Be Prepared To Stop (RUS) Roll-Up Signs

Model# BSBPTSW34

Roll-up traffic signs in safety colors warn of congestion or work zones. Wide choice of finishes and colors.
CertificationsMUTCD; NCHRP-350
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Be Prepared to Stop Roll-Up Traffic Signs


Flexible, glossy, and lights up the night. Roll-up traffic signs from Bone Safety come in high-intensity reflective finishes that enhance visibility in dark environments, non-reflective finishes to reduce glare, and more. Innovative materials and considerate details make them more durable than the competition.




High-Visibility MUTCD-Compliant Roll-Up Signs



Anti-kiting device for stability



Corner pockets for easy



NCHRP-350 Certified




Roll-Up Signs Warn Drivers of Work Zones & Heavy Traffic

Be Prepared to Stop roll-up signs alert drivers to upcoming blockages, signals, work zones, traffic congestion, and other obstructions.

When the flow of traffic is consistent, abrupt stops can cost lives. A high-visibility safety sign is a reliable, compliant way to ease traffic through sticky areas.



The Right Size for Any Application

When deciding whether to use 36” or 48” temporary warning signs, transportation engineers should consider the type of roadway.




No Matter The Application, We Have The Right Material



Standard Mesh – The most affordable option for daytime use only.



Non-Reflective Vynil – Fade resistant vinyl is an economical option for daytime use only.



Orafol SuperBrite or 3M Hi Intensity Prismatic (HIP) -  Ideal for day or nighttime usage.


Premium Mesh – This pigmented mesh is breathable, resists mold and mildew, and is non-reflective for daytime use only.



Orafol Marathon – Bright, longlasting fluorescence. Marathon fluorescence is less likely to lose power over time, making it a safer long-term investment.



3M Diamond Grade (DG) – Another premium option. Lightactivated, fluorescent, wideangle prismatic lens reflective sheeting for maximum daytime brightness.




Pro Tip: Strong and Sturdy Roll Up Sign Stands


The whole Bone Roll Up Sign line is compatible with Bone sign stands. They are NCHRP-350 certified, making them tested and approved for use on the national highway system.

Choose from Springless, Single Spring or Dual Spring.



Single Spring

Dual Spring





Traffic Signs And Safety at Your Work Zone | 7 Expert Tips

The Safety Standards for Signs, Signals, and Barricades as required by the Occupational Safety

and Health Administration (OSHA) offers extensively detailed guidance on best practice for traffic signsand safety at work zones.



Meeting OSHA Requirements For Construction Signs

Of the five most common workplace accidents, a construction site is an environment prone to all five. These include:




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