Fortress™ Anti-Scale Security Fence:
Unbeatable Strength for Perimeter Protection


The Fortress™ Anti-scale Portable Security Fence is unmatched in strength among portable fences available today and is engineered to meet the demands of modern perimeter security projects.

The fence panels, measuring 8’x8’ , feature a welded steel mesh design that is affixed to horizontal cross members, resulting in a highly durable and incredibly effective deterrent. To enhance stability, each panel is supported by two heavy-duty steel plates.




Meet The Power of The Anti-Scale Fence


Anti-Climb Security
Anti-climb design that creates a formidable barrier that deters and delays potential intruders by making it difficult for them to gain a foothold.

Welded Strength
Pickets and rails continuously welded providing a sturdy and secure temp fence that withstands increased resistance.


Extra Stong Base
Redesigned fence base, providing added stability and security. Crafted from high-quality galvanized steel, this base endures heavy impacts, ensuring your temporary fence remains firmly in place.

Powder Coated
The pre-galvanized steel base material undergoes an 11-stage preparation process to receive a dual top-coat finish, known as PermaCoat Powder Coating.



SONCO Non-Scalable Fence: Unmatched Security and Stability for Temporary Fencing Needs

The SONCO non-scalable fence offers a multitude of key benefits that make it a top choice for temporary fencing needs. Its 10ga welded wire mesh with an anti-climb design deters any attempts to climb over or pass through the fence. The fence is bolted together, ensuring it stays connected even under intense strain, and is incredibly sturdy thanks to its heavy-duty steel plate base, providing unrivaled stability.

The fence is also designed to protect against projectiles such as glass bottles and bricks. It can easily be combined with various perimeter security peripherals, including floodlights and CCTV cameras. Its height and design are intimidating, deterring potential rioters on sight. The fence is the tallest in its class, providing superior separation between police and crowds.




The fence is compatible with anti-scale fence gates for additional support and tactical advantage. It can be seamlessly integrated into the fence system for added support and protection. Choose the right combination of fence and gates and create a robust and effective security system.




Non-Scalable Fence – Why It’s Important, And How To Get One For The Best Deal

In the wake of the riots that breached the Capitol Building in Washington DC on January 6, 2021, we’ve been asked more than ever about a non-scalable fence.

SONCO’s Non-Scalable Fence Is the Ultimate Security Strategy 

In the wake of security breaches, political demonstrations, and threats of civil unrest at national and state levels, non-scalable fences are making headlines.


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