4 ft x 50 ft Privacy Screen


3 ft 8 in x 50ft Green privacy Fence Screen Netting Mesh with Reinforced Grommet for Chain link Fence

• 1 Year manufacturer warranty.
• Ships via Flatbed Truck 5-7 business days from order to delivery.
• Give us a call for faster delivery or pick-up options.

Weight7 lbs.
FinishH&G every 24 in.
ApplicationWorksite Safety
Screen Height4 ft (3 ft. 8 in)
Length50 ft.
Fabric Type130 GSM HDPE
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SONCO Fence Screens - The Perfect Combination of Privacy and Airflow

SONCO chain link privacy screen blocks 85% of sun, wind, and dust for a cleaner, more secure yard or worksite. Add more privacy to any space with sturdy, cost-effective fence coverings that resist damage and fading for up to five years. For breathable coverage that stays put, look no further than SONCO.

Windscreens Built to Withstand Tough Environments

Our 4-foot-high fence screen in polyethylene mesh vinyl features sealed, hemmed edges that lay flat and stay secure with simple, proper installation. Metal grommets and weather-resistant fabric finish protect your investment through beating sunlight, high winds, and more.

  • Each roll is 50 ft long and 4 ft high
  • 85% closed knitted polyethylene
  • Tensile strength: 300 x 205 N/5cm
  • Tear strength: 300 x 300 N/5cm



Metal grommets every 24 inches


Minimum 10 rolls per order


Reinforced hems

Strengthen Security with Chain Link Privacy Fence Screen

If you’re managing an event or project, privacy screen controls access to hazardous or private areas. Bystanders are discouraged from loitering near sites or distracting workers who are performing critical tasks. Plus, equipment and materials kept out of sight are less likely to attract the attention of criminals casing their next target.

More Features You Need:

  • Each roll is approximately 7 lbs. for easy storage and transport
  • 3-5 year expected lifespan
  • Designed for all 4 ft. chain link fences as well as the SAFEGUARD 36 water barriers and VERSA Fence Toppers
  • Optional air vents
  • Lead-free materials

A Smart Investment for Various Applications

Chain link fence privacy screen is a well-known way to keep sites contained and deter crime at the same time. Materials and tools clearly visible from outside your perimeter can attract thieves and vandals. It also creates visual clutter that neighboring homes and businesses don’t care for. If you want fewer worksite distractions, complaints, and losses, fence screen is a great place to start. With quality windscreen, you can:

  • Preserve aesthetic value and keep projects from becoming an eyesore
  • Keep company assets safe under cover, deterring crime
  • Direct pedestrians away from your zone in crowded areas
  • Hide areas undergoing renovation or repair until their big reveal