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Since 1976, U.S. industry leader SONCO Worldwide has provided businesses with quality service and steel-strength job site, crowd control and traffic control solutions. We offer construction barriers, fence screen, OSHA signs, traffic barricades, and more, as well as custom-printed products. Shop now or learn more about SONCO.


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  1. Stainless Steel Ball Top Stanchion Kit with 6’L Velour Rope & Dome Base

    Stainless Steel Ball Top Stanchion Kit with 6’L Velour Rope & Dome Base

    As low as $168.00 / ea

    Free Shipping

  2. Stainless Steel Flat Top Stanchion Kit with 6'L Velour Rope & Dome Base

    Stainless Steel Flat Top Stanchion Kit with 6'L Velour Rope & Dome Base

    As low as $168.00 / ea

    Free Shipping

  3. Stanchion Signs

    Stanchion Signs

    As low as $23.00 / ea

    Free Shipping

  4. Standard Sign Frames

    Standard Sign Frames

    As low as $38.00 / ea

    Free Shipping

  5. ChainBoss Stanchion Kit

    ChainBoss Stanchion Kit

    As low as $88.98 / ea

    Outdoor Use

  6. QueuePro 200

    QueuePro 200

    As low as $107.00 / ea

    Free Shipping

  7. SafetyMaster


    As low as $61.95 / ea

    Free Shipping

  8. WeatherMaster 250

    WeatherMaster 250

    As low as $97.00 / ea

    Outdoor Use

  9. RollerPro 250

    RollerPro 250

    As low as $109.99 / ea

    Free Shipping

  10. SafetyPro 250 Twin - 40" Post with Two (2) Retractable Belts

    SafetyPro 250 Twin - 40" Post with Two (2) Retractable Belts

    As low as $200.00 / ea

    Free Shipping

  11. ConePro 600 - (EXTRA LENGTH) Retractable Belt

    ConePro 600 - (EXTRA LENGTH) Retractable Belt

    As low as $62.00 / ea

    Free Shipping

  12. ConePro 500  - Retractable Belt for Construction Cones

    ConePro 500 - Retractable Belt for Construction Cones

    As low as $39.00 / ea

    Free Shipping

  13. QueuePro 250 Xtra

    QueuePro 250 Xtra

    As low as $107.00 / ea

    Free Shipping

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The Best Selection of Stanchion and Posts on the Market – Plus Free Shipping

Crowd control stanchion ropes and posts are the ideal method of directing pedestrian foot traffic and organizing lines for service. Sonco offers several types of rope stanchions and retractable-belt stanchion posts in a wide range of materials, colors, and finishes. The variety of choices and freedom to customize without limits make stanchion products from Sonco ideal for any industry, from hospitality and retail to sports and events. Easily find the items that fit your exact needs, enjoy the best prices on the market, and get it all shipped to you for free. The most exciting aspect of a Sonco stanchion is the versatility. Here, stanchion and posts are developed for specific purposes, from outdoor longevity to adaptable, retractable indoor belt barriers. The various accessories include custom signs, literature holders, custom printed wraps, and carts for easier transportation and storage. It’s all under one roof at Sonco, with products made in American factories as well as in-house design and printing teams and a host of industry experts. For deals going on right now, call us today at (888) 766-2615.

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What Is a Stanchion?

A stanchion is a post or wall mount with a removable or built-in belt, chain, or rope that directs foot traffic or creates line queues. Stanchions are used within many industries, making the leading stanchion providers those offering different options specific to the customer’s needs and goals. For example, a velvet rope and stanchion bundle makes more sense for theater stanchions, while an 18-pack of retractable belt stanchions with a transport cart is likely ideal for an airport. The stanchions for sale at Sonco were developed with every possible goal in mind. Beyond variety, the premium materials used make each option a long-term investment, while the competitive prices are simply unbeatable. With all that plus free shipping and complimentary expert advice, and you’ll quickly see why Sonco is the industry leader in stanchion products across niches. Looking to make your job easier, save money, and avoid faulty products? Request a quote today.

What are Stanchions Used For?

A stanchion is used for one primary application: organization. This can mean creating a line, denoting separate entry and exit points, sectioning off certain areas, and beyond. Stanchion ropes and posts work just as well for directing fast-moving foot traffic as they do denoting a specific area for staying put (like a VIP section or bar). Stanchion posts are also popular places for marketing materials or impulse products. As you browse stanchions for sale at Sonco, consider the impact of custom signs or brochure holders. While the customer is waiting in line, you can offer them merchandise atop a stanchion to encourage last minute purchases. Compared to stage barriers and construction barricades, a stanchion is a much less security-oriented crowd control product. Instead, they’re simply an opportunity to improve the customer experience while heightening the aesthetic of your space. The following are common applications for crowd control stanchions and accessories:

  • Restaurants, bakeries, and other eateries
  • Galleries and exhibitions
  • Movie and stage theaters
  • Museums
  • Banks
  • Airports
  • Service or checkout lines in the hospitality and retail industries

Explore the Custom Stanchion Options at Sonco

Crowd control stanchions that ensure your setup is straightforward. Theater stanchions that encapsulate the magic of big screen or on-stage entertainment. Event stanchions that keep people moving so they can get to the excitement without getting lost. A stanchion from Sonco doesn’t just get the job done, it helps boost your ongoing success. When visitors are happy, your staff’s jobs are easier, and you’re saving money, everyone is happy – and that makes us happy. You’ll notice that the stanchions for sale at Sonco extend to bundle packages that were developed by request of industry insiders. These are standard deals that can make building your stanchion system easier. However, in the same way that we can customize your posts, belts, ropes, and chains, we can personalize a bundle too. Below are overviews of the different options, but give us a call for expert advice on utilizing what’s available to get the most out of your purchase.

Classic Stanchion Posts for Sale at Sonco

Sonco’s classic rope stanchions are made to accommodate any business, developed and delivered with the features you look for. You can also buy ropes and posts separately, as well as order signage for existing stanchions. Each metal stanchion post has a round, weighted base for improved stability. The high-density polyethylene stanchions boast simple tops that screw off and on so you can easily slide in the desired length of chain. And being able to choose between fixed or removable ropes give you the choice between superior strength or portability, respectively. Further, the ropes can be ordered in various materials to create a casual or high-end look. From the appearance of velvet to the approachable plastic chains and everything between, you can find it all right among the stanchions for sale at the Sonco store.

Longest-Lasting Retractable Belt Barriers Online

Stanchions with retractable belts are totally customizable at Sonco. Whether controlled or directed areas, you can create seamless stanchion systems that fit perfectly with your aesthetic. Because the belts are replaceable, you can mix and match specific to your layout. The stanchions are available in different, premium finishes that are budget-friendly and last for years. The retractable belts are available in different colors and can even be branded with your logo or another design. They too are also crafted using the highest-quality materials to ensure both the stanchions and belts stand up to the most demanding environments. Other features include a safe retracting mechanism, as well as double belted designs for maximum control. Further, the rubber floor protector beneath each base protects both your floor and the stanchion itself.

Retractable Wall Mounts That Stay Secure

Similar to (and compatible with) stanchions with retractable belts, the wall mount version eliminates the need for a floor standing post. These are a great option for completing uninterrupted stanchion systems. For areas like a cash register queue, you can install retractable wall mounts to the checkout stand so your ropes lead customer right to the cashier. They’re also a favorite choice for elevators and narrow hallways. Sonco’s proprietary WallPro and WallMaster series of products are built to last in both indoor and outdoor use. They can’t be bumped by a shopping cart. The three different belt sizes safely retract all the way into the mount for instant storage. They stay secured to the wall for years. And the wide range of colors for both the belt and mount make them an ideal addition in any surrounding.

Boost Revenue and Brand Awareness with Stanchion Accessories and Merchandising Products

Sonco offers various accessories to accompany the stanchion posts for sale. These were developed to give you new opportunities to monetize at extremely affordable rates. The writing table is a great addition to the queue at banks and postal services, and serves as a barrier in and of itself. The two or four pocket literature holders can also facilitate customer engagement with brochures and coupons. As a Sonco partner, you’ll have access to an in-house design team and printing department for all your signage needs, including custom stanchion signs. And the clear, durable poly-carbonate stanchion bowl is large to reduce restocking and hyper-effective at moving merchandise. While the customer queues, they’ll have a selection of small items they can toss in their cart on their way to the register. And when you consider the cost-to-benefit ratio, a merchandising bowl is an easy choice.

Where Can I Buy Stanchions?

Sonco is an industry-leading supplier of crowd control products. These include high-impact water filled barriers for protection against highway traffic, barricade systems for superior perimeter security, temp fencing for construction privacy, and stanchions for line queuing and creating designated areas. Across every category, our commitment to excellence has remained consistent since 1976. We focus on durability, aesthetic appeal, state-of-the-art features, and competitive prices that guarantee a Sonco stanchion is a cut above the rest. By covering every possible application, setting, and industry, Sonco offers crowd control solutions designed to anticipate needs. From full customization to American-made quality, you know you know you’re getting the most reliable products on the market. Give our experts a call today for free advice on stanchion posts, mounts, and accessories ideal for your layout. We pull from decades of hands-on experience to help you take your crowd control to new heights.

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Sonco Is the Leading Stanchion Supplier for Every Industry

As the industry-leading crowd control and perimeter security company, Sonco is the go-to choice for sectors like hospitality and retail, venues and arenas, sports, and education. Some of the world’s most renowned organizations rely on our products for the safety and organization of visitors and staff, including stanchion posts and belts and related accessories. In fact, it’s highly likely that you’ve stood in a line formed within Sonco stanchions. Even within the same industry, different businesses have different needs. That’s why the stanchions for sale at Sonco are developed for universally-sought features as well as total customization. Our expert team also has experience working with folks in your industry, putting us in a great position to help you develop the most effective stanchion setup.

Stanchions Designed for the Utmost in Hospitality

Our expertise in the hospitality industry extends to hotels, casinos, airports, restaurants, bakeries, retail stores, and beyond. We develop our products to be both inviting to the customer and approachable to your employees. Each stanchion is designed for easy transportation and storage while keeping crowds contained when deployed. The bundle deals bring the prices down considerably, and can include a transportation cart to more safely and quickly setup and break down your stanchions. The ideal event stanchions are those you can break out again and again. On top of posts with unmatched structural integrity, the belts are fade resistant, staying vibrant after repeated usage. And, no matter how big or small your order, all stanchion posts for sale as well as ropes, chains, belts, mounts, and other accessories ship for free.

Venues and Arenas Function Best with Sonco Stanchion Posts

The great thing about stanchions compared to other crowd control equipment is just how effortlessly you can adapt to crowd size. When you run a venue or arena, you host a wide range of events, making a versatile stanchion a necessity. With Sonco retractable belt barriers, you can adjust queue lines in real time. Staff are able to keep the lines moving in the most customer-friendly way possible, as well as set up additional queue space when the crowd grows larger. The notches on stanchion posts are all compatible, and feature three notches for 360-degree adaptability. The same is true for the rope and chain loops, inviting you to set up a retractable belt line at the entrance (they’re ideal for indoor and outdoor use) while utilizing a stanchion ropes and posts for interior queues.

Stanchions That Get Sports Fans Where They Need to Go

From MetLife Stadium to the DAYTONA race track, Sonco’s crowd control products and custom signage are used to elevate sports venues across the industry. Whether a community race to raise money for a good cause or the beer line at an arena, a Sonco stanchion is the most affordable way to get the job done. Choose from a wide range of lengths and colors, or reach out to our team to put our in-house designers to work creating something wholly unique to your venue, team, or event. Finding stanchions for sale shouldn’t feel like running a marathon, but they should be prime options for marathon crowd control.

School and University Campuses Can Depend on Sonco Stanchions

Put your team’s colors on full display while the supporters queue up for the festivities. Whether for sporting events, academic competitions, speeches, performances, or any occasion imaginable, custom stanchion ropes and posts or retractable belts keep things orderly – so they can get to the fun without a hitch. Your job is tough enough. Team up with the experts at Sonco, ready to make your job easier by getting you exactly what you need for the market’s best prices. A stanchion from Sonco is guaranteed to live up to our reputation for unbeatable quality at excellent rates. Request a quote or give us a call today for total peace of mind:

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