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Since 1976, U.S. industry leader SONCO Worldwide has provided businesses with quality service and steel-strength job site, crowd control and traffic control solutions. We offer construction barriers, fence screen, OSHA signs, traffic barricades, and more, as well as custom-printed products. Shop now or learn more about SONCO.

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Custom Signs

Custom Signs


Turn barricades into valuable
advertising opportunities


Improve job site
& workers safety


Fantastic displays for both
indoor outdoor events


Vibrant graphics printed
on high-quality fabrics

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150 FT Roll Privacy Screen

Raw privacy screen made to economically cover large spans of fence.

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/ rolls


85% Privacy


Construction Safety Signs

creates awareness of coronavirus to workers and visitors on construction or event sit ...

sku #FSSS-CV19


/ ea


70% Privacy



Rectangular Event Flag

sku #RF


/ ea


Free Shipping
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Patio Event Umbrella - Square Shape

sku #PEUTE


/ ea



Teardrop Event Flag

sku #TEF


/ ea


Free Shipping
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HDPE Channelizer Drum with Weighted Base Truck Load (840 Units)

sku #CDHD


/ ea


Free Shipping


Inflatable Dome Tent

sku #IDTPVC01


/ ea



Inflatable Arch / Portal

sku #IDPVC01


/ ea



Aluminum Event Tent - Custom Print

sku #PAECT


/ ea



Classic Steel Event Tent - Custom Print



/ ea




sku #SM450-85


/ ea


Free Shipping


18 Post Vertical Storage Cart

Fits 18 stanchion posts

sku #VSTCART18


/ ea


Pre-Order Now! 2-3 week lead time


Retractable Belt Bundle - (18) Pack QueueMaster Series with (1) Transport Cart

Includes (18) Black posts with 11'L belts & vertical stanchion storage cart

sku #QM550B-110-VSTCART18


/ ea


Free Shipping


RollerPro 250

Easily and quickly move posts without straching or scuffing floors

sku #ROL250B-110


/ ea


Free Shipping
Rolling Base

Pre-Order Now! 6-8 week lead time


Storage Cart - For Stanchion Posts

Ideal for applications where floor space is limited. Holds 12-21 posts depending on m ...



/ ea



Pre-Order Now! 2-3 week lead time



The city of Woodstock, GA manages Northside
Hospital-Cherokee Amphitheater, a venue with a 5,000-person
capacity built in 2016. The purpose of the amphitheater was to
host a wide variety of events throughout the year, but the budget
fell short of updating the city’s crowd control equipment.



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Custom Signs That Boost Revenue and Make Brand Awareness Soar

Few things are as affordable and effective as custom signs for advertising and brand awareness. For events, construction sites, stores, arenas, and a wide range of other applications, custom signage delivers in spades time and time again.

Custom signs can serve a range of purposes. But in our experience, their most common uses include:

  • Encourage sales of new, popular, or slow-selling products. Let people know about special sales. Showcase product combinations, like recipes or cocktails.
  • Tease an event that’s around the corner to lift attendance to new and exciting heights.
  • Encourage safety by letting guests know the health and safety protocol, from social distancing and mask wearing to hazard warnings like slippery floors.
  • Create privacy with custom fence screens that can actually improve security in work zones by eliminating visual temptation of valuable materials and equipment.
  • Improve crowd organization with directionals, hanging banners, flags, and beyond to get people to where they need to go quickly and efficiently.
  • Boost brand recognition by displaying your logo, slogan, colors, and beyond everywhere it makes sense.

Why are they so common? Because personalized signs work. They’re also one of the most inoffensive forms of marketing when they’re designed well, blending in to any environment to actually heighten the overall atmosphere.

Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about custom signs as well as why ordering from Sonco is the smartest move.

What Makes Sonco Custom Signage Different?

Sonco is a top-rated industry leader in crowd management, traffic safety, and custom signs. This combination allows us to offer our clients all-around solutions, with everything you need to get the job done right under one roof. We stand by the longevity and durability of our custom signs to the same degree we stand by our safety equipment.

What makes us stand out as the best of the best? Here are some of the highlights when it comes to our custom-made signs:

  • Exceptional quality, outlasting all competing products, from the fence screens to the barricade covers and beyond.
  • Massive selection of custom signage options, including totally custom choices of any and all proportions.
  • Unbeatable rates, backed by our price-match guarantee and commitment to hyper-competitive pricing.
  • Proven track record that’s facilitated the success across industries. It’s a near-certainty that we have experience specific to your application.

Our success is based on your success. It’s one of the reasons we’re so proud of the success stories we’ve helped make happen across the country. Our customers include the Harley Davidson Museum, the Presidential Inauguration committee, and a 23rd Veteran charity run. The list goes on, and we can’t wait to help your company reach new heights as well.

Meet Sonco’s Personalized Signs Solutions

Sonco’s custom-made signs span every category. And the goal of the application will dictate how it looks, where it goes, and how it’s sized. But in general, these custom signs are categorized under the following umbrellas:

  • Social Distancing Signs to increase health and safety and minimize the spread of disease. These may also be required to stay in compliance of local ordinances depending on your location and industry.
  • Job Site Signs that can take the place of more traditional tin OSHA signs for a cleaner, more effective, and more affordable solution. Job site safety signs can also double as privacy screens.
  • Stanchion Custom Belts that can have specific safety messaging, such as, “Cleaning in progress,” “Do not enter,” and many more. It can also simply feature safety stripes or a solid color. We also offer a full range of fully customizable stanchion belts.
  • Barricade Covers are one of the most popular options for custom signs that we offer. They beautify barricaded environments, tease upcoming events, and a host of other uses. They’re also easier to clean than the barricades themselves.
  • Outdoor Signs are built to last in all weather conditions, including anti-fade UV resistance. Examples include stage scrims, fence banners, feather flags, and tents.
  • Event Signage designed to elevate events, not simply act as a required piece of crowd control.
  • Custom Printed Fence Screens that not only boost safety and security or display specific safety information, but can also create new revenue streams, advertising existing properties, and so much more.
  • Safety Signs that actually improve safety, not just meet the minimum OSHA or NHTSA standards. Better yet, they look great too, and can feature your logo and colors while still providing total peace of mind.

We have everything that you need today, and you’ll have a go-to partner with exclusive deals and seamless ordering when you need more custom signs down the line.

Social Distancing Signs

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, healthy and safety best practice involve social distancing protocols and mask wearing. Even if it’s not required by law, many businesses are still encouraging social distancing by way of custom signage.

According to CDC guidelines, keeping six feet away from people not in your household is the best way to prevent the spread of illnesses like the coronavirus. Social distancing signs can serve a few different purposes in this vein:

  • Simple signage on a window or banner to let people know the protocol.
  • Floor stickers spaced six feet apart so people know where to stand.
  • Retractable belt barriers that display six feet of space while organizing queues.
  • Barricade covers that also display the six feet of separation for outdoor queuing.

Social distancing signs can be customized to feature your brand colors and logo. Custom messaging is also an option, but the stock messages usually suffice. An easy example would be, “Please keep six feet apart.” Some of the signage options can also encourage mask-wearing.

The key to a good social distancing sign is bold, contrasting colors and strategic positioning. You want them in high traffic areas, by the checkout queues, and at the entrances. While you can’t guarantee people will follow along, you can ensure that it's seen by everyone who enters your business.

Job Site Signs

Our partner Whiting-Turner, a construction company with over 100 years of industry leading excellence, utilized Sonco’s custom job site signs to boost safety, increase productivity, and create a personalized, unified work zone across their sites.

Read about their success story with custom job site signage by clicking here.

When you think of OSHA job site signs, you’re probably imagining outdated tin signs set up like a collage. They can be hard to read, and they’re so familiar to most workers, they’re glossed right over. So, you have to ask yourself: how effective really are they?

For total peace of mind, consider updating your job site signs by bringing them into the modern day.

Custom signage for construction sites from Sonco are large vinyl screens that display all the health and safety information in one, clean place. It’s more effective than the traditional signage because it’s actually noticed every day. We also offer bilingual options for use by all job site workers.

The OSHA safety signs from Sonco are:

  • Made of highly durable vinyl for use in all outdoor environments.
  • Useful as a privacy screen, which minimizes theft and boosts security.
  • Universally understood and unmissable on job sites
  • Easy to transport and store.
  • Affordable and easy to replace if damaged.

We offer stock options, branded signage (job site safety signs with your logo), and fully customized OSHA signs.

Stanchion Custom Belts

Aside from stanchion custom belts in the social distancing category as detailed above, we also offer customized retractable belt barriers of any style.

These stanchion belts serve as their own form of custom signage, but their purpose can be subtle or overt, whichever makes the most sense for your application. The different types of custom retractable belts include:

  • Solid color retractable belts, which span the rainbow and well beyond. In fact, we have several different shades of green alone to ensure we can match any overall aesthetic.
  • Striped belts that let people know to stay away from cordoned areas. These can be high contrast like yellow and black or more subdued like black and blue, whichever is the most appropriate.
  • Message belts with words that express a specific purpose, such as, “Caution, wet floor,” “Authorized access only,” and many more. These take striped a step further, offering both the warning coloration alongside the clarification.
  • Branded belts that feature your logo. For example, an airport ticketing area with the United logo to differentiate it from the Delta queue.
  • Completely customized belts that can be any color combination and display any messaging.

These stanchion custom belts are also available with all types of posts and belt sizes. Reach out to our team to learn more!

Barricade Covers

One of the most popular forms of custom signage period are barricade covers. These elevate steel barricades in a wide variety of ways that go beyond their purposes as an advertising tool.

Some of the benefits of these types of custom signs include:

  • Further protection from the elements These hyper-durable covers last in any weather condition, and they’re a lot cheaper to replace than the steel barricades.
  • Easier cleaning. All you need to do is wiped down the barricade covers instead of cleaning each individual bar of the barricade.
  • Beautification. Custom barricade covers can create exciting atmospheres on their own that plain steel barricades could never deliver on their own.

But, of course, barricade covers are an extremely effective marketing tool.

Our client at the Harley Davidson Museum emphasized their atmosphere both outside and in using Sonco custom barricade covers. These helped create an immersive experience to their over 300,000 visitors per year.

Another one of our clients at Woodstock, GA used our barricades to generate extra revenue for their amphitheatre. From selling the space to third-party promoters to encouraging attendance at upcoming events, barricade covers were a great way to put their crowd control equipment to good use.

And yet another example of boost revenue comes in the form of a good cause. 23rd Veteran’s annual Nearly Naked Ruck March raises money for veteran care, and they sold their barricade space to sponsors to generate support. Every other barricade featured a supporting brand, and the event continues to massive success.

Partner with Sonco today, and we’ll get right to work on making your company another success story with barricade covers and other forms of custom signs.

Outdoor Signs

When you need a sign made that can last even in the lowest temperatures, harshest winds, inclement weather, and maritime environments, you go with Sonco. Our custom outdoor signs are made to last, so even those in more temperate climates can benefit from the unrivaled longevity and reliability.

The possibilities of outdoor custom signage is possibly best exemplified by a school campus:

  • You have traffic safety signage for daily dropoff areas.
  • The custom barricade covers create team spirit and campus pride.
  • Custom tents are set up to raise money and sell tickets.

Our client, West Salem High School, utilized high-quality Sonco signage to do all of the above. The end result is keeping their campus safer and most secure while heightening the overall atmosphere. Around every corner, Titans pride is in the air, filling both students and parents alike with excitement whenever they’re on school grounds.

Of course, Sonco outdoor signs are made for any and all applications. We create large feather flags for sports arenas, A frame sandwich boards to encourage walk-in traffic, and beyond.

While some options are more ideal for certain situations than others, everything at Sonco is made to the highest standards of design and craftsmanship.

Unsure of the ideal combination of products specific to your setting? We’ll help you get the most out of your space, guaranteed. And well within budget.

Feather Flags
Feather flags are extremely versatile. The same feather flag stands with a different banner can implement vastly different applications.

For example, dozens of identical feather flags lining a parking lot can encourage drivers to take the next exit and see what the event is all about. But those same feather flags can also indicate the different booths at a convention.

Feather shaped custom signs also serve as a great tool for crowd management. A blue feather flag with bright white “bathroom” lettering can get people where they need to go quickly. The same is true for directing them to food and drink, encouraging more sales and faster customer turnaround.

Beyond the fun stuff, feather flags can encourage health and safety protocol as well. For example, social distancing feather flags are a popular choice surrounding reopening in the wake of the coronavirus. Because they still manage to instill the sense of a fun atmosphere, it’s a great way to encourage best practice without taking away from the event’s enjoyment.

Sandwich Boards
Sandwich boards, also known as A frames and signicades, are a popular option for restaurants, bars, cafes, salons, barber shops, massage studios, gyms, and beyond. Anywhere that relies on walkin traffic can rely on a sandwich board to encourage more sales.

With a sandwich board, you can:

  • Update your promotions to bring more people inside.
  • Display today’s specials and limited time offers.
  • Promote an event, whether occurring now or later.
  • List your rates to beat out the competition at first glance.
  • Showcase your brand’s sense of humor with a catchy phrase or slogan.

This is the ultimate way for custom signs to pay for themselves. You can directly measure the uptick in revenue generated from putting a custom A frame sign out front, giving you a good idea of where you should put your advertising budget going forward.

In some cases, online marketing makes more sense. In others, an A frame sign, which will almost certainly cost less, can be far more effective. In combination, you can turn a typically slow Tuesday into a line around the block. That’s the power of a well placed, well designed sandwich board.

Custom Canopy Tents
A custom canopy tent is a great way to set up a booth in any weather and setting.

At Sonco, we customize every square inch of your canopy tent with whatever colors and images or combination of logos you’d like. We’ll also send a free proof before purchase so you know exactly what you’re getting.

One of the biggest benefits of partnering with a design and printing expert is the assurance that your files and design matches the template perfectly. While a simple fence banner might be approachable, even a barricade cover can be nuanced, and a custom canopy tent is even more complex.

Rather than risk getting it wrong, make sure it’s done right the first time with a Sonco expert. Best of all, it’ll come with a hyper-durable frame and the best performing material to continue delivering peace of mind event after event.

Event Signage
The goal of custom signage for events can vary dramatically, but there are some tried and true approaches that event managers should be aware of. Typically, the purpose of event signs include:

  • Encouraging more attendees. Whether from the road or folks walking by, event signage can encourage more people to come to your event. This includes leading up to opening day as well as after things have kicked off.
  • Improving crowd management. We mentioned this in the feather flag section, but signage can help people find where they need to go more quickly. Whether stage numbers, food and drink, or the facilities, these can help keep things safe and organized.
  • Implementing health and safety initiatives. Sign frames for retractable belt barriers, feather and rectangular event flags, and beyond can encourage social distancing and mask wearing.
  • Generating sponsorship revenue. Our client 23rd Veteran utilized our barricade covers to turn their barricades into sponsorship areas that support their good cause. You can read more about their success story here.

Events in general are a great example of “if there can be a sign, there should be a sign.” Whether fence screens, flags, canopy tents, or barricade covers, custom signs for events are an easy and limitless way to create immersive event grounds both outside and in.

For Events

Custom printed fence screens for events usually involve creating an all-encompassing atmosphere that exemplifies what the event is all about. It’s also a way to distinguish off your event area from other parts of a field or parking lot.

A simple chain link perimeter isn’t going to do it, making this form of custom signage an excellent solution that likely makes more sense than wooden fence panels.

Plus, fence screens for events can make people curious about what’s inside, leading to more attendees and boosting revenue.

For Work Zones
A custom printed fence screen for construction sites usually serve one of two purposes:

  • Advertising your brand, the project, or existing properties to generate interest and land new clients. When you have a work zone in a high traffic area, temporary fencing is extremely valuable ad space that’s otherwise just sitting there unused.
  • OSHA Signage that actually increases workplace safety, with crystal clear, bilingual messaging and universal symbols. Best of all, you won’t have to keep track of all those outdated tin ads and hang each one up every time.

Below, we’ll go over each type of fence screen that you can use for both construction applications and events.

Heavy-Duty Fence Screen
A heavy-duty fence screen is one that can stand up to the elements every day. It’s one that doesn’t fade or get torn up after just a few weeks of usage. It’s one that beats out competing products for durability and longevity while still being incredibly affordable.

A heavy-duty fence screen is the only kind we sell at Sonco. Here, we offer screens that:

  • Can last up to 3 years. We estimate that our construction fence screens will last at least a year in even the most brutal weather, but up to three years or more in milder conditions.
  • Made of high-durability material no matter how it’s cut or whether it’s raw or hemmed edges.
  • Strong and reliable grommets that can take hours of relentless winds for months on end.
  • Superior tear resistance. Our construction fence mesh is rated 300 x 300 N/5cm of tear strength, and tensile strength of 300 x 205 N/5cm.
  • Price-Match Guarantee that means we’re always offering the best possible deals. Even if somewhere offers better rates, let us know and we’ll match or beat it.

No matter what type of fence screen you buy at Sonco, you know you’re getting the heavy-duty best of the best. Order today to lock in the best prices online too.

Custom Windscreen
A custom windscreen supplier that’s worth your money is one without limitations. At Sonco, we can create a custom windscreen of any:

  • Shape and size. Of course, the 4’, 6’, and 8’ cuts are the standard, most common options. But we can deliver a fence screen of any shape and size without sacrificing an ounce of quality.
  • Transparency and color. From 85% privacy and black color to 50% transparency and neon green, we have all the different types of custom windscreens you could want.
  • Size roll for the best deal. The longer your fence roll, the more you save. We have no limits on quantity, and we’re ready to give you the best deal online, guaranteed.

When you partner with Sonco, you can rest easy knowing the exact product you need is always a click away.

Solid Vinyl Fence Screen
The solid vinyl fence screen is the best choice for OSHA safety signage. These photo-quality, 100% privacy screens have shown to actually increase work zone safety, which minimizes your liability.

One customer Whiting Turner used this option for their construction sites, eliminating outdated tin signs while creating an inclusive environment across all sites.

When workers enter and see a custom safety sign specific to their workplace, it creates a sense of pride, legitimacy, and belonging that boosts morale. You offer a service to a quality and standard all your own. The solid vinyl fence screen solidifies that originality for clients, workers, and visitors alike.

Printed Mesh Fencing
Custom signs come in all shapes and forms, but the public at large sees most of them so often, really taking them in requires a high level of creativity and cleverness.

But interestingly, the custom printed mesh fencing offers such a unique look and feel inherently that people take notice. These striking, photo-quality images on the porous backdrop of the screen, completely with shifting shapes behind it or the sway of a steady breeze, often make mesh ads a sight to behold.

Ready to make them do a double date? Looking for a way for them to feel inspiring to look deeper into what your business has to offer? Printed mesh fencing may be the perfect option.

Poly Mesh Fencing
Polypropylene mesh creates custom made signs in the form of fence screens. These are highly popular choices, particularly for delivering dust and debris privacy screens with your company logo and contact info.

Our poly mesh fence screens feature use a dye sublimation printing process to deliver:

  • Full-color images up to photo-quality levels of vividness.
  • Fade-resistant graphics that take up to three years of constant sunlight.
  • Wrinkle resistant finish for use both outside and in.
  • Incredible versatility, looking just as good as a fence screen as it does as a trade show banner, church or sporting event, music festival and beyond.

At Sonco, our poly mesh fencing screen features 60% privacy, which is a bit less than the vinyl mesh option. Which one is right for your project is wholly dependent on the circumstances. Get in touch with our team for no-obligation advice on which to choose.

This type of custom made sign is also finished with black grommet eyelets and reinforced, hemmed edges to ensure long-term durability. The price allows for short-term applications, but we like to deliver our products to last.

However, “poly mesh fencing” may go beyond custom signage and refer specifically to polypropylene rolled fencing, which is used for safety applications.

This is a lightweight option that keeps people away by warning of danger and cordoning off certain areas. But it is not a very effective form of crowd control or perimeter security, and it’s not usually a form of custom signage.

Safety Signs

Safety signs are usually pretty straightforward because you’re going to be following OSHA and other safety standards. And commercial safety guidelines are, if nothing else, extensively spelled out. This gives you a bare minimum to work with.

But at Sonco, our prices also give you the freedom to go a bit further to increase safety and minimize your liability. Our on-call experts can also help you build the best possible safety system specific to your work zone of any type.

From highway construction projects to “slippery when wet” signage at a grocery store, you can find it all under one roof. We can also formulate highly lucrative bundle pricing to give you the lowest price on each of the products you need.

We keep both your workers, third-party workers, customers, and visitors in mind when we curate our selection of safety-oriented custom signage. From the parking lots to the emergency exits, our stem-to-stern service delivers total peace of mind.

Below, we’ll go over each type of safety signage. However, like with custom signs for events and advertising, safety signs is a general, umbrella category with a countless number of unique circumstances.

Only a select few stores have shelving that requires a ladder to access. A gym with a swimming pool or saunas will require a specific set for those areas. A roadside construction site will have drivers, pedestrians, and workers to worry about simultaneously. But no matter what, you can make sure you’re covered by shopping with Sonco.

Custom Safety Signs
Custom safety signs is a bit of a broad category that can be under the following distinctions:

  • Custom features, such as reflective tape or extra tall frame.
  • Custom sizing, whether larger or smaller than standard, or cut to fit a specific area, such as a window.
  • Branded stock messaging in company colors and logo prominently featured.
  • Custom messaging that delivers standard instructions in accordance with a brand voice.
  • Personalized signs that are wholly unique to the business’s specific needs and circumstances.

Remember, each state also has its own set of safety standards and requirements, and we service the whole of the US. The good news is that we have safety signage experience specific to each state. The not so good news is that researching the right safety signage for you will go beyond our website.

Partner with Sonco to make the job easier today – and enjoy the peace of mind of having Safety Sticklers in your corner.

Chain Link Fence Privacy Screen
A chain link fence privacy screen can serve as work site safety signage by presenting all OSHA requirements in one place.

At Sonco, we have standard stock options for all construction site circumstances. These include the basics like PPE and a list of banned items. It also has bilingual messaging to ensure everyone understands exactly what’s expected each time they enter the site.

Speaking of, our chain link fence privacy screen safety signage is also for those who enter the site as well as passersby. “Authorized personnel only” and important danger and hazard warnings let people know exactly what to expect.

This may be the most important part. While you can remind your workers repeated about best practices, the safety of visitors heightens dramatically when the signage is unmissable and undeniably clear.

We highly recommend checking out the success story we helped make happen by partnering with Whiting-Turner, a premier American construction company founded in 1909. They used custom safety signage of this type, and it’s continued to prove itself as extremely effective.

As a bonus, this type of custom signs double as a debris and privacy screen. The durable, long-lasting vinyl is made to last for years in every type of weather and workplace environment. Whether taking a beating from dirt and wind or from ice and snow, it stands up longer than any competing option.

Floor Stickers
Floor stickers have become a commonplace and often essential feature within retail, hospitality, and food service industries. But you’ll often see them across a wide range of applications, as they do a solid job of keeping people six feet apart for an incredibly affordable price.

Right now at Sonco, you can receive floor stickers for under $30 each, and it’s only $10 more to have your logo featured.

The key to a high-quality floor sticker are the following features:

  • Extreme durability, able to take scuffs and stomps from every type of footwear.
  • Water resistant, especially when you’re using floor stickers in areas that experience harsh winters.
  • Unmissable design, so people actually see the sticker and stand on it accordingly.
  • Personalized look, fitting into your store’s overall aesthetic perfectly while standing out prominently on your flooring.

At Sonco, we have the floor stickers that don’t need to be constantly replaced. They’re designed to perfection, fitting in to your environment while making an impression on every visitor.

You can work directly with our team to create a floor sticker from scratch, use a standard option, a branded option, or send us a file that follows our template. Our capabilities, from the custom designs to the products themselves, are at your disposal.

Let us know what you need, and we’ll exceed your expectations in quality, simplicity, and affordability. Let’s get started today!

Signage for COVID-19
Beyond floor stickers, preventing the spread of COVID-19 involves a range of tactics. And we’ll go over some of the ways Sonco’s partners have been implementing to slow this illness.

But this huge change in American business is likely to bring some lasting changes that involve continuing to prevent the spread of disease. For the foreseeable future, folks will be more weary of enclosed spaces and close quarters, making COVID-19 safety equipment a relevant, medium- to long-term purchase.

With that in mind, here are some examples of custom signs for the coronavirus that are still more than worthy of investment:

  • Social distancing retractable belt barriers that showcase six feet of space. This is a particularly ideal choice for indoor use and in combination with floor stickers.
  • Stanchion post signage that lets people know the safety protocols at entry points.
  • Hand sanitizing stations, which also attach directly to the top of a stanchion post for use in high-traffic areas as well as doorways and cashier lines.
  • Social distancing barricade covers that also facilitate six feet of separation. Normally, these are used for exterior applications, such as stadium queues, parking lots, and outdoor events.
  • Window decals that showcase your commitment to health and safety, giving customers the confidence to enter the store.
  • Feather flags and large banners strategically placed around the premises.

The list goes on, but these are the highlights that inspired our line of custom COVID-19 bundle deals. See all the “New Normal Product Series” deals by clicking here.

Custom Signs: FAQ

How much is a custom sign?
Custom signs range in price from $5 to $5,000 depending on the following aspects:

  • The size of the custom sign.
  • The material being used (i.e. made for outdoor use).
  • Extras, such as sign frames or reflective material.
  • Quantity of custom signage, as fence screens and the like come in rolls.
  • The company you’re ordering from.

Technically, a sheet of paper with black letters taped to a window is a sign that can be made for less than a penny. But in general, we’d say you can expect to pay at least $150 to $200 for large custom signage.

How much does a custom banner cost?
$5. You can receive a custom coroplast sign for use as a banner on a window, fencing, wall, or banner stand. The corrugated plastic ensures that it lasts for at least two years indoors. Replacement costs only $5 additional dollars. We can also create a custom bundle deal if you need your banner with a frame or related product.

How long does it take to get a custom sign from Sonco?
3 to 5 business days. From when the design is finalized, you’ll receive your custom sign from Sonco in five days or less. This includes signage available with free shipping. While we recommend ordering as far in advance as possible, we can get custom signage to you for an event happening next week. Order today!

What is the shipping for custom signage?
Free. Much of Sonco’s custom signage is available to ship anywhere in the continental United States for free. However, you may need to meet a minimum order quantity depending on the product. More details will be provided on the product page. Even products that are not listed as free shipping may be available to ship for free if paired with certain items.

Can a safety sign protect you from liability?
Yes. In some cases, a safety sign can protect you from liability. A "premises liability" claim is actionable if the injured party ignored prominently displayed safety warnings. For example, a slippery floor without a “slippery when wet” sign is an enormous liability that’s immediately eliminated by the presence of a safety sign.

Where can I find safety signage requirements and guidelines?
Talk to a Sonco agent. We can help you identify all the safety signage requirements and guidelines specific to your state, industry, capacity, hazards, and a host of other factors. You can also utilize your local government’s online resources to find more specifics. It’s not a bad idea to reach out to the fire martial and other related organizations directly.

What is the difference between stock, branded, and custom signage?
A stock sign is pre-made and ready to ship today. Branded signage is the stock sign that features your brand’s logo. Custom signage is designed entirely from scratch, although elements from the stock sign can be incorporated in custom signs if the client so chooses.

How do I know if a sign is made for the outdoors?
It should state that on the product page. Custom signs for construction and events are usually made for outdoor use. For example, our custom fence screens last up to three years outside. But many stanchion related signs need to be weatherized for outdoor use. Reach out for clarification if it’s not specific on the product page.

What is a banner vs a flag?
A banner is usually secured on all sides while a flag has one or more sides that are not secured. There is a lot of crossover between banners and flags. At Sonco, we even have “banner flags” that combine key features of both products.

Are custom signs reflective?
They can be. Custom safety signs for roadside work are almost always reflective, but any type of sign can be reflective quite easily and affordably.

Graphic Design Services That Will Bring Your Custom Sign Idea To Life

Our highly experienced and passionate team of in-house designers and creatives offer photo-quality signage made using the highest quality materials. The highly effective marketing materials are made to pay for themselves. And while we can’t guarantee that, it’s proven true time and time again.

The creative team at Sonco can help you with any design task, including:

  • Logo Creation, concepting the extraordinary from scratch to perfectly encapsulate your brand.
  • Logo Retouching or Converting into any size, pattern, or update concept.
  • Banner Design to create unmissable ads that people will notice, comprehend, and feel inspired to take action.
  • Special Projects that run the gamut. From designing a landing page for your event to concepting a wrap around your entire construction site, we have you covered.

Further, our team is well versed in signage that increases safety and security as well as crowd management. These include signs that direct people to the bathroom at a stadium, stanchion signage that lets people know when the show will commence, and signs about cleanings in progress or hazards beyond a certain point.

At Sonco, the possibilities are only limited by the imagination. Of course, budget is also a factor, and we’ll work well within your parameters to get the job done right the first time – and even better than you were expecting. That’s what we strive for every time we start a new project.

Need Custom Signs Services? Ask for a Contact Today!

Anything that could have a sign, should have a sign. At Sonco, we understand the infinite value of custom signs, which is why we launched an in-house design team and printing department.

A huge number of our crowd control and perimeter security products can be paired with personalized signage to boost revenue and raise brand awareness, as well as a wide variety of other applications. This includes stanchion signs, fence screens and banners, barricade covers, stage scrims, and so much more.

Here, we offer everything in the custom signage category, including banner printing, custom event tents, fence screens, and beyond – all made to last longer than anywhere else.

In fact, Sonco Perimeter Security is the only company that provides both crowd control products and custom sign printing online. This eliminates the potential errors and miscommunications caused by outsourcing different aspects of production.

While our American factories build the industry’s highest quality barricades, barriers, and fences, the design and printing teams work to create unrivaled custom signs that will exceed your expectations.

Ready for the best in the business at every level, including unbeatable prices? Reach out to Sonco for your custom signs today.

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