How to Increase Yodock Barriers Power?

Andrew Hession

Andrew Hession, August 12, 2022

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How to Increase Yodock Barriers Power?

Increase Barricade Power With Careful Selection & Use

The last 20 years have seen a sharp rise in plastic Jersey barrier adoption, and for good reason. Top longitudinal channelizers like Yodock® barriers provide lightweight maneuverability for demanding traffic and construction environments. These NCHRP-350 and MASH-compliant devices deploy quickly with two people (without heavy equipment!) and ballast with water or sand for events and construction. And, since Yodock barricades are built from heavy-duty U.S. polyethylene plastics, they withstand sudden impact, frequent use, UV rays and daily demands. It’s no wonder these barricades are a favorite among operations staff, safety and project managers, estimators and venue operators.

But what if Yodock or other water-filled barriers are used improperly? It’s one thing to own the industry’s best equipment — and another to install and use it properly. When construction crews and event venues make the following mistakes while choosing or deploying water barricades, it could mean the difference between safety and injury.


MISTAKE #1: Buying an Inferior Product

To save money, contractors and venue operators sometimes:

  • Purchase cheap water-filled barricades from substandard materials.
  • Invest in second-rate products lacking Yodock’s rich feature profile.  
  • Buy water-filled barriers that are not MASH tested or don’t meet FHWA standards.

Unfortunately, this kind of bargain hunting may impact safety. That’s why discerning customers trust Yodock barriers, beginning with their hard-wearing HDPE design. This extra heavy-duty plastic lasts for years — and added UV stabilizers prevent sun damage. Because of this superior durability, our customers use them for these popular applications and more:

  • Construction & building zones
  • Highway repairs
  • Airport traffic control
  • Mega-concerts & festivals
  • Outdoor performances of all kinds

SONCO never recommends sacrificing safety for savings, but we understand our customers’ financial realities. That’s why our crowd-control pros work within your budget to create discounted Yodock barrier bundles and truckload deals. And if you need to spread out the cost of your purchase, we offer attractive payment plans and buy-now, pay-later credit terms!


Choose Yodock for Events, Traffic & Construction

  • Accepted by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)
  • Tested to Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware (MASH) standards
  • Includes the option for perfect-fit accessories — LED lights, flags, signage, fence toppers & fence screens
  • Built from high-molecular-weight, high-density plastic that delivers 4-5 times the strength of inferior water-filled barriers!
  • Interlocking design allows connected or separate use
  • Corner connectors create angled applications & perimeters
  • Safety-lighting recess for warning lights
  • Pedestrian gates allow easy access for people
  • Trusted for longitudinal channelizing & work-zone applications

MISTAKE #2: Not Ballasting or Bolting Plastic Jersey Barricades

Water-filled barricade ballasting is not needed in some situations, like light crowd control. But for most applications — from serious crowd control to secure perimeters and high-traffic zones — Yodock Jersey barriers should be filled with water/sand or bolted to the surface via ground-mounting ports.

Accidents can happen if event or construction teams set up too quickly or neglect to ballast their barriers. An unballasted water barrier’s robust appearance may give workers, drivers and pedestrians a false sense of security, leading them to overlook safety norms or drive and act carelessly. If left unweighted for roadside repairs or mega-concerts, Yodock barriers cannot stop vehicular impact, concert riots or rowdy patrons.

Be sure your crew knows when and where ballasting is required. When used correctly, ballasted Yodock barriers are one of the industry’s leading alternatives to concrete Jersey barricades.


MISTAKE #3: Failing to Plan for Weather

Even high-grade water-filled barriers can crack under the pressure of frozen water. Planning for cold weather is the best way to protect the lifespan of your Yodock investment.

To prevent accidental barricade damage, SONCO recommends mixing anti-freeze agents with your water ballast (or ballasting barriers with sand). If you’re planning winter construction or event operations, check out Yodock’s comprehensive freeze-point chart. This helpful table contains a list of everyday anti-freeze products, mixing ratios and instructions for use.

Check Yodock barriers frequently if you’re ballasting with water during hot temperatures. Over time, evaporation causes water loss, leading to a less effective barricade.


Yes! There’s a Yodock Barrier for Your Application.

Yodock barricades are ideal for a near-infinite range of applications and environments. Popular choices include:

  • Traffic & pedestrian control
  • Construction & work zones
  • Events & performances
  • Heavy crowd-control environments
  • Security checkpoints
  • Perimeter fencing
  • Parking facilities
  • Public or municipal facilities
  • Airport parking & traffic control
  • Recreation facilities & marathons
  • Waterfronts

To ensure superior barrier performance, choose the appropriate Yodock barricade for your application. Yodock comes come in various models, from standard and slimline road barriers to low-profile airport barricades. When security is a major concern, Yodock also includes a fence-topper option.

Unsure of the best Yodock barrier for your job site, concert, festival, highway repair, municipal project or security boundary? Connect with SONCO now!


Why SONCO for Yodock Barriers?

Sure, you could buy Yodock barriers from another supplier — but why? SONCO’s 4.6-star overall rating is one reason we’re the obvious choice for water-filled barriers. Trusted by 10K+ project managers and over 500 event producers, we ship Yodock barriers from the convenience of seven U.S. distribution centers. This large footprint ensures fast delivery at low freight costs!

Add Yodock barrier accessories to your safety arsenal today. As a total perimeter, traffic or crowd-control solution, these high-grade water barricades are the answer to event security, construction safety and seamless traffic flow. Ask your SONCO representative about adding fence toppers, lights, corner connectors and flags to your order, too.

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