Temporary Fence Panel Extender

Model# TPLE138

Enhance your temp fencing with the versatile Panel Extender. Temp fence extenders lengthen your panel’s frame, enabling streamlined use of block base. Minimum order of 50 units.
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Temporary Fence Panel Extender: Lengthen Frame and Connect with Block Base


Achieve enhanced functionality and versatility with the Temporary Fence Panel Extender. Designed to seamlessly integrate with all SONCO chain-link panels and the Anchor Block base, this innovative accessory enables effortless extension of your panel’s frame.

Crafted from durable steel pipe, it features a tapered end for easy and secure insertion into any chain-link panel and fits with ease and safety into the anchor block. Whether you require a temporary solution or a long-term fencing setup, these extenders can be used on the go or welded onto the fencing structure.




Discover the Benefits of the Temporary Fence Panel Extender



Easy Extension: Extend the frame of your panel, adding length and flexibility to your fencing setup.



Streamlined Installation: Secure and seamless insertion into the panel and fit securely into Anchor Blocks.



Compatibility: Compatible with chain-link panels and to fence bases, easily integrated into your existing fencing system.



Versatile Usage: For temporary or long-term fencing setup.



Enhance Your Temporary Fencing with the Versatile Temporary Fence Panel Extender

Experience the benefits of added flexibility and stability in your temporary fence configurations with the panel extender. Not only does it perfectly complement all SONCO chain-link panels, but it also seamlessly fits into Anchor Block and other fence bases, ensuring a secure and reliable installation. 



Enhance the Stability of Your Temporary Fence with Fence Bracing

Looking to maximize the stability and durability of your temporary fence? Add your Temporary Fence Panel Extender connect to the Anchor Block with Fence Bracing for unbeatable reinforcement.

While the Temporary Fence Panel Extender extends the length of your panels, Fence Bracing adds an extra layer of support to ensure your fence remains sturdy even in challenging conditions. By connecting the braces to your fence posts and panels, you create a robust framework that withstands strong winds, uneven terrain, and potential impacts.





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Portability and easy reconfiguration make temporary fencing an invaluable asset — and a major liability when one or more panels fail.


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