Drain Cap - Yodock Water Barrier

Model# VTYDKDP1128

The Yodock Drain Cap is used to seal the water drainage hole on Water Filled Barriers. Comes with an EPDM white rubber gasket for secure sealing.
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Yodock Drain Caps: The Reliable Solution for Water Drainage Holes


The Yodock Drainage Hole Cap is an essential component designed to seal the drainage hole on the Yodock Water Filled Barrier range. This product includes an EPDM white rubber gasket, ensuring a secure and airtight seal.

Known as water plugs, drum plugs, drain stoppers, or bungs, these Yodock Drain Caps are sold in pairs and are compatible with Yodock 2001, 2001M, and 2001MB barriers. Additionally, the incorporation of “easy start” threads ensures quick engagement, while the use of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) guarantees durability.





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The last 20 years have seen a sharp rise in plastic Jersey barrier adoption, and for good reason.

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