Industrial Offset Gate Hinge

Model# IOHB

Constructed from highly durable malleable steel, the Industrial Offset Hinge is a chain link fence fitting that is designed to attach to a gate frame.
MaterialMalleable Steel with Galvanized Finish
Units (per Bag)2 - 1/2”: 12
3”: 12
4”: 12
6 – 5/8”: 4
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Chain Link Industrial Offset Hinge for Smooth Gate Swinging

Made of highly durable malleable steel, the Chain Link Industrial Offset Gate Hinge is designed for use with chain link fence gates. It attaches to a gate frame and works in conjunction with the post hinge to ensure smooth and reliable swinging of the gate. The hinge is compatible with four different gate pole sizes and has a galvanized finish that makes it resistant to rust.

Two U-shaped bolts securely attach the hinge to the gate frame, while a single heavy-duty bolt attaches it to the post. The gate hinge has a 180° Offset functioning with post hinge, allowing the gate to swing. It’s also easy to Install and is made with galvanized finish that protects against rust.






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