Sixth Sense Sensor

Model# ILSSS

The personal safety device , measuring approximately 0.43" × 2.28" × 1.49", works as a personal voltage, current and fall detector designed to fit on any hard hat.
Weight1 lbs.
Battery Life74 hours
Charge TimeUnder 1 hour
Water ResistanceIP67
ApplicationElectric Detector
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Sixth Sense - The Future of Wearable Safety Technology

This device alerts users when they approach an electrified source via an onboard sensor that detects electromagnetic fields. It provides an extra level of safety for personnel trained in the use and application while working on or near high voltage systems.

This innovative device combines advanced sensors with smart illumination to provide workers with a heightened sense of situational awareness, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.



The Benefits of Sixth Sense


The Sixth Sense offers a range of benefits for industrial workers and employers, including:



Improved situational awareness:
The device alerts workers to potential
hazards in real time, reducing the risk
of accidents and injuries


Enhanced productivity: With the ability
to track worker's location and activity,
supervisors can optimize workflows and
improve efficiency


Cost savings: By reducing the risk
of accidents and injuries, it can help
employers save money on worker's
compensation claims and other expenses



Increased accountability: The Sixth Sense
provides a record of worker activity, which
can be used to improve training and
ensure compliance with safety protocols


How it Works

The Sixth Sense features a 360-degree proximity sensor that detects obstacles and potential hazards in real time. When the system detects a hazard, it alerts the worker through a series of bright LED lights and haptic feedback, allowing them to react quickly and avoid potential accidents.

In addition to its hazard detection capabilities, the Sixth Sense also features a built-in tracking system that monitors worker location and movement in real time. This feature enables supervisors to track worker activity and ensure that they are staying within designated safe zones.



How to Wear

Sixth Sense can be worn on the underside brim of a hard hat, with the included hard hat clip, directly in front of the user’s face. Make sure the unit is within the user’s field of peripheral vision to maximize the visibility and effectiveness of voltage and current alerts.




The Sixth Sense is compatible with a variety of personal protective equipment (PPE), including hard hats, bump caps, and safety glasses. The device is also waterproof and can be used in a range of harsh environments.




The Sixth Sense can also be integrated into Halo SL, combining both solutions. Halo SL is a 360 degree personal safety and task light designed to fit on any standard hard hat.









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