Grabber Tube II Delineators

Model# TF42133TSO2HIP

TrafFix Grabber Tube II 42” traffic delineators are the easiest to grip, transport, and deploy.

42” LDPE fluorescent orange delineator posts with top grip handle and lower grab hole.

Weight2 lbs.
Features2 Recessed Sheeting Areas
ColorFluorescent Orange
CertificationsMeets MUTCD standards
Material TypeLow-Density Polyethylene (LDPE)
Height42 in
Sheeting Choice3M High Intensity
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TrafFix Grabber Tube II Delineator Posts


TrafFix Grabber Tube II offers an essential upgrade for applications where delineators are frequently transported or rearranged. Made of durable, impact-resistant LDPE, it’s a versatile Hi-Viz solution for construction, maintenance, parking, and more.




Features Grabber Handle & Grabber Hole


Delineators positioned higher on the bed of a truck or placed on a shelf are easy to access with the Grabber Hole, a molded in space near the base of the post’s stem. 



Grabber Handle offers natural grip


Grabber Hole offers versatility of movement when deploying or rearranging


Molded-in color with UV stabilizers to prevent fading




Ballast your Grabber Tubes with weighted bases. The Grabber Tube II is compatible with 8, 12 and 18 lb. weighted rubber bases for stability in crowded areas or windy environments.




Grabber Tube II is also compatible with TrafFix retractable cone bars, also available.






What is a delineator, And How to Make it More Effective

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