Halo™ SL Headlamp Light

Model# Halo™ SL Headlamp Light

This lightweight cord-free headlamp, measuring approximately 10.31" × 13.07" × 1.12", is compatible with all standard hardhats. It is a lighting system that provides visibility in all directions up to a quarter of a mile away in every direction.
Weight7 lbs.
Battery LifeUp to 121 hours
Water ResistanceIP67
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ILLUMAGEAR Halo™ SL Headlamp Light


A better guiding light in dark environments. Safe, productive sites include the Halo™ SL lightweight headlamp.




The Headlamp Flashlight, Elevated

The SONCO ILLUMAGEAR Halo™ SL Headlamp is compatible with all standard hardhats. It illuminates dark environments for up to a quarter of a mile in every direction with new options for flood and task lighting.

At a featherweight 11.6 ounces, the Halo™ SL relieves pressure on the job. Take the weight of the old headlamp off of your neck, and the weight of accomplishing critical tasks in the dark off of your shoulders.



Eliminates Common Jobsite Hazards

The average headlamp can light what’s in front of you, but danger lurks in every blind spot. One casual sidestep into the dark can trigger an accident. The Halo™ SL takes trips off the table with 360° visibility that heightens awareness and accuracy across the whole site - not just a few feet in front of the individual.



Game-changing Personal Light System



276 - lumen max light in 360º mode



406 - lumen spot light



262 - lumen task light



Single lithium-Ion battery 18650 cell; 3.5Ah



1.5 - 121+ hours of battery life



Water Resistance Submersion up to 1 meter for 30 minutes



Dielectric Strenght 30,000V



Lightweight and cord-free for freedom of movement and vision




A Safe Shift Starts With a Superior Headlamp


OSHA code mandates that every workplace ensure adequate lighting and supply portable emergency lights where necessary. The Halo™ SL far exceeds minimum standards to give each worker lightweight and hands-free visibility in a wide range of settings. The latest LED headlight for hardhat workers improves outcomes underground, between walls, and at night.




The Advantages of Modern Hard Flashlights


Lightweight and cord-free is just the beginning. The best LED headlamp for work in low-light environments also offers:



A battery life indicator for prep and planning.



A 50-foot spotlight for enhanced illumination in the darkest spaces. 



Task lighting option for improved concentration in controlled environments. 



Elegant low-profile matte black finish.



Seamless compatibility with all standard hard hats.



Water resistant built for safe use in any weather condition.


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