Exclusive Offer - 25% Savings: 6’ x 10’ Inline Standard Fence Panel


This offer was built thinking about customers who buy in large quantities or who are thinking about starting a rental business and could use a little help to build an inventory of temporary fence.

Use Inline chain link temporary fence panels and fence accessories to secure your construction site or to establish a perimeter for special events. SONCO is the national preferred supplier of high-quality temporary fence panels. 




Unlock the Financial Advantages of the Truckload Bundle



Cost Savings:

Significant savings compared to purchasing individual panels. Plus, FREE SHIPPING.



Convenience and Efficiency:

Eliminate the hassle of repeatedly sourcing and ordering panels. Save time in the procurement process.




Sturdy construction ensures a viable lifespan. Plus, the rack improves storage and transportation protecting your investment.



Scalability and Inventory:

Accommodate larger projects or expand operations without worrying about the availability of sufficient fencing materials.



Bundle Up and Save Big:


Our Bundle includes a set of high-quality fence, accessories and fence rack that significantly improves storage and transportation, protecting your investment, making your fences last much longer. See them below:



Panels: 6ft x 10ft | 1-3/8” 16ga Frame with 2-¼ x 11.5ga Chain link.



Metal Tube Stands: Tube OD of 1-3/in with solid reinforced uprights.



Saddle Clamps and Carriage Bolts with Nut: 1-3/8” x 1-3/8 and 5/16’ x 2-1/2”.




Boost Your Bundle with Accessories & More Temp Fence Upgrades

Reinforce the accessibility and safety of your perimeter. Chain link gates make it easier to monitor safe, authorized entry. We offer a variety of fence gates for pedestrian and vehicle entry. Click here to learn more.



Enhance Jobsite Safety and Privacy with Fence Screen!

Take your Temp Fence Bundle to the next level by incorporating our durable fence screen. Increase safety and privacy at your jobsite by creating a secure environment that shields your site from prying eyes. Elevate your jobsite with this valuable addition!





Versa Chain-Link Panels for Temp Fence Projects

Meet SONCO’s tallest and most rugged chain-link panels — popular for construction sites, major event venues, building projects and dozens of other applications.

Laced Chain-Link: Temp Fence for the Long Haul

Rising costs stretch every budget in today’s inflationary environment, casting doubt on previous hopes of a “reasonable” ROI.


Can I pick up my order?

Most items are available for pick up trough appointment widows.

What is the delivery lead time?
Delivery times are included in the product page. Times are estimated for deliveries to commercial addresses and subject to change if any delays during transit with freight carriers outside of our control. If you need guaranteed freight for s specific date and time, please contact us. Deliveries made via Flat Bed shipping requires forklift to unload from the sides. LTL shipment requires a loading dock and forklift to unload.
Do you offer discounts for Distributors?

We do offer reseller discounts based on volume, please contact us at sales@soncostore.com for more information.

Is there an expedited shipping?

We can run multiple shipping options for you to compare price and delivery date. If you need your order by or on a specific date just let us know.

Do I have to pay sales tax?

We collect sales tax in the following states: CA, TX, WS, MO, TX, FL, PA, OH, MD, DC, MA, NY, NJ, IN. If have a tax exempt or have a valid tax exempt or reseller certificate we will refund the tax charges, if you buy online, or you can request a quote already without tax included.

Where are you located?

Click here to see all our warehouse locations.

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