6’ x 12’ Versa Chain-Link Temp Fence Panel

Model# SSTP7212

6ft chain link fence panels in longer length cross-braced for additional support and strength. The extra 6’ leg extension allows it to be used in multiple orientations.
Weight54 lbs.
Length12 ft.
Height6 ft.
ApplicationTemp Fencing
FinishPre-Galvanized (Zinc Treated)
Base TypeOptional
Tube OD1-3/8 in.
Gauge16 ga
Ships in 2 business days
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$125 00/ ea
$155 00
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6x12 Versa Chain-Link Fence Panel


Versa 6 ft chain link fence panels now come in 12 ft lengths. Quickly create uninterrupted perimeters on large projects. Vertical and horizontal cross-bracing with thick wire laced on all sides make them the preferred choice of professional contractors and rental companies nationwide.




Strength and Versatility: The Power of Versa Panels



Pre-Galvanized and zinc finish for lasting strength



6” tall panels for heightened security



Versa technology that performs with easy versatility 



Cross-bracing bars for extra fence strength and stability 




Discover the Functionality of the Versa Panel

Simply flip Versa’s extended side up for low-set perimeters with little ground-level clearance. Rotate extended side down and use with Anchor Bases.



Enhance Your Chain-Link Fence Panel: Braces, Bundles, and More!



Storage Racks

Storing and transporting your Versa panels have never been simpler with our rack options.



Fence Gates

SONCO’s gate panels offer smooth pedestrian access points, and with our kits, they can be effortlessly transformed into rolling gates for vehicles. 



Fence Bracing

Easy-to-install braces offer added strength and stability against both winds and large gatherings.



Fence Screens

Boost security and reduce potential harm and debri by incorporating windscreen barriers.



Bulk Options

Establish a premium stock in no time with our expansive truckload bundles.




Beyond Business: The North Coast Rental Story 

Dive into the experiences shared by North Coast Event Services, a valued partner since 2017. They highlight SONCO's timely deliveries, superior product standards, and the expert guidance that elevates them above the competition. 




Convert gate panels into rolling gates for easy, damage-free vehicle access. Additionally add safety signs for added safety and make sure your jobsite is in compliance.




Our Anchor Block, Anchor Weight, and Anchor Stands bases bring vivid visibility, stability, and safety to boundary lines, eliminating the need for messy sandbags, fragile concrete blocks and rusty tube stands.




Temporary Fence Panels: Security Use

Temporary fences supply affordable, easy-install perimeter security for worksites, event venues, and arenas. 

This Temp Fence Rack Extends Fence Panel Life | SONCO

When SONCO requests honest feedback from construction teams and fence rental providers, a couple of concerns always top the list.

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