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Since 1976, U.S. industry leader SONCO Worldwide has provided businesses with quality service and steel-strength job site, crowd control and traffic control solutions. We offer construction barriers, fence screen, OSHA signs, traffic barricades, and more, as well as custom-printed products. Shop now or learn more about SONCO.

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Versa Corner

Versatile double hinged corner section without footplate connected to adjoining barri ...



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Weld Certified
Quick Set Up
Free Shipping


Snake Runner Barrier

Enable crew to feed cables through, allowing power cables to safely cross the barrie ...



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Weld Certified
Quick Set Up
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Straight Section Stage Barrier

Premium heavy-duty aluminum stage barriers and welded certified for extra safety



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Weld Certified
Quick Set Up
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Hinged Gate Stage Barrier

allow authorized personnel to get through a hinged gate without disrupting the barrie ...



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Weld Certified
Quick Set Up
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90º Angle Flex Corner Stage Barrier

A middle hinged corner section with partial footplate and work in various angles



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Weld Certified
Quick Set Up
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Stage Barrier Cart

Easily transport and hold up to 10 stage barriers on stackable carts to save time and ...



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Concert Barricade That Keep Crowds, Staff, and Performers Safe

Sonco’s heavy-duty, lightweight, aluminum concert barricade last for years because they’re made with premium materials – and built to meet American Welding Society standards. Here, every stage barrier is built for both indoor and outdoor use, handling the most brutal weather conditions and the rowdiest crowds.

The eclectic stage barrier selection at Sonco Store means creating a versatile and seamless stage barrier system, no matter the venue. All the while, you’ll have industry experts working to help you formulate the most cost-effective approach.

When you’re looking to protect entertainers and establish a safe area for attendees and event staff, Sonco is the ultimate partner.

A Festival Stage Barrier or a Barricade for an Indoor Venue?

A key feature of Sonco stage barriers is the adaptability. These were built to withstand the elements, from scorching heat to arctic blizzards and everything between. These stage crowd barriers are a great choice for concerts, festivals, or any conceivable event with attendees, staff, and performers.

For expert guidance on planning the ideal aluminum stage barrier system for your event, give us a call. We’ll also let you know about special deals going on specific to your needs and goals.

A Concert Barrier with Unrivaled Longevity

All Sonco concert barricade are produced according to the American Welding Society D1.2/D1.2M:2014 structural welding code for fabricating and erecting aluminum structures. This ensures unmatched longevity and reliability, built to last for years of constant use. Go with Sonco for a front of stage barrier you can always deploy with total confidence.

State-of-the-Art Design for Improved Safety and Easier Setup

Stage barriers at Sonco feature extremely durable connector pins to form a wall to provide maximum security. Further, the interconnecting floor plates form a level surface, significantly reducing trip hazards (and, therefore, your liability). Audiences will also enjoy how each front stage barrier features a ramp-style base and a round top rail. The comfort is unmatched.

We never forget about the staff. These barricades boast spacious but secure cable channels that make it easy to thread through cord bundles – and keep them protected during the show. And when the show’s over, you can easily cart your folding stage barriers and tuck them away until the next event. But don’t worry, the connector pins are just as strong as the barriers themselves, so you can feel free to leave them as-is for years on end.

A key benefit of an aluminum stage barrier is the lightweight build. Not only are they less injurious to staff, but they can also be moved quickly in an emergency. In fact, many jurisdictions now have restrictions on the use of steel stage barricades for their cumbersome weight.

Create Custom Aluminum Stage Barrier Systems at Sonco

How much space between the barrier and stage? What combination of barricades makes the most sense? What about multiple stages, fluctuating turnouts, special effects, and so on?

The Sonco team is plugged into the industry, not only to develop the most effective products but also to help our clients create the perfect stage barrier systems. Give us a call to get free advice today, and read below for an overview of the variety:

Versa Corner

Create a distinct space for attendees with a versatile corner section. This folding stage barrier was made for odd corners and customized areas for fantastic adaptability.

Snake Runner

Our heavy-duty snake runners keep cords safe, secure, and out of the way while allowing for signals to pass back and forth through the crowd control barrier.

Straight Section

Pun intended, this is the most straightforward aluminum stage barrier at Sonco. It’s lightweight, heavy-duty, and keeps folks protect. Period.

Hinged Gate

Every detail of Sonco’s heavy-duty hinged gate stage barrier is made for durability, authorized accessibility, and unhindered security. Staff can slip in and out with ease – all while attendees stay where they’re supposed to be.

90 Degree Angle Flex Corner

Create clear-cut areas for visitors with flex corner barriers, each one made to adjoin walls for superior crowd control.

Compatible with Mojo and ProLyte Products

Just because you’re ready to switch to Sonco doesn’t mean you have to throw anything away. Our products integrate seamlessly with any Mojo stage barrier or ProLyte stage barrier.

We weren’t kidding about our commitment to cost-efficiency and customer empowerment. We’ll even help you formulate the best barricade systems that are majority competitor products. As long as a Sonco aluminum stage barrier is going in there somewhere, we’re here to help.

Bundle Your Order to Save Money and Create Extra Revenue

Sonco is built on mutually-beneficial partnerships. When you come to us for your crowd control needs, we make sure you’re getting the most out of your investment. You and your team will have access to a proprietary client platform that allows for easy ordering and tracking as well as expedited credit processing. And our in-depth industry insights and special offers are offered to partners, both new and old.

Huge Discounts on Bulk Orders

Get the right mix of stage barriers for amazing savings and long-term peace of mind. Small and large venues alike can look forward to packaged offers and bundle savings like nowhere else. Request a quote today to see how much you’ll save, or reach out to our customer service team for personalized guidance on the available options.

Stackable Stage Barrier Carts

While heavy-duty, lightweight aluminum concert stage barriers are designed to go easy on your crew’s knees and back, a barricade cart skyrockets productivity – and further minimizes the physical toll of setup and breakdown.

These stackable stage barrier carts are also made of the same premium aluminum as the barriers themselves, including craftsmanship that meets American Welding Society standards. So feel free to keep your barriers stacked on the cart in storage for quick and easy deployment.

Advertise and Monetize with Custom Stage Signs

Complement your front of concert barricade with custom stage scrims, speaker towers, tents, banners, or any signage imaginable. Our in-house design and printing teams can tackle your branding needs from scratch or optimize the files you already have. We’ll even develop proofs before you commit to purchasing. In the end, you’ll have long-lasting, vivid signage made to amplify awareness, create new streams of revenue, and beyond.

Why Aluminum Concert Barricade from Sonco?

Our commitment to each client encompasses every aspect of crowd control – and it starts the moment we first get on the phone. We only hire experienced and knowledgeable industry insiders who know what they’re talking about. And their goal—to make your job easier and your team more productive while boosting your revenue—never falters. We’re ready to go to work, and we know you’re ready to work with someone who knows how to get the job done.

Stage Barriers for Sale at the Best Prices

Our hyper-competitive prices combine with a price-match guarantee, solidifying our promise to give you the lowest possible rates. We’ll customize bundle deals, notify you about limited promotions, and try and get your prices as close to wholesale as we can. (With the additional benefits detailed below, that’s not an uncommon feat at Sonco.)

Shipping Nationwide – Including Multiple Drop-Offs

A festival stage barrier order might mean dropping your barricades off in various locations around the property. In other instances, a parent company will operate a handful of different indoor venues, all of which need their stage barrier systems updated. There’s no request too complex or “unusual” for us to handle – and we’ll get it done free of charge.

Buy Now, Pay Later

The goal of any event is to cover all expenses (plus profit, of course!) That’s why we extend open lines of credit by partnering with Apruve. No hidden fees or references required – you’ll have 30 days to pay on all orders for extra flexibility and opportunities for growth. It’s that simple. Learn more here.

An Industry Leader in Product Quality and Superior Service Since 1976

Sonco pulls from over four decades of experience to set the bar for crowd control excellence. While we lead the way for our competitors to follow, they’re always a step behind, meaning the concert barricade for sale here are guaranteed better than anywhere else.

Through nonstop research and development, feedback from clients, the most rigorous testing methods available, and following the strictest structural codes down to the letter, we stand by our products 100 percent. Watch our testimonials, browse our unequaled selection of stage barriers, and know that we triple and quadruple check to ensure order accuracy.

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