Looper Cone Delineators

Model# TD46244

The stackability of a traffic cone with the height of a delineator post.
Weight3 lbs.
Features4 Recessed Sheeting areas in OWOW pattern
CertifiedMeets MUTCD standards
MaterialLow-Density Polyethylene
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TrafFix Looper Cone Delineators

TrafFix Looper Cone delineators marry the storage and stability benefits of a cone with the height and easy handling of a delineator post. Use Looper Cone to restrict access to narrow work zones, barricade construction sites, control motor and foot traffic, and much more.




Performs Like a Delineator, Stacks Like a Cone


Each 42” cone delineator features a specially designed loop handle that’s reinforced to prevent stacked units from sticking together.

The loop design also makes it possible to carry multiple units at once or attach caution tape, cone bars, or rope for a light-duty barrier.