6 - Pocket Contrast Mesh Vest

Model# KS124

Ultra-Cool™ poly mesh allows airflow for comfort with solid pockets to keep necessities secure.

Ultra-Cool™ poly mesh allows airflow for comfort with solid pockets to keep necessities secure.

TypeSafety Vests
ANSI RatingType R Class 3
Pockets6 Pockets
Closure TypeZipper
Reflective Material2" wide
MaterialUltra-Cool™ 100% Polyester Mesh
Sleeve LengthShort Sleeve
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The High-Visibility Safety Vest That Never Quits


A safety vest’s chief purpose is alerting nearby parties of the worker’s presence at the site. SONCO’s 6-Pocket Contrast Mesh Safety Vest by Kishigo accomplishes this easily with bright neon colors and wide, can’t-miss reflective strips.

Eliminate back-and-forth trips for small essentials with ample pockets. Skip stifling material and choose a safety vest that supports workers 24/7 in a variety of tough visibility conditions and hot temperatures.



Key Advantages of SONCO Safety Vest 


Six solid pockets, including inner pockets and a radio pocket


 ANSI 107 Type R



 Class 3 Compliant



 Cooling, breathable mesh material



 Grommets for lanyards or tool keepers



 Durable zipper closure




Breathable Workwear Everyone Can See

Evening hours, poor weather, and busy environments impede visibility. Protect employees with safety wear that works. The 6-Pocket Contrast Mesh Safety Vest comes in lime green or orange-dominant colors with ample reflective tape.

Ultra-Cool™ poly mesh allows airflow for comfort with solid pockets to keep necessities secure.



Safety Vests Protect More Than the Wearers

The most practical and obvious application of a safety vest is to alert others (usually drivers) that a worker is near traffic. More than that, the hi-viz safety vest is for professionals who look out for the safety of others.



Construction workers labor day and night to keep roads smooth and navigable. Police officers and firefighters clear and secure public areas.

Even the school crossing guard is protecting children as much as they are themselves when they make sure to wear the appropriate safety clothing to work. Always meet visibility requirements and avoid accidents with up-todate, high-quality safety vests.





Traffic Safety Compliance Saves Lives. SONCO Can Help.

According to the National Safety Council (NSC), 2020 marked a 16-year high in work-zone crashes. The year saw 102,000 accidents, which claimed the lives of 857 people and injured an additional 44,240. For highway managers and road construction teams, safety protocols and risk mitigation are full-time jobs.



What Are the Best Traffic Control Barricades in Use Today?

Traffic control is challenging, whether you’re setting up a construction zone or a high-traffic event. Finding the proper traffic control barricade ensures worker, driver and pedestrian safety. Barricades redirect traffic, block roads or walkways and make drivers and pedestrians aware of off-limit areas.

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