A Stackable Stage Barrier Cart Makes It Easy to Move Ten Panels At Once

The Lightweight, Heavy-Duty Stage Barrier Cart Made By an Industry Leader

At SONCO, we know the difference that little touches can make. But when you’re looking for a stage barrier cart to buy, the increase in efficiency is downright enormous. When each metal stage barrier weighs 50 pounds or more, safely and easily pushing ten at once is a huge deal. Your staff will love it – while you enjoy the major productivity boost.
If you look at a stage barrier cart for sale on the market today, you’re often limited by capacity, practicality, and maneuverability. SONCO’s cart for stage barriers fits as many as a human can comfortably push. It’s suitable for indoor and outdoor use, folds for storage, and stands on four smooth, swiveling wheels too. It’s everything you want – alongside the industry’s best service.

Great Features and Undeniable Benefits

Made of Heavy-Duty, Lightweight Aluminum

Without holding stackable barricades, our stage barrier cart can easily be lifted into the back of a truck with a couple of spare hands. Further, the premium aluminum material and design means this cart will last year after year while performing at the same level as the day it arrived.
To get the most out of your purchase, go with SONCO, a team that knows what it’s like to manage events and control crowds. We’re tapped into the industry, designing the products that get you the most out of your investment.


Ideal for Both Indoor and Outdoor Use

We offer the highest level of durability. But you don’t have to take our word for it. All of our heavy-duty aluminum stage barricade products follow the American Welding Society’s code of quality and integrity. The premium materials combined with unrivaled craftsmanship means you’re making a lasting investment. At SONCO, we pride ourselves on only offering the most reliable and longest-lasting items, guaranteed.
Why go with an industry leader? Because a faulty stage barrier cart is practically useless, and a broken one is exactly that. Make sure you get through each event without a hitch with a cart from SONCO.

Folds Flat to Optimize Space

We wouldn’t blame you one bit for pushing ten panels into the storage space and leaving them as-is. The stage barrier carts for sale at SONCO can handle that easily, then roll right back out whenever you need it.
However, you can also fold our stage barrier carts flat to fit into even the tightest venue storage spaces. Don’t forget to keep them up-front, though, since they’ll be the first thing you want before you start moving your stage barricade system. While our aluminum barriers are excitingly lightweight despite their durability, the cart makes things infinitely easier.

The Easiest Stage Barrier Cart to Maneuver and Navigate

We test each cart to make sure they can change direction on a dime, make tight turns, and don’t buckle under the weight of your stage barricades, whether from SONCO, Mojo, or most other brands. While the cart is designed specifically for aluminum stage barrier systems, the brand-name matters little to this top-of-the-line product, designed to save you time and money while minimizing your liability.
At SONCO, you could be looking to design a stage barrier system from scratch. Our team of experienced experts can help you do just that. You can also bubuy a stage barrier cart and nothing more. You’ll still receive the best customer service in the business. 


Can I pick up my order?

Most items are available for pick up trough appointment widows.

What is the delivery lead time?
Delivery times are included in the product page. Times are estimated for deliveries to commercial addresses and subject to change if any delays during transit with freight carriers outside of our control. If you need guaranteed freight for s specific date and time, please contact us. Deliveries made via Flat Bed shipping requires forklift to unload from the sides. LTL shipment requires a loading dock and forklift to unload.
Do you offer discounts for Distributors?

We do offer reseller discounts based on volume, please contact us at sales@soncostore.com for more information.

Is there an expedited shipping?

We can run multiple shipping options for you to compare price and delivery date. If you need your order by or on a specific date just let us know.

Do I have to pay sales tax?

We collect sales tax in the following states: CA, TX, WS, MO, TX, FL, PA, OH, MD, DC, MA, NY, NJ, IN. If have a tax exempt or have a valid tax exempt or reseller certificate we will refund the tax charges, if you buy online, or you can request a quote already without tax included.

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