Looper Tube Delineators

Model# TD46133TSOHIP

Impact-resistant TrafFix Looper Tube delineator posts stay bright with molded-in color. 

LDPE delineator posts measure 42” tall with loop-top handle and recessed areas for reflective material.

Weight2 lbs.
Post Width4"
Material TypeLow-Density Polyethylene (LDPE)
Sheeting Choice3M High Intensity
CertificationsMUTCD; NCHRP-350
Pallet Quantity640
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 TrafFix Looper Tube Delineator Posts

The end loops on TrafFix retractable cone bars slip easily onto traffic cones and delineator posts, creating high-visibility physical barriers between hazardous work zones and pedestrians. Made of durable ABS plastic with reflective sheeting, cone bars are key to preventing accidents and channelizing traffic on the fly.



Meet the Looper Tube Delineators Benefits 


Looper handle lets you carry multiple posts at once



Additional hole for security bolt at upper end of T-pin