Single Spring Safety Sign Stand

Model# BSSZ412SO

Safety sign stand with universal bracket works with any brand of roll up construction sign.
Weight23 lbs.
Height24 in
Dimensions7”x 11.25”x 58”
Storage75 cubic ft.
CertificationsMUTCD; NCHRP-350
Pallet Quantity640
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Single Spring Safety Sign Stand for All Roll Up Signs


Securely display signs on highway projects, construction sites, maintenance areas, and more. SONCO’s sign stand delivers safety, visibility and technology.




Safety & Visibility:

Bright orange, powder coated legs allow the SZ-412-S sign stand to be seen from highways to city sidewalks. And the stand holds roll-up signs 18” above the ground for maximum visibility. This height meets the minimum height requirement set by the MUTCD.



Nut and Bolt Construction:

Readily available replacement parts and simple nut and bolt construction allow for fast repairs for worn or damaged parts. Component parts can be replaced easily in the field, using simple hand tools!



Crash Test Breakaway Base:

The SZ-412-S’s new breakaway base is the first of its kind. It has been designed, if impacted, to rotate 90 degrees to the ground causing no damage to the undercarriage of the impacting vehicle.



Single Spring Stand for Roll Up Signs Meets MUTCD Heigh Minimums



Lightweight and compact for ease i0n
storage design only 23 lbs



Single spring design


Both pull pin and kick release
of legs for quick set up


Powder-coated and zinc plated for 
maximum corrosion resistance



NCHRP-350 Certified


MUTCD Compliant



High Visibility, Easy to Use and Certified


Bright orange powder-coated legs are independently adjustable for uneven surfaces. When using larger safety signs, get maximum wind resistance by ensuring all four legs are fully telescoped and locked down.


Set-Up Instructions:

1. Extend telescoping legs until locked in place.

2. Release leg lock mechanism and lower legs to ground.

3. Lift up on center upright until legs lock in place.

4. Insert panel into upright holder until spring button snaps in place.


Take Down Instructions:

1. Depress spring button and remove panel.

2. Release leg lock mechanism and raise legs.

3. Depress spring buttons and telescope legs.




If you are using a Bone Safety manufactured sign, then all you will need is the Auto Latch system that comes with the stand. If you are using another manufacturer’s sign, then you will need to choose the Universal Bracket option.





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