Top 5 Features of SONCO Water-Filled Barriers

Giuliano Marinho

Giuliano Marinho, July 19, 2021

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Top 5 Features of SONCO Water-Filled Barriers

5 Key Features of Plastic Jersey Barricades

When it comes to construction sites, you’ve seen it all. Every day, you come across countless fences and barriers—many of them makeshift and lacking stability or safety features. When you add water barriers to your construction or traffic line-up, you’ll benefit from the time-tested safety, visibility and durability of SONCO products. Pair these barriers with other OSHA-certified safety equipment to create fully custom solutions for crowd management and perimeter security. 

Two of today’s most popular barricade styles are concrete jerseys and water-filled plastic. While these barrier types both have their advantages, water barricades are one of the most affordable, portable solutions for your construction site, event venue or transportation project.  


Versatile Water Barrier Applications

Water-filled barriers are used for dozens of applications, from funneling high-traffic pedestrian and vehicle areas to creating high-visibility jobsite perimeters. Project managers and construction crews rely on these mobile safety products for easy setup, minimal maintenance and quick-deploy designs. They are perfect for environments like these: 

  • Construction sites
  • Parking lots
  • Traffic construction projects
  • Concerts & major events
  • Airports
  • Schools & universities 

5 Key Water Barricade Features
Water-filled barriers are agile worksite tools that are portable and easy to install, interlock, remove, drain and store. Select your high-visibility product for indoor or outdoor use and enjoy these demonstrated benefits: 

1. VISIBILITY: When it comes to safety and security, jersey barriers are used to channelize foot or vehicle traffic and provide clear consistent direction. Visibility is crucial, so SONCO’s high-viz water-filled barriers come in OSHA-approved colors like safety orange and bright white. Some barriers are also available in bright green, blue, red or yellow to attract drivers’ attention and enhance the look of any worksite. 

2. CUSTOMIZATION: If there is one thing SONCO loves to do, it’s designing custom products. We handcraft barricades with custom messaging, including logos and branding, safety reminders or sponsor and community ads.  

3. ADAPTABLE FUNCTIONALITY: Need extra fence height? Plastic water-filled barriers are quickly transformed into temporary fences when you need to extend your perimeter or increase security. Temp fence toppers fit perfectly atop SONCO water barricades and are used to enhance privacy. Add construction-grade screens and custom-printed screens to spotlight your brand or monetize your perimeter with sponsor ads.   

4. LONGEVITY: SONCO’s water-filled jersey barriers are built to last. Sure, concrete is tough—but it doesn’t age well. Our premium-grade plastic is durable enough to withstand inclement weather and general wear and tear over the years. Plus, your water barrier comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty for total peace of mind.  

5. STABILITY: Just add water for over 900 pounds of ballast and guaranteed stability. No bulging or distortion! When it is time to remove your water ballast, SONCO plastic jersey barricades have an easy-to-reach drain plug.   

Rest assured your SONCO water barriers are some of the strongest and most reliable on the market. Designed to be UV- and crack-resistant, these plastic barricades are also safety certified (FHWA MASH TL-1) as a longitudinal channelizing device (LCD) constructed from high-performance molded polyethylene.  


Water Barriers With Years of Life & Utility

There is a reason SONCO is the industry’s leading water barrier retailer. Our products take every detail into account, delivering in utility and aesthetics. Customize barricades to your exact requirements and choose from additional features like toppers, vehicle gates and more.  

Level up your worksite’s safety and security measures. Join hundreds of customers who trust SONCO barriers for their most important projects. Call 888.766.2616 or connect with online customer support today! 

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