompromising strength and reliability for your toughest crowd-control situations.

DuraGuard isn’t the only choice on the market, but it’s the preferred premium barricade for security experts everywhere. Weighing 50 to 55 pounds per barrier, other barricades don’t match up. There is durability in every detail, from DuraGuard’s heavy-duty steel construction and extra-tough HDG finishes, to extra tall or long options.

Choose safety-orange powder coating when you need elevated safety for high-security areas. Opt for VIP-black for understated elegance for your red-carpet event.

Products include:

  • DuraGuard S-200 — 7.5 ft long. Low-profile, no-trip flat feet. Galvanized silver.
  • DuraGuard S-210 — 7.5 ft long. Low-profile, no-trip flat feet. Safety orange powder coating.
  • DuraGuard S-220 — 8 ft long. Low-profile, no-trip flat feet. VIP-black powder coating.
  • DuraGuard S-100 — 7 ft long. Low-profile, no-trip flat feet. Super-heavy barricade design for high-security details and heavy-duty crowd control.
  • DuraGuard S-300 — 8 ft long, 6 ft high. Low-profile, no-trip flat feet. Extra-tall design for high-security settings.

DO use DuraGuard barricades for most high-security environments. DuraGuard is the best choice for law enforcement, dignitary details, rowdy protests, national sports venues, amusement parks, major speaking tours, and more.

DO NOT use DuraGuard barriers for settings that don’t need this highest-performing barricade category. Choose dependable, budget-friendly barriers from our LightGuard and LineGuard lineups instead. Ask a SONCO associate for assistance.


DuraGuard Barricade Features

  • Heavy-duty, 16-galvanized steel construction for crowd control, major perimeters & high-security events.
  • 25% more steel tha