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Since 1976, U.S. industry leader SONCO Worldwide has provided businesses with quality service and steel-strength job site, crowd control and traffic control solutions. We offer construction barriers, fence screen, OSHA signs, traffic barricades, and more, as well as custom-printed products. Shop now or learn more about SONCO.


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  1. 8 ft x 50ft Privacy Screen | 25pc Pack

    8 ft x 50ft Privacy Screen | 25pc Pack

    As low as $1,250.00 / PACK

    85% Privacy

    Offer Ends Soon

    Free Shipping

  2. Temporary Fence Panel Rack bundle w/ Base Options

    Temporary Fence Panel Rack bundle w/ Base Options

    As low as $98.87 / ea
  3. Temporary Fence Panels - Truckload Bundle

    Temporary Fence Panels - Truckload Bundle

    As low as $87.87 / ea
  4. 6ft x 4ft Versa Pedestrian Gate

    6ft x 4ft Versa Pedestrian Gate

    $127.00 / ea

    High Level Perimeter Security

    Limited Time Offer

  5. Versa Gate Panel

    Versa Gate Panel

    $167.00 / ea

    High Level Perimeter Security

    Limited Time Offer

  6. Versa Vehicle Gate Kit

    Versa Vehicle Gate Kit

    $47.99 / KIT

    High Level Perimeter Security

    Limited Time Offer

    Free Shipping

  7. Hi-Vis Bigfoot Ballast Weight | 72 Pc Pack

    Hi-Vis Bigfoot Ballast Weight | 72 Pc Pack

    As low as $1,584.00 / PALLET

    1 Year Warranty

    Free Shipping

  8. Hi-Vis Oxstand  | 100 Pc Pack

    Hi-Vis Oxstand | 100 Pc Pack

    As low as $2,000.00 / PALLET

    1 Year Warranty

    Free Shipping

  9. 1⅜" Hi-Vis OxBlock + HD Versa Fence Panel | 50 Pc Bundle

    1⅜" Hi-Vis OxBlock + HD Versa Fence Panel | 50 Pc Bundle

    $4,500.00 / BUNDLE

    High Level Perimeter Security

    Limited Time Offer

    Flat Shipping

  10. Sollage Transport Fence Racks

    Sollage Transport Fence Racks

    $980.00 / ea

    1 Year Warranty

    Heavy-Duty Steel

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Temporary Fence Solutions for Successful Events and Construction Projects

Sonco is proud to be America’s leading supplier of temporary fencing and work zone safety products. This is the all-in-one solution for a semi-permanent or temporary fence, whether hosting an upcoming event or securing a construction site. You’ll find it all right here, including innovative accessories and custom signage. The premium materials and expert craftsmanship set the industry standard, a commitment to excellence that extends to our dedicated team of experts. Give us a call today at (888) 766-2615 for special deals going on now. Our goal is always to deliver the most cost-effective perimeter security specific to your project.

Whiting-Turner puts
safety at the heart of its
business to reduce the
chance of accidents in
their job sites

For more than 100 years, Environmental, Health
and Safety (EH&S) has been at the forefront of
Whiting-Turner's culture, a dedicated moral
commitment to providing a safe and secure
setting across all levels of WT's operations.

Barricades examples
Barricades examples
Barricades examples
Barricades examples

How Sonco's safety signs increase
job site safety while meeting osha
compliance at whiting-turner job

Best Temporary Fence Selection Online

The temporary fence panels for sale at Sonco ensure your event or construction site is well protected. Choose a fence solution to limit any injuries, all while improving the aesthetic of the event or job site. Sonco’s wide selection of temporary fence options includes standard or round top, heavy-duty, and many more. We also carry a variety of accessories to secure fencing perimeters of all shapes and sizes. No matter how minimal or complex your needs may be, the Sonco Perimeter Security products are designed to meet your needs, exceed your expectations, and fit within any budget.

Range of Chain Link Temp Fence Products

Assure the safety of your concert venue, construction site, sports stadium, school, retail area, or any other type of space with the right type of barriers. SONCO manufactures the best in steel, plastic, and aluminum barricades for foot and vehicle traffic. We don’t just make the products, our team consists of experts in crowd control and perimeter security. Give us a call for help choosing the right safety barricade for your application. We’ll work with you to formulate the best system to make your job easier, all while finding every way we can to save you as much money as possible.

The Most Reliable Temporary Fence Panels on the Market

Made of 16 gauge steel and crafted to the highest construction standards, Sonco temporary fence panels outlast the alternatives. They’re durable and effective enough to control the largest crowds. The extra six inches of uprights add extra freedom for use with stands or blocks. And the temporary fence panel connectors are quick and intuitive to deploy – without sacrificing an ounce of security. Sonco temporary fence panels are the industry standard for good reason. They’re optimized for storage and transportation, offered in bundle deals for extra savings, and guarantee the highest levels of safety and security.

Fence Toppers Maximize Roadside Safety and Privacy

Roadwork and roadside construction sites require additional, high-impact safety measures. That’s where the Sonco water-filled barriers come into play, the perfect alternative to concrete jersey barriers. Fill and empty on-site, set up fast, and up its effectiveness with Sonco chain link fence toppers. Fence toppers create distraction-free privacy that facilitates safe, high-visibility navigation for oncoming traffic. Further, fence topper screens can block wind, dust, and debris. At Sonco, you can bundle it all together for huge discounts.

Made-to-Order Temporary Fence Gates for Vehicles or People

Partner with Sonco Perimeter Security for the complete temporary fence solution. This means temp fence systems designed specifically for your event or job site. For easier staff or VIP access, we’ll build you as many gates as you need, specific to your needs. The made-to-order products still correspond with our price match guarantee, and certain bundle deals can mean vehicle and man gates for the same cost as a standard panel. No two events or job sites are the same, so we made sure our temporary fence solution wasn’t cookie-cutter either.

Fortress Portable Fence® is Exclusive to Sonco Clients

Sonco’s proprietary Fortress Portable Fence® is designed for the toughest in perimeter security. This is the preferred temporary fence for protecting sensitive and valuable assets. The anti-scale design incorporates a welded panel of steel mesh that serves as a powerful deterrent. The hot-dipped galvanized finish brings the temp fence to a whole new level of durability, and the heavy-duty steel plates ensure unmatched stability. Not every event or construction site requires a Fortress®. But when it is needed, this is the temporary fence you want protecting your property.

Clamps to Quickly and Securely Connect Your Temporary Fence Panels

Create secure, uninterrupted temporary fence paneling with clamps and bolts that hold strong for repeated usage. An optional addition to the temporary fence panels for sale at Sonco, panel clamps make it easy to connect each piece into any shape imaginable. The single bolt and intuitive design mean a minimal amount of additional work during deployment.

Extremely Durable and Weather Resistant

A temporary fence from Sonco means industry-leading craftsmanship on premium steel. The result: the industry’s most durable, longest-lasting temporary fence panel. The chain link and bars stand up to every crowd and all types of weather for years. Take them in and out of storage, or leave them in place for extended periods of time. Either way, you can always rely on a Sonco temporary fence to get the job done.

Most Competitive Prices Online

The price-match guarantee at Sonco Perimeter Security means you always have access to the industry’s most trusted brand. We make sure to keep our prices as competitive as possible, but if you do find a better deal, let us know and we’ll match it. For additional flexibility, Sonco offers lines of credit that allows you to pay net 30 on purchases.

Truckload and Pallet Bundle Deals

While each of the temporary fence options is competitively priced, the bundle deals are where you receive the biggest savings. Whether by the truckload or pallets, temporary fence panels for sale at Sonco become less and less expensive the more you buy. They also stack conveniently for fast and easy transport and storage. Included in the bundle deals are metal tube stands, OxBlocks, or OxStands. We’ll even bring you the truckload with free shipping. In the end, we’ll make sure you receive the most cost-efficient temporary fence system money can buy. For any temporary fencing sales going on now, give us a call at (888) 766-2615.

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Explore the Sonco Store with Ease

The selection of temporary fence barriers at Sonco covers every need. It’s why we optimized the site using a few different filter features to make your search more convenient. On the left, you can click specific heights, lengths, price ranges, and beyond. Each product page provides more detailed information on each item, and you can download a brochure for a printable look at the stats and features. While our industry experts are always on-call to help you figure out the best approach, we also make it easy to build your temporary fence system directly on our website.

Expert Advice on Temporary Fence Systems

Sonco’s team of industry insiders pull from over four decades of experience to bring you the best advice – for free. Before you make any commitments, we’ll work with you to formulate the most cost-effective approach – while helping you facilitate a long-term investment. Our goal is to make your job easier. From saving you money to identifying any add-ons that will boost your success, Sonco is the ultimate partner in perimeter security.

Industry-Leading Temporary Fence Blocks, Weights, and Stands

Temporary fence installation does not require driving anything into the ground or digging post holes. Instead, you simply stand them where they need to be and get on to the next task. But a movable fence doesn’t mean it’s ineffective. On the contrary, the height and durability combine with the stability of Sonco stands, blocks, and weights for a level of crowd control comparable to permanent fencing.

Replace Sandbags and Cement Blocks

The standard steel tube stand for your temporary fence stays put with the BigFoot sandbag replacement weight. The optional high-visibility details and sloped edges boost pedestrian and worker safety. And the extreme durability means it will outlast any sandbag a hundredfold. The low profile OxStand or the high-visibility OxBlock stand in for both the stand and the cement block. Which you choose depends on your preference, and you can mix and match depending on your needs.

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Bundle Temporary Fencing and Stands for Unbeatable Savings

The temporary fence truckload and rack bundle deals at Sonco include stands and hardware. But we know the numbers are likely not to align with your needs to a T. We’ll work with you to create a custom bundle deal that includes everything you need. Take a look at the truckload or rack bundles to get a sense of the cost savings you can expect. Get your complete chain link temporary fence system at once, and we’ll have it to you fast. We even do temporary fence installation, just ask!

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Custom Privacy Screens for Construction Site Fencing

Improve privacy and security while adding aesthetic appeal. Sonco’s high-durability screens for temporary fencing are ideal for any construction project, effectively blocking dust, wind, and debris. These are field-tested and expert-approved as the best of the best. You have your choice between a handful of different colors. You can also customize your opacity if 85% won’t cut it, or you want something more transparent. Choose from a variety of roll sizes as well. Once you place your order, Sonco’s sister printing company uses the longest-lasting materials and dyes for reliability on par with the metal temporary fence itself. The result is better protection, increased privacy, and the look you envisioned.

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Custom Fence Screens for Advertising

You can work directly with the Sonco in-house design team to develop the most impactful custom fence screens possible. Free of charge, they’ll send you design proofs and mock-up what they’ll look like on-site so you can see firsthand the difference these screens can make. If you already have files ready for printing, send them our way at no additional charge. If they’re not sized perfectly, we can render them to perfection for you. Rather than outsource a single part of the custom temporary fence screen production, we even do our own printing. That means everything, from the initial design proofs to installation, is streamlined by the industry’s most trusted folks – all but eliminating the chance for error and giving clients total peace of mind.

Create Ad Revenue

A temporary fence for a rental house is an opportunity to advertise other available properties. A wall of chain link temporary fencing can be rented out to third-party advertisers looking to appeal to foot and vehicle traffic. In fact, almost any type of perimeter security is a chance to create new streams of revenue. For event managers, new avenues for sponsorship are always on the radar. The more you can cover upfront costs, the more you profit. Combined with Sonco’s line of credit that gives you the freedom to buy now and pay later, it’s a great way to get out ahead. But many job sites overlook this chance for extra revenue streams. With a custom screen, a temporary fence becomes an investment that goes beyond effective perimeter security.

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Raise Brand Awareness

Free advertising space is a great chance to let passersby know about your products and services. A custom screen turns your temporary fence screen into a brand awareness campaign that’s sure to generate some serious interest. Whether something as simple as your logo or a headline, unique design, and call to action, Sonco’s in-house design team can make your company unmissable. Since Sonco temporary fence screens are made to last, having branded perimeters for all your projects, current and future, maintains your presence around town. When someone is looking for whatever you’re offering, they know who to call: you. The same goes for event management. A custom fence screen can raise awareness for a cause, create an immersive atmosphere, and direct people to exhibits or concessions.

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Tease What’s Coming Soon

A construction project, job site, or remodel isn’t just a job, it’s the promise of something new and exciting on the horizon. You know what makes up for temporary fence barriers in a shopping mall? Seeing that it’s the future home of an upcoming store or restaurant. Do they have to cross the street because the sidewalk is closed? Maybe they’ll forget about the inconvenience when the fence screen gives them a glimpse of the gym opening soon. The beauty of an in-house design team and printing department is that we can say with full confidence that we’re the complete temporary fence solution. Whatever you have in mind for optimizing your perimeter security with custom signage, we’ll surpass your expectations.

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Custom OSHA Safety Signs for Safer Job Sites

Sized for fence toppers or full-sized temporary fencing, a custom OSHA safety sign from Sonco improves workplace safety while increasing productivity. Instead of having a collage of outdated safety signs, we’ll create one, fluid presentation of every warning and notification. It’s easier to look at and process, and you no longer have to keep track of each individual sign. Your Sonco temporary fence was designed for both pedestrian and worker safety. Take it to the next level with an OSHA compliant, long-lasting safety sign that’s incredibly easy to transport and store.

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