ChainBoss Stanchion Kit


The ChainBoss Stanchion Kit is designed to provide convenient and efficient barrier solutions. The kit is perfect for setting up boundaries quick and easily.
Weight20 lbs.
Height36 in
FinishUV Resistant HDPE
Belt Length11ft
Base Dia2in H
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ChainBoss Stanchion Kit: Convenient, Versatile, and Durable Barrier Solution


Experience the convenience, versatility, and durability of the ChainBoss Stanchion Kit. Whether you need to create a temporary barrier or establish visual cues, this kit provides a highly effective solution for various applications. Choose your base and quantity to best fit your needs.




Durability is a Key Feature of the ChainBoss Stanchion Kit



Made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) to withstand the harshest environments



Patent twist top with storage for up to 10ft. of 2in. chain 



Choose from filled or weighted base to perfectly fit your environment needs



ChainBoss Stanchion Kit: Innovative Design for Easy Chain Storage and Secure Barrier Setup

The high-density polyethylene posts in the ChainBoss Stanchion Kit offer a unique internal chain storage system. Each post has the capacity to store up to 10ft. of 2in. chain, ensuring that you have an ample amount of chain readily available when required.

To access the chain, simply twist the post cap and thread out the desired length. Once in place, twist the cap back, and it securely locks the chain into position. This twist top feature is protected by a patent, guaranteeing its exclusivity and reliability.



PRO TIP: Try Our Easy Solution to Transport and Storage Your Stanchions

Our storage carts are expertly crafted from heavy-duty steel, ensuring exceptional durability to withstand years of wear-and-tear.

The soft and padded slots provide optimal protection for your barriers, preventing scratches and damage. The inclusion of wheel locks adds an extra layer of stability and safety during loading and unloading. Available in 12, 18, and 21 stanchion capacities, our storage carts cater to various storage needs.





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