Advantages of Barricade Fences – Extra-Tall Steel Barricades

Nick Criscuolo

Nick Criscuolo, March 7, 2022

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Advantages of Barricade Fences – Extra-Tall Steel Barricades

Check Out This Affordable Temporary Fencing Option

Benefits & Uses of SONCO Barricade Fencing

When you need an alternative to temporary fencing, SONCO’s FenceCade barricades are strong enough to endure the abuse of hectic crowds, constant relocation and the nastiest weather. Like some of our most popular temp fence panels, FenceCade products stand at a full 72 or 96 inches and are built from galvanized steel that doesn’t quit.

Hot-Dipped Steel for Strength & Corrosion Resistance

Do you think every galvanized barrier looks like the next? This may be true the day they are delivered. But after a few years of rough crowd and weather exposure, only hot-dipped, galvanized barricades keep their characteristic “spangled” appearance and rarely show the age, rust and breakdown that cheaper models do. Like our other steel barricades, SONCO’s FenceCade barricade fences are hot-dipped in a durable zinc coating.

After fabricating our temp fence alternative from heavy-duty steel, SONCO’s team inspects the barricades for quality and performance; then, they immerse them in liquified zinc. The zinc bonds with the steel in a chemical reaction that forms a sturdy, four-layer coating. The result is extra-tall fence barricades ready for whatever you throw at them. Hot-dip galvanizing is one of the secrets to our FenceCade’s durability, and you can learn more about this process by checking out our galvanized steel guide.

Benefits of Fence Barricades from SONCO

Known for tall 6- and 8-foot profiles that are both affordable and steel-tough, SONCO’s LineMaster FenceCade barricades are a high-performance temporary fencing substitute that heightens venue and worksite security. But the clean look, pricing value and extra-tall styles aren’t the only reasons people love our portable barrier fencing. Clients also appreciate these proven features and benefits:

  • Fast, tool-free setup & removal
  • Tall 6ft (72in) & 8ft (96in) options
  • Clean, minimalistic design to complement any environment
  • Robust 1-year SONCO warranty
  • Hot-dipped, galvanized construction
  • Indoor or outdoor usability
  • SONCO custom barricade cover compatibility

Color Choices to Suit Your Venue

Whether you use FenceCade barricades for your next big concert, stage show, retail event or construction project, SONCO FenceCade barricades come in a choice of three distinct colors to match your application and venue aesthetics. Choose from: 

  • Traditional silver. Hot-dip galvanized barriers in traditional silver offer a classic look for any project, inside or outside.
  • Black powder-coating. Up your game with the polished look of a black FenceCade system. It is sleek enough for more formal indoor events and sufficient for unruly crowds.
  • High-viz yellow. Yellow is the perfect option for traffic and pedestrian street projects since it commands attention and helps reduce work zone and vehicle accidents.

Linemaster FenceCade Advantages & Accessories

Crowd management + protection of people and assets begins with the right equipment. When you need the height of a fence and the capability of steel barricades, rely on FenceCade barrier fences for your project perimeter or venue security. A small crew can install these extra-tall barriers fast (and without tools!) to form an imposing, interconnected wall that withstands unruly groups, busy construction zones or heavy daily use.

With FenceCade barricades, you can easily: 

  • Create boundaries
  • Establish queue & will-call ticket lines
  • Set up spectator entrances
  • Secure temporary project sites
  • Protect pedestrians from construction equipment
  • Conceal dumpsters & ugly equipment

Recognized for its safety, aesthetics and value, this temporary fencing alternative includes accessories that make the system turnkey. Made-to-fit accessories include pedestrian and vehicle gates, all-terrain feet and custom-printed barricade covers to convert FenceCades into street billboards.

Attention-Grabbing Fence Barricades With Custom Covers

When your tall FenceCade crowd-control barrier doubles as advertising space, drivers and walkers are exposed to your brand, sponsor ads or marketing initiative. Monetize your site and let your fence barricades pay for themselves — or line the streets with FenceCade barrier covers that shout about your company’s next project. Either way, SONCO’s in-house design team is here for you with FREE design templates, initial proofs and prompt shipment to any U.S. location. Choose from various polyester, mesh and blended fabrics tailored to your specifications.

FenceCade Barricades for the Win

SONCO is the nation’s go-to resource for safe, successful events, whether you require portable barrier fencing, traditional steel barricades or chain-link fences. Our time-tested perimeter equipment is trusted for parades, festivals, roadway projects, event channelizing and queue management, or temporary building projects. To discuss specifics with a SONCO crowd control specialist, call 888.766.2616 today. Ask about steel LineMaster crowd control barricades and temp fence systems for your job site, construction zone, concert venue or traffic safety initiative.

Stay tuned for our next FenceCade blog post, where we discuss the use of fence barricades with custom-printed privacy covers. Tidy up your construction site or store location with FenceCade covers that conceal dumpsters and other unsightly equipment!

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