ConePro 600 - (EXTRA LENGTH) Retractable Belt

Model# SMCB600

Choice of belt lengths between 15'L - 40'L, belt & Case colors choices
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The ConePro 600 retractable belt is a retractable belt unit that fits onto most types of traffic cones.  Belt barriers increase the effectiveness of traffic cones that are set up to restrict access to a particular area.  The belt is produced from materials that won’t fray or break, even in the most demanding of conditions.  A belt lock prevents accidental belt release, and the extra-long belt means you can cover more area with fewer cones.  Available in safety-inspired colors and can be supplied with reflective panels to allow for improved visibility during periods of darkness.

  • More efficient at restricting access than just traffic cones alone
  • Easily install onto standard traffic cones to create a retractable belt barrier
  • Belts won’t fray or break, even in extreme weather conditions
  • Belt lock prevents accidental release
  • Available in varying belt lengths and safety-inspired colors
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