Springless Sign Stand

Model# BSSZ412FXO

Springless safety sign stands resist high winds and corrosion.
Weight20 lbs.
Dimensions6.5”x 6.5”x 24”
Storage75 cubic ft
CertificationsMUTCD; NCHRP-350
Pallet Quantity640
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Tough Traffic Sign Stands That Stay Upright

Springless safety sign stand for construction zones, traffic projects, and more features adjustable height and universal bracket. For roll up signs up to 48” x 48”. Windresistant up to 60 mph with a nickel-plated quick release snap button.



The Springless Stand for Roll-Up Signs Meets MUTCD Height Minimums



Bright orange,
powder coated for
high visibility



NCHRP-350 Certified


MUTCD Compliant


Crash Test Breakaway Base
if impacted, rotates 90 degrees
causing no damage



Readily available replacement
parts and simple nut and bolt
construction allow for fast repairs



Holds roll-up signs 18”
above the ground for
maximum visibility




Springless Sign Stand: Easy to See and Use


The springless sign stand is the best choice for simple design that’s easy to use, store, and service if necessary. It has one attachment point and anti-corrosion powder-coated legs. Legs are independently adjustable for uneven terrain. 

Set-Up Instructions:

1. Extend telescoping legs until locked in place.

2. Release leg lock mechanism and lower legs to ground.

3. Lift up on center upright until legs lock in place.

4. Insert panel into upright holder until spring button snaps in place.

Take Down Instructions:

1. Depress spring button and remove panel.

2. Release leg lock mechanism and raise legs.

3. Depress spring buttons and telescope legs.




If you are using a Bone Safety manufactured sign, then all you will need is the Auto Latch system that comes with the stand. If you are using another manufacturer's sign, then you will need to choose the Universal Bracket option.





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